Top 5 Best Badminton Rackets in 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Badminton Rackets – In addition to being the most played sports a simple game of badminton would also help you to burn about 270 to 300 calories just within 30 minutes.

But in order to master the sports you need to have a good control over your game in addition to having the best badminton racket in your possession.

The perfect badminton racket will help you to serve better and deliver the perfect shots. It will also not feel like a tool in your hand rather it will serve as an extension of your arm likewise. The best badminton racket brands should be able to glide in the air and make a swift movement so that you can hit your score with ease.

Making a selection between various badminton rackets in the market might seem like a simple task but if you want to excel at the sports then you need to consider various factors and products before purchasing one.

We have therefore provided you with some of the top products that are available in the market which will help you to make the correct selection and thus be a master at this game without any hassle.

Best Badminton Rackets

Best Badminton Rackets to Buy Online

1. LI-NING G-FORCE Badminton


This company is loved by various badminton players. The unique feature of this badminton racket is that it is lightweight and is easy to handle to ensure that you have the winning shot always.

It is constructed out of military-grade carbon fiber that weighs around 78 grams only with a tension range of 30 to 32 lbs. The strings of the badminton racket is made out of aramid fibre which are elastic in nature. Their high tensile strength, high modulus, and elasticity will help you to bounce the cork back in the correct direction.

Its high tensile slim shaft will allow you with a tight grip so that you have total control on every shot that you play. It will give you the perfect balance with an anti-torsion performance that ensures that every shot played has the correct momentum.

It has a Dynamic Optimum Frame design which provides efficiency in both attack and defense mechanisms.

The frame is also made out of aero-dynamic material that reduces air resistance. It reduces the drag coefficient and intensity to improve the playing shot.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Carbon fibre material for maximum strength and agility
  3. Aerodynamic shape
  4. Suitable for expert players.

2. Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus


This is a supreme quality badminton racket which is in the market since 1969. All of the intricate details are kept in mind before designing the racket therefore it is one of the best badminton racket brands.

This badminton racket is suitable for both beginner and intermediate players. If you play with your full energy and accurate shots then this would be the perfect product for you. It has a sleek design and lightweight which will help you to excel at every game you play without any hassle.

This product comes with a round head shape and box shape frame. This unique design is what makes this product quite strong. The CS carbon nanotubes are placed in such a way that it improves the elasticity of the frame. This feature will hold the shuttle for a few microseconds for the maximum power shot.

The strings are constructed out of Titanium elastic so that there isn’t any deformation while playing your powershots. The strings stretch a lot but recover quickly enough for you to deliver the next shot. This badminton racket is very durable and strong because of its T joint, deeply moulded inside the layers of graphite. There is also a protective cover which is provided in the package to allow you to carry the badminton racket.


1.   Lightweight

2.   Strings are made out of Titanium Elastic

3.   G4 grip mechanism

4.   Durable

5.   Best for beginners

3. Apacs FINAPI 232 Graphite badminton racket


This is a unique badminton racket in the market which is constructed out of carbon nanotube material that increases the bending strength and impact of frame and shaft likewise.

This badminton racket is made for professional use only because of its isometric shape that will allow the players to deliver powerful shots even if the shuttle hits the centre of the badminton racket.

The optimised shuttle hold allows the player to attain the best and power mechanism of this racket with ease.

It is made out of 24T Japan high-grade graphite material which makes this product quite powerful at delivering shots. It has a lightweight and an excellent head speed which allows the player to deliver fast and effective shots easily.

It even has a Triple Speed System Frame which allows the racket to maintain a strong structure. The high grade aerodynamic frame ensures that the racket is less resistant to air thus increasing its speed.


1.   Best badminton racket for delivering powershots easily.

2.   Durable

  1. Constructed out of high grade 24T Japanese graphite.

4.   Lightweight

4. Apacs Z-Ziggler Grey Unstrung Badminton Racquet


This badminton racket is perfect for beginners and intermediate players.

The strength of this racket comes from its graphite frame. The design of the frame is made in such a way that it can stay intact even with high tensile strength and isometric head structure.

This badminton racket also has a triple speed system frame that increases the swing and overall placement of the shot. It is perfectly balanced and the aerodynamic structure reduces the air resistance of this badminton racket easily.


1.   Best for beginners

2.   Lightweight

3.   Slim shaft along with the aerodynamic design reduces the air resistance

4.   Heavy head for balanced shots

5.   Durable

5. YOUNG Professional Badminton Racket


This is a Malaysian brand which is top in the list of international badminton rackets in the market. The top players who play in the Olympic use this product. It comes with a high modulus that will improvise your every shot that you play.

This badminton racket is lightweight and can be carried around the court with ease. Its frame and shaft are constructed out of a one piece material. The frame even has a high modulus with an in-built joint to the shaft that will eventually reduce the chances of breaking the badminton racket.

The frame is constructed to withstand high-restorability, anti-torsion, and elasticity. It can easily handle any rebound without any resistance.

The best use for this badminton racket would be for single rallies or fast pace doubles.


1.   Lightweight

2.   Best for professional players.

3.   High modulus on strings

4.   Low air resistance

Things To Consider While Buying Best Badminton Rackets Guide

There are various parameters which you would need to consider before purchasing the best badminton racket brand. Some of these parameters are mentioned below.

1. Weight of the racket

This is an important factor which you need to consider before making your purchase. For beginners you have not built up muscle memory therefore a heavy racket would be tough to handle.

Again, if the badminton racket is too lightweight then you will it difficult to build up muscle memory.

However, the heavier racket will eventually build a lot of power in you and you will be able to build muscle memory by using a heavier racket likewise.

2. Grips

Players often find it difficult to hold a badminton racket during their gameplay since they tend to slip out due to the accumulation of sweat. Therefore, there are two kind of grips that are available for a badminton racket.

  • Towel Grip: These grips are great for absorbing sweat. However, they need to replaced every now and then.
  •  Synthetic Grip: These grips cannot absorb sweat. Therefore, synthetic grips makes the player uncomfortable during their game. However, these grips are less messy when compared with the towel grip badminton rackets.

3. Shaft Flexibility

When choosing a badminton racket for yourself make sure you consider this factor,

The flexible shafts are suitable for beginner players. Stiff shafts are mostly used by professional players.

4. Build material

Badminton rackets should be constructed out of high quality material that can withstand heavy power during a game.

Rackets wood, Steel, Carbon fibre and aluminium are the four types of material that are commonly used for making badminton rackets.

If you can invest in a carbon fibre or graphite rackets then it would be sensible since these are durable, lightweight and high in performance.


So we have provided you with the best badminton racket price available in the market. You can go through our review and buying guide to make sure that you have purchased the correct product according to your requirement.

You do not invest in a badminton racket every now and then and to master in the game all you need to do is find the best badminton racket for yourself.

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FAQs to Buy Best Badminton Rackets

Q.1 Do all badminton rackets come with a cover?

Ans: No, not all badminton rackets do not come with a cover. While most beginner and intermediate level rackets come with a cover, the rackets which are used by professionals are usually shipped without a cover.

Q.2 Do rackets have authorised service outlets?

Ans: Popular brands such as Yonex have their service outlets in the big cities. Smaller brands usually do not have any service outlets when it comes to repairing them.

Q.3 What is meant by string tension in a badminton racket?

Ans: String Tension is the amount of pressure applied to the string when it is tied to form the net inside the head frame of a badminton racket.