Best Brad Nailer 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Brad Nailer Reviews – Finish carpentry requires a versatile nailer that will not only hold two pieces of wood together firmly but will also leave large holes that would otherwise require a significant amount of filling.

If you are looking for such a nailer, then the market has some of the best 18 gauge brad nailers for this job. This nailer is quite helpful when it comes to light finishing works and is also helpful for a smaller project within your own home. Therefore, having the best brad nailer could be quite advantageous for the various woodworkers, hobbyists, and DIYers respectively.

The major difference between a brad nailer and other nailers is that the magazine attached to the nailer is a straight one rather than being an angled one which is most likely to be seen in other nailers. This straight nailer allows the storage of more nails per magazine.

The best brad nailer in the market is relatively smaller than the other types of finishing nailers and in most cases, if the color of the nailer comes off, you need not re-color it again since staining them would be enough.

Best Brad Nailer

The main purpose of using a brad nailer is for various home improvement projects and renovations. They are mainly used for repairing trims and moldings, upholstery and much more.

Best Brad Nailer – Reviews & Buying Guide

What is a Brad Nailer?

Brad Nailers are those kinds of nailers which allows the application of nails with a thing gauge size used mainly for the attachment of lightweight trim. The main advantage of using a brad nailer is that it has a thinner gauge and the nose head is quite small. Thus, the user need not worry about covering up big holes in the workpiece after the job is done.

What to look for when buying a Brad Nailer?

Some of the factors which you should consider before buying a brad nailer are as follows:

1. Nose Size:

Nose size is something you should consider greatly since you want the nail to be placed at the exact position of your choice and not half an inch off after punching in the nail.

2. Trigger Type:

There are mainly two types of triggers available in the market namely, sequential and bump. Many brad nailers have both of these working modes for the ease of work in accordance with the current project. The sequential type is quite helpful for a delicate project however you need to compress the nose head before punching in the nail into the workpiece.

The bump type is many used for mass production projects but it needs to be “bumped” onto the surface of the wood to make the nailing progress faster.

3. Price:

If you are on a tight budget, consider purchasing a nailer that has the most number of benefits within your price range.

However, if you can spend more try opting in for the best product in the market likewise.

4. Warranty:

Considering the warranty of a product is crucial when it comes to buying a brad nailer since you do want your product to last for a long period. The warranty assures you that the product will remain intact even after prolonged usage.

Therefore, below we have provided our detailed brad nailer reviews guide which will eventually help you to pick the best brad nailer in accordance with the job you will be doing.

The Best Brad Nailer Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

1. Makita AF505N Brad Nailer, 2-Inch

There are many factors on which the best 18 gauge brad nailer depends on, but when it comes to Makita AF505N, there is something unique while using this product. This brad nailer is known for its ultimate accuracy, precision, and convenience, which eventually makes it different from the rest of the brad nailers in the market.

Basic Features:

Since the product has improved precision and accuracy, its narrow nose design is what makes it more accurate when it comes to punching the nail in the mounted piece of work, thus, allowing quick and easy nailing in the required spaces.

It has a tool-less depth adjustment feature in addition to tool-less jam release.


  • The product comes in with a quick and easy and tool-less jam cleaning feature.
  • The product also has a tool-less depth adjustment feature for maximum versatility.
  • The exhaust vent is adjustable.


  • The product is not quite good when it comes to toe nailing.

2. BOSTITCH Nail Gun, Brad Nailer, Smart Point, 18GA

If you are dealing with such a work that requires the placement of nail very precisely then the Smart Point Technology of the BOSTITCH Nail Gun is what you are looking for. This brad nailer has the tiniest nose which can be even seen in a nailer for the ultimate accuracy of placing a nail.

Basic Features:

The nailer is completely oil-free, so you need not worry about staining the workpiece in any way. Similar to various other top-class brad nailers in the market, this nailer also has the feature of tool-less jam clearing. It also has dial-a-depth control which allows the exact sinking of nails so that they go in deep as much as you want them to. It also has a selectable trigger which allows you to choose between two working modes namely, sequential and contact.


  • The punching of nails has never been easier.
  • The feature of the tool-less jam release is present.
  • The depth control of this product is convenient and precise.


  • The product does not provide any dry-fire lockout mechanism which means it will fire empty shots even if the magazine is empty.

3. SENCO FinishPro® 18MG, 2-1/8″ 18-Gauge Brad Nailer (ProSeries)

This is a very useful tool when it comes to doing various home improvements or anybody looking for power tools. The SENCO FinishPro is unique because it is really easy to use and there is practically no learning curve at all.

Basic Features:

The product is well-balanced with a comfortable rubber grip for ease of handling. Also, the weight of the tool is only 2.48 lbs so this eventually makes the gun even more lightweight and simpler. The SENCO FinishPro is great for newbies since it comes with an oil-less design, therefore, the user need not worry about staining the piece of workpiece he or she is currently working on.


  • The product has magnesium housing.
  • The exhaust is located at the rear side of the gun.
  • The depth adjustment can be done without the need for any secondary tool.


  • Users have reported issues where nails were getting stuck while using the product for a prolonged period.
  • The magazine is made out of plastic.

4. DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA, 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch (DWFP12231)

When it comes to pneumatic brad nailers, the DEWALT DWFP12231 happens to be the most popular amongst all the other pneumatic nailers in the market. You can be assured enough that with DEWALT being the manufacturer of this product, you are sure to get many years of efficient service.

Basic Features:

The product is highly durable and comes with a maintenance-free motor which not only supports reliable service but you can be assured that your workpiece will not get stained. You do not need any external tools for adjusting the depth of the nails. Also, clearing off jams is also tool-free, which eventually saves you a lot of time.


  • The nailer has a maintenance-free motor.
  • It is quite robust and has a lightweight body.
  • The jam can be cleared off without the need for any external tool.


  • If you are working with progressive nailing, then this product might not be the best choice for you.

5. Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch Brad Nailer

If you are looking for a tool which allows different nail firing mechanism, then purchasing this product would be the best choice for you. The product allows two firing modes namely, bump and contact.

Basic Features:

There is a switch present which allows you to flip between the two working modes without any hassle. Also, the presence of the depth adjustment knob is quite efficient when it comes to driving the nails in accordance to your choice. This brad nailer has a comfortable elastomer grip which allows an effective grip in addition to minimizing hand fatigue when it comes to using the gun for long periods.


  • The product allows easy and tool-free jam clearing feature.
  • The depth adjustment can be done easily, without any hassle.
  • It is very lightweight and can be handled with ease.


  • The magazine has no indicator which would have shown if you are fully loaded or out of nails. Thus, it is hard to determine when you are out of nails.

6. DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

Cordless brad nailers are quite expensive than the traditional corded ones and also the pneumatic ones. But the advantages these nailers provide are that they are compact and portable thus allowing it to be used anywhere. DEWALT DC608K is one such cordless brad nailers which you can consider if you have a good budget.

Basic Features:

The product comes packed with a unique motor that allows the user to punch in nails at the desired speed in addition to maintaining consistent nail penetration in both softwoods and hardwoods respectively. It has two working modes, sequential and bumps, which can be switched with the help of a trigger. The placement of the magazine is straight which allows more nails to be fitted in. The jam clearing feature is quite hassle-free and simple.


  • It can provide consistent nail penetration.
  • It has two working modes, sequential and bump.
  • The product is compact and portable and can be used anywhere.


  • The price range of this brad nailer is quite high!

Types of Brad Nailers

There are mainly 3 types of Brad Nailers available in the market. These are as follows:

  1. Corded Brad Nailers: These are kind of brad nailers which comes in with a lot of firepower. Although sometimes they can be a bit heavy and difficult to handle, if you are working with nailers throughout the day these are the products you need to use.
  2. Cordless Brad Nailers: The Cordless Brad Nailers are the most expensive in the list since they are compact and lightweight and can be used anywhere, However, these nailers do not come in with a lot of power and are mainly used for minor home project and DIY jobs. Also, the batteries need to be charged always if you do not want your product to switch off in between the job.
  3. Pneumatic Nailers: These nailers work with the help of air pressure. However, the constant need to carry an air compressor can be quite hectic for some people. Also, similar to cordless brad nailers, these tools do not pack in much fire power when and can only be used for lighter jobs.

How to use a Brad Nailer?

Follow the step below to use a brad nailer efficiently and without any hassle:

  1. Loading: Firstly, you need to load the magazine with the required amount of nails that the magazine can hold.
  2. Positioning: Place the nailer on the workpiece and position it correctly before pulling the trigger.
  3. Triggering: After the nailer has been placed onto the workpiece, pull the trigger which will eventually punch in the nail inside the workpiece.
  4. Finishing: Blow away the dust which retains to make the mounted workpiece look clean.


It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a minor home improvement project or a bulk production project, having a brad nailer can be quite efficient when it comes to any job of similar types.

However, purchasing the best brad nailers is crucial since you are investing a significant amount of money and you are likely to expect great and long service from using the product.

Finding the best 18 gauge brad nailer requires you considering several factors which include nose size, price, power source and also warranty.

Henceforth, if you are confused about which product you should choose, go through the above brad nailer review in order to get a clear idea on which product would suit your needs accordingly.