Best Electronic Safes/Lockers Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

A safe locker for home is one of the perfect ways to protect your valuable goods and money as well as your important money from home theft. Since it is a matter of wealth, you are surely to invest in the best lockers for home and wouldn’t eventually invest in a cheap one.

We have shortlisted some of the best safe lockers for home for you to consider and you can make your purchase from them accordingly. These products are the very best available in the market currently and are reliable in case there is a home invasion.

Best Electronic Safes/Lockers

Best Electronic Safes/Lockers Review to Buy Online

1. Godrej Security Solutions Access Electronic Safe

TIGERKING Security Home Safe,Safe Box-1.4 Cubic Feet
  • [Safe & Sturdy]:Tigerking security home safe is made of highly durable thick steel material for long lasting and reliable protection;Equipment with four 1 inch solid live-locking bolts,2.8 inches front door,secures your valuables away from all dangers
  • [Interior]:Security is the first choice of a safe box,but the inner space is also important; Our safe equipped with removable shelf, can load documents(A4 size without fold), 13.3’’ laptop,pistol ,cash; The soft inner layer will prevent your valuables (such as jewelry ) from scratches and damages. External size: 17 inch height,15.8 inch width,13 inch depth.
  • [Digital Lock With Manual Override]:Digital lock plus key setting will provide double safe for your valuables;The password can be changed indefinitely; If you forget the password, please use the master key plus the emergency key; For this reason, please be sure to hide your emergency key and external power supply in a safety place
  • [Sound alarming system]:No one want anybody to access your valuables without permission; Violent vibration or Three- incorrect entries can activate the alarm system;Unless you enter the correct code,the alarm will lasting 60 seconds with “beep” sound;It just likes the big guy warning others “ Stay away from me !”
  • [Great for Home, Hotel, Office]: The safe with an extremely high level of anti-theft function, the well-designed cabinet and classic colors will perfectly match the decoration style of your home, hotel or office, becoming one of your stylish furniture


This version of Godrej safe lockers for home is one of the best options as well as a masterpiece which is present in the market. This locker is not possible to open without a passcode.

You can set a passcode from 3 to 6 digits as per your convenience and there is also a mechanical override option available in case you happen to forget the passcode. The design of this safe locker for home is sleek and modern. It is made out of steel and therefore is the top product in our list.

If you want to keep your valuables safe then this would be the perfect choice for you. This locker has a capacity of 8 litres with a compact code entering pad.

It is also made out of solid steel which makes it impossible to pry open. Motorised shooting bolts are also added for that extra layer of security, thus making this safe locker almost impossible to open.

There is a mechanical override system which you can use to open the safe in case you have forgotten the passcode. If you enter the wrong passcode 4 times consecutively then the safe will automatically freeze.

The carpeting inside the safe will protect your valuables from getting scratched. A free demo would also be provided by the Godrej customer service if you call with 48 hours and request a demo. However, there is an installation fee if you install this safe after one month from the date of purchase. There is also a one year warranty on this safe locker for home.


  1. Low battery indicator
  2. Non volatile memory
  3. Solid build
  4. Motorised shooting bolts
  5. Interior carpeting
  6. Mechanical override system
  7. Auto freeze feature

2. AmazonBasics Security Safe

Stalwart 65-EC-40, Electronic Digital Safe – Large Steel Strongbox with Keypad, Manual Override Key Entry – Protect Money, Laptop, Jewelry, Documents, More, 7.9” L x 19.7” W x 15.7” H , Black
  • DUAL ENTRY- Access your safe with either the programmable keypad or override key. The key ensures access in emergency situations. The digital keypad features an easy to read alpha-numeric keypad for everyday access.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION- This lockbox features .059” thick cold-rolled steel walls, double deadbolt lock and concealed door hinges that provide lightweight but reliable protection for your valuables, even while traveling.
  • LARGE INTERIOR- The interior of this mountable locker is designed to fit large items like laptops, tablet PCs and document folders allowing you to protect your valuables and business or personal information.
  • INCLUDED HARDWARE- The locker comes with screws for mounting it to either a wall or the floor for extra security. This ensures the strongbox can’t be stolen and opened elsewhere.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- Materials: Cold Rolled Steel. Exterior Dimensions: 7.9” L x 19.7” W x 15.7” H. Interior Dimensions: 7.84” L x 19.64” W x 13.25” H. Color: Black. Mounting Hardware and 4-AA Batteries Included.


This safe locker for home would surely save your valuable goods and money from the hand of thieves. This locker has a capacity of 14 litres with an electronic lock system which happens to be the best within this price range. It is made out of steel and has two override keys that you can use during the time of emergencies. Its build quality is superb and is therefore the second option in our list.

The 14 litres locker for home comes with an efficient electronic lock which cannot be opened without the passcode.

This locker is not fireproof or waterproof however this is an adjustable safe with reprogrammable digital access and its solid steel build thus making it one of its kind.

There are also four bolts included in the package which can be used to mount the safe to a wall, floor or even a shelf. Its interface runs on AA batteries and there is a one year limited warranty on the product itself.


  1. Solid steel build
  2. Reprogrammable digital access
  3. Concealed hinges
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Smooth carpeting inside the locker
  6. Electronic lock system
  7. Spacious and adjustable

3. Stok St- Es1723 Small Electronic Safe 

TIGERKING Digital Electronic Security Safe Box Bigger Size,More Storage Space,Features with Thicker Solid Steel Plate,Great for Home,Office,Hotel
  • STRONG & SECURITY:Compared with the same model safes on the market, the home safes are characterized by thicker steel plate, 24.2 pounds net weight, feature with two solid steel live-locking bolts (0.8-inch diameter), high secure keypad locking system, much more sturdy and reliable.
  • INTERNAL STRUCTURE:Except the sturdy construction and high anti-theft function, the size of the digital safe is also very important, with inner size: 13.5IN. (W) X 10.6 IN.(D)XH9.5 IN.(H), it is 1.6 IN. deeper than the same model safety box for home, can easily contain pistol, jewelry and 13.3” laptop. The built-in LED light is also for your convenience access in the dark.
  • LED KEYPAD: The safe is protected with an LED-lit keypad that can be programmed with master and guest codes 3-8 digits long; Equipped with 2 manual override keys, you will never have to worry about getting locked out of your safe if you forget the code
  • DUAL ALARM SYSTEM: Violent vibration or three- incorrect entries can activate the alarm system. Enter the correct code can stop the alarm. The screen will show“ LO-BATT” when the battery is low.
  • SAFE AND FASHION:Equipped 4 pre-drilled holes in the back and bottom for wall or floor mounting, great for home, office, dorm and hotel.


This is a compact white safe locker for home which can be used to store cash and other small valuables. It has an affordable price and is very easy to operate. Its simple mechanism and lightweight design makes this safe portable.

The digital locking system works on AA batteries and the package includes grouting nuts and user manual.

It is constructed out of cold rolled steel which is highly durable and its thick build will provide you with a decent level of security. There is also a one year warranty for this product and two colour variation of this locker for home is available, white and black.


  1. Backup unlocking feature
  2. Double bolt locking feature
  3. Easy password reset function
  4. Durable and solid build
  5. Auto freeze mechanism
  6. Emergency override keys included
  7. Compact
  8. Affordable

4. Ozone OES-BAS-05 Core Series Safe

Digital Safe – Electronic Steel Safe with Keypad, 2 Manual Override Keys – Protect Money, Jewelry, Passports – For Home, Business, Travel by Stalwart
  • PORTABLE SAFE – The digital small safe box can conveniently be utilized in your home or business and can also be taken along for your car or hotel during travel. It can be mounted on your wall or floor if you wish to keep it in one place.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Securely store your cash, jewelry, documents, passports, heirlooms, and more in this home safe. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your valuable assets and belongings are locked up safely!
  • LED KEYPAD – The safe is protected with an LED keypad that can be programmed with master and guest codes 3-8 digits long. Equipped with 2 manual override keys, you will never have to worry about getting locked out of your safe if you forget the code.
  • AUTOMATIC LOCK – After 3 incorrect entries, the alarm will sound for 20 seconds, and after 3 more incorrect entries, it will sound for 5 minutes, alerting you to attempted theft.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS – Material: Steel. Dimensions: Exterior:(L)12.2”x(W)7.9”x(H)7.9”, Interior:(L)12.08”x(W)5.5”x(H)7.75”, Door:(L)10.4”x(W)6.0”. Wall thickness: 1.5mm, Door thickness: 3mm. 4 AA batteries and 2 expansion screws included.


This is the fourth safe locker for homes in our list with a variety of features at a reasonable rate. This has a sturdy build with digital lock, double bolt feature and even lock freezing technology.

This is not a very large locker for home however it has a storage capacity of 10 litres which can be used to store your valuables in addition to ease of storage.

It has a 4 digit passcode which needs to be set by the user and is very economical to buy. You wouldn’t have the choice of setting a really hard to guess pin code on this locker due to the 4 digit passcode. Also there isn’t any colour option available for this particular product.


  1. Low battery indicator
  2. Strong shooting bolts
  3. Double layer protection
  4. Auto freeze lock
  5. Classy design
  6. Strong build
  7. Moderately spacious interior
  8. Override keys

5. IPSA ES01Compact Digital Locker

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box for Home Office Double Safety Key Lock and Password 2.05 Cubic Feet
  • [Safe & Sturdy]: Tigerking high-security digital safe is made of highly durable thick steel material for long-lasting and reliable protection; Equipment with 3-sided, total 6 live-locking bolts offers physical protection from forced entry
  • [Interior]: Supper large inner space allows you to load almost all of your valuables including 14‘’laptop, pistol, jewelry, documents, cash, and more; The removable shelves help you organize your important things easily; The inside locking box adds one more protection for your privacy; Soft inner layers prevent your unreplaced-cherished belongings from scratches or damages
  • [Digital Lock With Manual Override]: With your own digital combination, you can access your valuables very fast; The override key (emergency key) is in case that you forget your personal code; What’s more, this safe features a secondary lock (master key lock) for additional protection; Even someone gets your code or emergency key, they will be shut out of the door if the secondary lock is locked
  • [Dual Alarm System]: For this security box, violent vibration or three- incorrect entries can activate the alarm system; Enter the correct code can stop the alarm
  • [Great for Home, Hotel, Office]: The safe with an extremely high level of anti-theft function, the well-designed cabinet, and classic colors will perfectly match the decoration style of your home, hotel, or office, becoming one of your stylish furniture


This is a very simple manual safe locker for homes which is quite effective. It has a simple design and can keep your valuable safe without any hassle.

The surface is constructed out of good quality steel which makes this safe locker for home very durable. The rustproof surface finish adds on to the longevity of the safe. Its unique double lock mechanism is also very reliable thanks to its durable and sturdy design.

You can set the combination key varying from 1 to 10 digits. Its manual locking system and the knob to open the safe is very sturdy. There is even an override emergency mechanism which is included in this safe in case you require to open this locker for home immediately. It even comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.


  1. Rustproof
  2. Double bolt
  3. Sturdy steel design
  4. Emergency override key
  5. Manual locking system with knob

6. Armour Mechanical Safe

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Black, 14"x13"x19.75"
  • 【High-Quality Secure Safe】BARSKA DOJ Approved Biometric Safe is the ultimate in quick access security solution for your valuables and handguns.
  • 【Advanced Biometric Scanner】Our top-quality biometric scanner allows access to your valuables in just 2.5 seconds with the simple scan of a fingerprint. Stores up to 120 Fingerprints.
  • 【Ultra-Compact Storage】With 1.45 ft3 and 2 removable shelves, the Biometric Safe has all the space needed to secure ammo, medicine, jewelry, and private documents. The safe also fits practically anywhere for unrivaled convenience.
  • 【Solid Steel Construction】Solidly built with 100% steel walls, tamper-resistant inner edges, and 3 built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts ensuring your valuables put away from the intruders.
  • 【Optional Silent Mode】Safe features a silent mode that enables stealthy home defense.


The final product in our list would be this safe locker for home from Armour. This would be the perfect choice for people who want to safeguard their valuables during a home invasion. Its strong and durable build is not easy to open therefore, it is considered to be one of the best locker for homes out there in the market. Its compact size and superior twin bolt locking system is something which makes this product so unique.

This is a standard sized locker with a solid metal build that makes it quite durable. Its concealed hinges doesn’t allow this locked to be pry opened easily. It even has a removable shelf which makes this product store objects of any size and shape inside it easily.

There are holes punched on this safe at the bottom and the back so that you can mount it on the wall. Some additional bolts and anchor fasteners are also included in the package. Installing this locker is not free however you can get a free demo if you contact their customer service.


  1. Mechanical lockdown mechanism
  2. Bolt locking
  3. Sturdy hinges
  4. Solid build
  5. Spacious

Things To Consider While Buying Best Electronic Safes/Lockers Guide

If you have come to the conclusion which locker for home you want to purchase then you also need to consider these factors mentioned below so that you buy the most appropriate safe.

  1. Budget

Saving some money even when you are about to purchase the product, knowing about its price beforehand, never goes out of date. There are various products which come within the same price range however they do not offer the same features. Usually any safe locker for home comes within the price range of Rs 4000 to Rs. 15000. The price is solely dependent on the features and specifications so make sure that you note down your requirements beforehand.

  1. User friendly

Electronic safes are the most genuine and safe to use. They run on the most advanced technology which works on providing passcodes. There are also various safe lockers for home which work on high end technology such as retina scanners and laptop connectivity feature. However, with the introduction of these feature the safe should also be easy to use and shouldn’t have any complex issues.

  1. Compact

Nowadays, no one wants to have huge and bulky safe locker for home. They wish to keep everything compact and with less maintenance as possible. Also, safe lockers are meant to be exposed and shown to everyone. Therefore, a compact and sturdy safe locker is what anyone would like since these safes are usually kept “hidden” in their bedrooms or somewhere very difficult to find. Therefore, the safe which you are about to purchase should be small in size, able to fit anywhere and also stand away from the crown by not having an eye-catching colour.

  1. Durable

Lockers for home usually require a good amount of investment and therefore the foremost criteria is how much durable they are. It surely has to last long and should be extra durable since you will be keeping your valuables in it. The best thing would be to not purchase any sort of fancy safe but select the one with the highest reviews. This would ensure its longevity.


It is very important for anybody to make sure that all of his or her valuables are stores and kept safe properly. Therefore a safe locker for home is the best option to keep away all of your important things in one place.

This review would surely dissipate all of your confusions you had regarding which safe should you purchase. Therefore do your research nicely and make sure what your requirements are before making your investment!

FAQs to Best Electronic Safes

Q.1 Are electronic safes resistant to chemicals?

Ans: Yes, some electronic safes are resistant to chemicals. Such safe lockers for home do not breakdown even with fire or any chemical.

Q.2 Which safe would be the best for money management in an organisation?

Ans: A wall safe would be the perfect option for money management in an organisation.

Q.3 Are expensive safes the best?

Ans: The price of a safe shouldn’t be compared with its features. There are various safes which cost a lot but do not provide the same features as some mid-range safes.


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