Best 8 Bookcases for Kids to Buy Online at Low Budget in 2022

Organizing without marking or indicating the proper location of children’s books could be messy, as such you could see a cluster of books and will not be able to find a single book when needed? Well, this can be tiring and to be honest it can be very frustrating too. So, how do we unclutter this?

The answer to these questions would be to own a  kids bookshelf. As such children’s bookshelf is very lightweight in nature and is one of the most compact shelves to be ever found on the market.

Bookcases for Kids comes in various size and shape, choosing the right kids bookshelf is kinda difficult. Lets us discuss some of the children’s bookcase with their features, pros, and cons.

Best Bookcases for Kids to Buy Online:

1. UTEX Kids’ Book Caddy with Shelf, White:

UTEX Kids' Book Caddy with Shelf, White

Want to teach your little one to tidy up and keep everything? Then, this UTEX kids book caddy with a shelf might help you. The shape and size of the shelf is so unique and catchy that it will make itself comfortable and will become perfect furniture for that place.

The shelf is designed with an angled frame of MDF and features a neutral solid hue that is finished with a slatted design. This shelf can be termed as a multipurpose shelf as such on the one hand, the top can be used to tuck the books, while on the other hand, the lower rack can be used to place the smaller toys as a showpiece.

Key features:

  • Great quality shelf that is made with strong and sturdy wood
  • Elegant finish and stylish look which can be arranged with various kind of decor styles
  • Two shelves in a single design, use the top rack for books and bottom one for small toys
  • The dimension of the product is 25” length x 16.5” height x 16.5” width inches 


  • Durable and easy to clean the dusts
  • Lightweight
  • Neutral color for easy placement


  • Drill alignment not OK
  • Delicate

2. 3 Sprouts Book Rack – Kids Storage Shelf Organizer Baby Room Bookcase Furniture, Owl:

3 Sprouts Book Rack

It is ideal to read the baby, right from the beginning in order to build a solid foundation of language skills and emotional development. The 3 sprouts book rack is one of the most unique and ideal book rack for the little ones as such it keeps the books at your baby’s level.

Due to such perfect placement of the rack, a sense of comfort is created in order to reach the book, making it an environment where the first instant of the kid when bored would be to grab the book.

The product is made with the MDF which is medium density fiberboard and 100% polyester fabric iron tubing poles.

Key features:

  • In order to spot the favorites, front-facing book storage facility for easy and convenient tracking
  • Ideal for all the big picture books which the toddlers love and like to read every now and then
  • The optimum height for the little ones, in order to encourage them to read the book as well organize them as well
  • Printed with the cool and unique pictures of owl, lion, dragon and elephant


  • Child-friendly design
  • Front-facing storage facility
  • Perfect in height


  • Quality of material, not up to the mark

3. Haotian White Children Kids Bookcase Book Shelf Storage Display Rack Organizer Holder (KMB19-W):

Haotian White Children Kids Bookcase

The Haotian white children’s bookcase is one of the stylish and elegant bookshelf ever found on the market. The bookshelf is designed to support the modern day’s style and make itself stand out from the other applications. 

The shelf possesses a 5 storage compartment in order to provide ample storage for the books, toys, and many more. As such the rack is better suited for the kids who are 3 years or above.

The rack is manufactured with the MDF in white lacquer, while the legs are made of solid wood with the varnished coating. 

Key features:

  • Specification of the rack is 36D x 86W x 77H cm, weight is around 15 kgs and has the capacity of holding items up to 25 kgs 
  • 5 storage compartment to attain the sufficient storage space for books, toys, and many such items
  • The product comes with the flat-pack and self-assembly
  • Made with high-quality MDF material that is white lacquer in nature 
  • Varnished coating solid wood legs


  • Neatly organized and sturdy design
  • Open storage compartment
  • Easy to display books and toys


  • Assembly instructions are not proper

4. KidKraft Wooden Sling Bookcase – Gray & White- Sturdy Canvas Fabric, Chevron Pattern, Kids Bookshelf, Young Reader Support, Grey:

The KidKraft sling bookshelf is simple and sturdy in design which makes a great option for your little ones to absorb the great habits of keeping each and everything

KidKraft Wooden Sling Bookcase

 organized. The bookcase is made with soft canvas shelves in order to protect hardcover books, board books, coloring books, and many others which your child cherishes.

To make the bookcase more sturdy and comfortable, five clings are attached to ensure the quality and built of the bookcase. 

Key features:

  • Sturdy wooden construct backed with soft wooden construct
  • Four different kinds of deep storage pockets
  • Medium-density fiber to construct the shelf


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money


  • Holes for assembling are not accurate

5. BiXin Bookshelf 4 Tier Shelf 9-Cube Cabinet Bookcase Mueble para Libros, Grey:

BinXin Bookshelf 4 Tier Shelf 9-Cube Cabinet Bookcase

Once this product is introduced in your life, you will not be able to get over it, you would be hooked for your life. BiXin raises the way of living by providing enough shelf to store each and everything efficiently and elegantly. 

This bookshelf provides great space in the form of cube closets, making it compact and spacious at the same time. These shelves can be used to store folded clothes, books, artworks, toys, shoes, fabrics, and pantry items as well. 

Due to its cube-like shape, this universal cube organizer becomes a perfect choice for a living room, bedroom, cubby closet, kids room, or even for entryways. The package includes assembly instruction. 7- two-way hole plastic part, 10-one way plastic part, 48 long tube, 26 short tube, 12 layers, and last but not the least 13 side clothes. 

Key features:

  • A multifunctional bookshelf organizer with 9cubes of storage and organizing all your folded clothes, shoes, books, and many more.
  • Made with high quality and durable plastic
  • Due to non-woven fabrics, the shelves are waterproof and dirt proof
  • The size of each cube is 15x12x11 inches, while to the size of the product is 46.5x12x49 inches


  • Multifunctional organizer shelf
  • Large size
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • 1-year warranty


  • Quality might be an issue for some
  • Not sturdy enough

6. Humble Crew Kids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf, Grey/White:

Humble Crew Kids Book Rack

This space-saving bookshelf of Humble crew kids book rack storage bookshelf is a perfect selection for the ones who like to keep their kids book organized in order to incorporate a habit of organizing everything in their kid’s consciousness. 

The rack comes with sling pockets which can display book cover for easy and convenient recognition by young children. Apart from this, 4 deep sleeves in order to hold books of almost any given size for easy book viewing and hassle-free storage experience. 

Tot Tutors which is now known as Humble crew offers better design for improved durability, affordable and modern furniture for modern families. 

Key features:

  • Made with nylon material
  • Displays books at toddler size, makes this bookshelf easy and convenient for kids to identify their books
  • In order to hold books of any size, 4 deep fabric slings are available 
  • Sturdy engineered wood construction 
  • Dimension of the product are 25″width x 11″ depth x 24″ Height


  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to clean


  • Non-returnable
  • Material of shelves are very thin

7. Kidkraft Sling Bookshelf – Natural:

Kidkraft Sling Bookshelf

The KidKraft sling bookshelf is one of the most effective and unique products for your little ones in order to organize their respective books. The bookshelf is sturdy and simple. The bookshelves are made with classic natural colored canvas shelves in order to protect hardcover books, board books, flat items, and many such coloring books from getting damaged. 

Apart from these, the shelves are made with sturdy wooden frames that are capable of holding five clings and ensuring that the shelves withstands the enthusiastic readers for many years to come. 

As such, keeping the children excited about reading is not an easy task, thus sling bookshelf makes the story time a lot more fun and a lot more addictive, making it a perfect gift for the young readers. 

Key features:

  • Sturdy and strong wood construction
  • 4 deep storage pockets
  • Beginners level of skills required for installation 
  • To protect books from getting damaged, soft canvas shelves are incorporated 
  • Books can be displayed from both sides, making it much easier for kids to choose their favorite books
  • Capable of holding all types of books sizes
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Sturdy design
  • Compact and easily accessible in small places
  • Value for money
  • Durable


  • Quality not up to the mark

8. KidKraft Wood & Canvas Sling Bookshelf Furniture for Kids – Pastel & Natural:

KidKraft Wood & Canvas Sling

The KidKraft sling bookshelf is one of the effective product for the kids in order to make them habitual of organizing things at an early stage. Thus owning a bookshelf that is sturdy, durable, and simple is a real steal.

This particular bookshelf is made with the classic colored shelves like pastel and natural. These naturally soft shelves are made in such a way that it can protect the hardcover book, board books, coloring books, or any other flat item which your children cherish.

The bookshelf has a sturdy wooden frame in order to support five clings and support the enthusiastic readers for the years to come.

Key features:

  • Sturdy wood construction
    • 4 deep storage pockets
    • Perfectly sized for kids
    • To protect the shelves from damaging, soft canvas shelves
    • Bottom sling can be upgraded with the embroidery
  • Holds books of any size


  • Sturdy construction
  • Perfectly sized
  • Soft shelves


  • Assembly manual not informatic

Buying guide about the bookcase:

There are certain things that each and every buyer should take into consideration for the better selection and obtaining a top-quality product that can support your needs for a long time.

1. Size:

The size of the bookshelf plays an important role in the selection process as such these bookshelf are being selected for the children’s thus these shelves must have a proper size in order to access the books in them easily. The size of the bookshelf are usually measured with the help of its length, width, and height.

2. Style:

Style is yet another aspect which must be taken under consideration as such there are many kinds of bookshelf styles. The common styles of the shelves are standard shelf, ladder or leaning shelf, corner shelf, scaffold shelf, cube shelf, and built-in shelf.
Choose between them as per your requirement.

3. Material:

Material of the shelves is important, as such there are many types of material used for the making of the bookshelves. The material used commonly for the manufacturing of shelves are wood, particleboard, fabric, and metal. Choose as per the need and availability.


A bookcase is one of the most important things as such it would teach the toddlers or kids to keep their items well organized and that to at the proper place. Apart from this, these bookshelves also helps the parents, as such they can keep their belonging on the shelves by making a simple compartment.

That being said, now hop on your shopping shoes and get yourself a perfect bookshelf.

FAQs Bookcases for Kids

Q.1: Owning a bookshelf is really worth it?

Ans: Yes, owning a proper bookshelf can be a game-changer as such it would organize the books and will make your life very easy. You can mark the section of the shelf according to your books and keep them well organized.

Q.2: Introducing a bookshelf to the kids is a good idea or bad?

Ans: Kids are like a sponge, they will absorb each and everything as such their brains are growing thus introducing a kid to bookshelves might be a good idea. With this single stroke, you can teach them to keep their books well organized which will later make them a well-organized person. 

Q.3: How many types of bookshelves are there?

Ans: There are many types of bookshelves in the market. Size, style, material are some of its common traits.