Best Floodlight Cameras for Your Property – 2022 Reviews

Best Floodlight Cameras – Security is always the top priority of any homeowner so that their family members feel safe within their own property. In the past, securing one’s home meant purchasing costly security items from specialised services agencies which often did not perform up to the mark.

But thanks to the development of technology which led to the purchase of floodlight camera quite easy for normal customers. These motion activates cameras are easy to install thus ensuring top-notch security in one’s home.

You surely want your home to stay safe at all time, and here is where the application of motion sensor cameras come into play. We have shortlisted some of the products in our blog with a proper buying guide that will provide you with insightful information leading to effective buying solutions.

Best Floodlight Cameras for Your Property to Buy Online

1. ANNKE AI Floodlight Camera

ANNKE AI Floodlight Camera

This floodlight security camera comes with a powerful LED light that offers effective security solutions for your home. It has a 127°ultra-wide camera view and 16ft Night Vision, which can monitor your home effectively in 1080 HD video all the time.

Once you have enabled the AI system of this camera, it can detect any human within its range. After sensing the human, this camera will automatically start recording the video with push alerts. You will be notified accordingly only when it would be of concern to you. The dual motion detectors ensures that there are no false alarms.

You can use the “camb” mobile application that would lead to effective notification on your smartphone so that you can take the effective precautions as and when required. You can also hear and speak to your visitors with the help of this flood light with camera. You can also manually activate the 100-decibel siren and flashing light alarm to keep the intruders at bay.

This LED flood light will be triggers as soon as it detects any human movements within 30 feet from it. This product comes with 64 customizable motion detection zones and adjustable sensitivity, which you can focus accordingly on the most important areas around your house, like backdoor, garage, porch etc.

This is one of the best floodlight camera for your home that supports 64 GB micro SD and also cloud storage (each of these services needs to be purchased separately). It even comes with one year warranty and lifetime tech support.


  • AI detection
  • Siren alarm
  • Cloud storage (monthly subscription required)
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Remotely accessible
  • Customisable motion zones
  • Two way function audio

2. Canary Flex: 2 Camera Pack | Indoor Outdoor WiFi HD House Security

Canary Flex 2 Camera Pack

This is an amazing floodlight camera in our list that comes in two piece in the package and can be connected to Alexa for voice control features.

This product is quite versatile which means it can be used both indoor and outdoor with proper HD quality videos that works in both wire-free and wireless ways.

The 116 degrees wide lens provides effective viewing angle and therefore, can be used in the front porch, nursery, backyard pool, home office and in small business offices.

The HD video quality provides effective day and night modes which provides clear video quality at either times of the day. It even comes with auto night vision mode with image pan and zoom.

This motion activated camera comes with a powerful AI system that can detect any person within its range and would send you an alert accordingly.

It also has one-touch emergency services for local police and fire with the number already preloaded in the mobile application.

It is also programmable to turn off the recording when everyone is at home and can be armed at night when everyone is sleeping.

With its magnetic base, it can be mounted on the wall, and easily adapt to any viewing angle without any hassle.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Two way talk
  • 24×7 live streaming and motion alerts
  • Weatherproof
  • Night vision
  • Wireless connection
  • Innovative design
  • Crisp HD video

3. EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera

EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera

With this motion sensor camera, you home would be the safest place from any threats out there. With its easy set up procedure, you will have no problem in adjusting this product with the rest of your smart home.

With its Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, you can control these camera from anywhere without any issues. They can also be connected to a screening device compatible with iOS, Android, or Windows for an efficient viewing experience.

The infrared motion detector and night vision makes an effective combination for these cameras, with the wide angle lens and a field of night vision covering a distance of up to 100 feet. Nothing would be missed once you start using this floodlight security camera. When triggered, a sound of 100 dB will be activated which would keep the intruders away from your home.


  • HD quality video
  • Great night vision range
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Availability of plenty of local storage space
  • Two way audio included
  • Motion activated siren
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible

4. Swann Outdoor Home Security IP Camera

Swann Outdoor Home Security IP Camera

This is an effective flood light with camera with full HD recording capability and a 110 degrees wide angle view.

It has an efficient motion sensor which can detect any motion within 10 meters of its range.

This product even supports night vision and has an audio range capability of up to 5 meters.


  • Wi-FI connection
  • True detect heat sensing
  • Night vision
  • Weather proof
  • Local and cloud recording
  • Works with Alexa

5. LIZVIE Security Floodlight Camera

LIZVIE Security Floodlight Camera

This is one of the best floodlight camera that provides great security footage directly to your phone, when connected via the app. You can turn on the lights, sound the alarm and zoom-in to focus on your most important areas and scare off the suspicious person. It comes with 1080P video recording capability offering live view on demand video and audio.

This product comes with built-in audio and video accessibility which is capable of two way audio feature. It even has an advanced 120°angle PIR motion detecting function and customized alert settings. If there is any suspicious motion, this floodlight camera would turn on the siren automatically.

Its weatherproof design makes it resist any rain, dust, low and high temperature with ease. Its built-in low glow infrared LEDs and 3000k ultra-bright LED floodlights so that can see clearly at night and capture high resolution images and videos, even in the place that’s totally dark.

This motion activated camera uses Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also connect your phone to this floodlight camera by using the IOTLiving app which will provide you with real time monitoring. There is also an in-built micro SD slot, which can keep recording videos to the SD card as soon as the camera detects any motion. The slot can support SD cards up to 128 GB of storage. (SD cards needs to be purchased separately and is not included in the package).

You can also subscribe to the cloud based video surveillance recording on your Android or IOS mobile devices as well as in your SD card, where the information is 100% secure and only visible to you.


  • Full 1080P HD recording
  • Two way audio
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Weatherproof
  • Night vision
  • Easy to install
  • SD card recording (needs to be purchased separately)

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Floodlight Camera

So what exactly are the features you need to look for when purchasing a floodlight camera for your home? Here are some important factors:

  1. Visibility:

Surely you would want the footage to be clear when the camera is recording! There is no use of a video footage that is blurry, shaky or anything other than being clear. It wouldn’t provide you with any genuine proof as to what happened in case of any decisive incident.

It is mandatory for the floodlight cameras to record at least 720P videos.

However, always try to get one which support 1080p resolution. This will make the videos much clearer however it can cause a heavy load on batteries and also slow network.

  1. Night vision

Night vision in a security camera is necessary since most of the incidents occur at night or evening and having a trustworthy night vision feature would surely save you from a lot of trouble.

  1. Audio quality

If however, the video recording of the camera fails, the audio might possibly catch something during an indecisive incident.

Most floodlight cameras come with two way audio which serves as a handy feature when it comes to communicating with visitors, pets, or for startling intruders. However, you might need to plug in a speaker separately for this feature to be accessible.

  1. Motion sensor

There are two types of motion sensors available in the market, one is the standard and the other is the advanced. The standard one uses infrared sensors to detect heat signatures, while the advanced ones uses the camera instead. This is however not that much important whether you have a standard motion sensor or an advanced one. What you really need to look for is customizability. The floodlight camera system should be able to adjust the sensitivity to avoid the chance of false alarms.

  1. Battery backup

This is an important factor that needs to be considered when purchasing such a product. Let’s assume that there is a blackout or the burglar thinks of cutting the power line, the camera would still be working for recording any incident that might follow.


Having a floodlight camera system installed in your home is necessary to keep your house safe from intruders. It doesn’t matter where it is installed, the light attached would make it easier to spot and clearly record of any incident which is likely to occur. They can also startle unsuspecting intruders when they detect motion nearby and turn on spontaneously.

So here is a guide we provide you with all the information we could gather on some of the best floodlight cameras in the market.

Stay Safe!

FAQs Floodlight Cameras

Q.1 Can floodlight cameras operate on solar panels?

Ans: Currently no floodlight camera supports alternate power options.

Q.2 Can I install the floodlight camera horizontally?

Ans: Yes, you can install the device mounted on a ceiling or wall, without any issues.

Q.3 Are floodlight cameras dimmable?

Ans: NO, the intensity of the light for a floodlight camera cannot be dimmed.