Best Hiking Pants for Men & Women in 2022

A perfect pair of hiking pants would offer comfort and freedom of movement. Best hiking pants give you the versatility to perform well in a range of environments. They also come with the durability to last long.

If we talk about materials, many of today’s best hiking pants are made from lightweight nylon. These pants offer breathability and protection from wet and windy weather. These days, you can see other features like zip-off legs and articulated knees as well.  The thickness and breathability of the pants are essential, depending on the season. 

If you hit the trails in winter, you would want hiking pants on the thicker side.  It is not true that you need a perfect pair of hiking pants for your next outdoor endeavor. Nonetheless, ladies hiking pants are specially designed for rigorous walking. 

Women’s hiking pants work wonders in all types of weather.  They keep you cool when it’s hot and warms you up when it gets chilly. Also, these hiking pants dry quickly and are waterproof that makes them perfect for the hikes. Putting the cherry on the top, they save you from scratches and scrapes or bites from pesky bugs!

However, it can get a bit challenging to pick out the suitable pant for you from all available options. Do not worry because we made a list of the best hiking pants for men and the best hiking pants for women. You can choose any from the list to save yourself from the hassle of browsing through 100 catalogs.

Best Hiking Pants for Men & Women

1. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants


The Columbia Silver Ridge is a great hiking pant for casual hiking. You can wear them even in your summer backpacking. These pants have a reasonable price, and you can get them at even more discounts on amazon most of the time.  These pants are breathable, perform well and have a quick-drying fabric.  All of these make the convertible pant very popular among travelers. Convertible as in you can zip off the legs, and the pants quickly become shorts. It also has two deep and very accessible cargo pockets, a zippered security pocket. So, you will not have any lack of storage while wearing this. Considering everything, this is one of the best hiking pants for men, and you will be pleased with its comfort.


  • Made up of 100% nylon, polyester mesh panels
  • Very light in weight, weighs 12.6 oz.
  • Has belt includes
  • A great value and pockets galore.

2.prAna Men’s Stretch Zion Pant


To write an informative review, we have tested a lot of hiking pants over the years. You will hardly find anything better than this combination of comfort and performance. It also works excellent as climbing or outdoor pants.  You get a good range of motion with the stretchy fabric, and the semi-slim cut moves with you.  Features-wise, the Stretch Zion has a zippered cargo pocket. The pocket is helpful for storage. The pant also has snaps for rolling up the legs and a low-profile waistband adjuster to the right of the top button. Considering everything, the Stretch Zion gives you the whole package in hiking pants.


  • Made of 100% Nylon and Spandex
  • These are imported
  • Has button closure
  • You can machine wash them.
  • Weighs 3.6 oz
  • Has belt included in the package
  • Extremely comfortable and versatile

3. Fjallraven Men’s Straight


You will not find any hiking pants or outdoor gear in 2021 that are made of cotton. The Vidda Pro from Swedish company Fjallraven is the only one out there.  This pant has Fjallraven’s rigid G-1000 material that has 35 percent cotton.  So, this is on the heavier side compared to the other pants in the list. Also, the water resistance is not that great either. However, on the brighter side, the thickness of the G-1000 fabric allows you to move through bushes. It enables you to slide over rocks without worrying about any tears easily. Therefore, the toughness and durability of these hiking pants are unbeatable.


  • Made up of 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Very durable, one of the best hiking pants for adventures in the mountains and forest.
  • Durable wind- and water-resistant G-1000 Original fabric
  • Double layer of fabric over the rear and knees.
  • Mid waist in style and regular fit
  • Pre-shaped knees.
  • Comes with six practical pockets, including one for a map and one for an ax.
  • Has knee pad pockets
  • Raw-length leg endings, which you can adjust according to your height.

4.  Outdoor Research Men’s Cirque Pant


Seattle-based Outdoor Research specializes in harsh conditions. Therefore, the Ferrosi is one the best hiking pants for men by our knowledge. Despite being so lightweight, the nylon/spandex shell makes it comfortable yet stretch. Besides, the fabric is excellent for temperature regulation. It cuts the wind and sheds light rain because it is challenging. When the thermometer starts to climb, it also dries quickly and breathes.  Recently it got a light update, including a horizontal zipper on the thigh pocket.  If you are looking for outdoor pants for extreme weather conditions, this should be your go-to one.


  • Made of nylon polyester spandex, 86% nylon, 14% spandex
  • Imported from outside
  • Fabric is water-resistant, wind-resistant, abrasion-resistant
  • The outdoor pants are very breathable.
  • Mirroring Stretch
  • Lightweight at 12.5 oz.

5.  CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Repellent Ripstop Cargo Pants, Lightweight EDC Hiking Work Pants, Outdoor Apparel


If you want tactical gear optimized for performance in any situation, you cannot find anything better. These are the best hiking pants for men for so many reasons. Firstly, it comes with a secured mag pocket that offers simple storage. For easy hook-on installation of tactical accessories, you get a Nickel plated D-Ring.   The hiking pant has hatched velcro flap back pocket design for easy access even with gloves. The pockets provide you deep and secure storage for your equipment. The Duratex  Ripstop Fabric repels liquids, dirt which is very helpful on the trails. Despite all these, it is lightweight and gives you optimal mobility for movement.


  • The tactical pants have a hint of military and law enforcement performance design.
  • Comes with a high-strength and high-density metal alloy button.
  • With a durable mounted stopper, it also has high strength zipper.
  • Exclusive tactical belt
  • It is made of Duratex fabric that can repel liquids, dirt, and other contaminants.
  • It has a mix of polyester and cotton rip-stop fabric.
  • It comes with cargo pockets for carrying various tools and equipment.
  • Has resistance against fade, shrink, and wrinkle.

6. CQR Kids Youth Hiking Cargo Pants, Outdoor Camping Pants, UPF 50+ Quick Dry Regular Pants


These outdoor pants by CQR are one of the best hiking pants that are available. With their multi-purpose pockets and multi-functional configuration, you will be fully geared up for your hike. The fabric is very comfortable and can sense moisture, and it comes with a quick-drying feature. The pants are stretchable and have a comfortable elastic waistband for ultimate comfort. Given the fact that they resist fading and shrinking, their durability is fantastic.

If you want to invest in something you can utilize even when you are not out in the woods, you should go for this.


  • CQR Outdoor Pants are constructed for all kinds of outdoor activities and sports.
  • They come with a multi-functional configuration.
  • Has multi-purpose pockets for all your tools and equipment
  • Made up of a mix of Cotton, Nylon, and others
  • Stretchable fabric with moisture sensing, quick time, and two-way air circulation
  • Form-fitting elastic waistband for absolute comfort and security
  • Fade and shrink resistant and Quick-Dry Fabric Material

7. Postropaky Men’s Hiking Quick-Dry Lightweight Waterproof Fishing Pants Outdoor Travel Climbing Stretch Pants


These are among the best hiking pants for men for their weight and quick-drying and breathable fabric. It is a tremendous advantage while you are on the trails. In addition, these pants come with six large-capacity zippered pockets. You can carry your phone, wallet, key, tactical gear, and many other things within these. That will ensure your ultimate safety, convenience, and efficiency while you are moving.

The durable and water-repellent pants repel light rain and stains. In addition, the quick-drying and moisture-sensing pants keep you dry all day by absorbing sweat.


  • Constructed of 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex
  • Imported from outside
  • Button-End closure for comfort
  • Machine Wash
  • Stretchy Fabric
  • Durable Pockets with mesh lining.
  • Lightweight and super comfortable
  • water-resistant finish
  • Rip and tear-resistant
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Free movement with adjustable waist and perfect fit.

8. SPECIAL MAGIC Women’s Joggers Quick Dry Hiking Pants Lightweight Athletic Running Track Pants Outdoor Trousers Zipper Pockets


For the sporty women out there who hits the trail often, this is your best pick. These are the best hiking pants for women with two zip pockets for storing your essentials. The side panels have mesh for extra breathability. You can find this model in three primary colors. Even when you are not on the hike, you can wear these pants with a hoodie, tee, or sports bra for having the off-duty model look.

The best thing is that these hiking pants are perfect for many body types. In addition, the fit is slim so that you do not look bulky but still have enough room to accommodate sporting activities.

These hiking pants are made of super lightweight, durable, stretchable, and quick-drying fabric.

If you are looking for a versatile jogger, ladies, you cannot find anything better than this.


  • Made up of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Elasticated waist and cuff for a comfortable fit
  • Jogger pants with elastic waist and drawstring that fits the latest fashion trends.
  • Machine Wash
  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking, and stretchy best hiking pants for women.
  • Can be suitable for everyday wear or sport activities

Now that you are aware of your options, you should also learn the critical things of buying hiking pants. There are certain things you should look out for. Go through the list, and you will hopefully have a better idea about the best hiking pants.

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Things to consider while buying hiking pants


Hiking pants are mostly made of a nylon blend with a small amount of built-in stretch via elastane. A higher percentage of elastane gives a stretchier feel.


Unlike other types of outdoor gear, for most hikers, weight is not a concern. However, if you carry it in your backpack, lightweight and packable options are better.


Usual hiking pants come with some cargo pockets, which is more than enough. However, if you are someone who throws almost anything in your pocket, you might want pants with safer zipped pockets.

Articulated Gussets and Knees

With an articulated knee and gussets, the range of motion, fit and comfort increases.

Integrated Belts and Waist Adjusters

Dialing in the fit can be a tricky thing for those who fall in between sizes. So, a waistband with a bit of adjustability is a great option to have. In addition, an integrated belt works as a savior for people who get a hard time finding the right fit.

Water Resistivity

No summer hiking pant is genuinely waterproof. However, get something with water repellant quality for light rains during your hike.

Thickness and Durability

Thickness plays a significant role in a hiking pant’s best uses. You want something too thick enough to protect you from knicks and cuts but not too thick that it gets hard to move.

Convertible Pants and roll-ups

Convertible pants are trendy among year-round hikers and outdoor adventurers. It is a 2 in 1 style, so you don’t have to pack extra clothing. Also, it increases leg ventilation.


Finding a perfect fit in hiking pants can be quite a challenging task. It was more demanding in the past when options were limited. Nonetheless, there are many pants with an athletic fit that isn’t overly tight or too loose.


To conclude, it is mandatory to choose the perfect hiking pant that serves your purpose best. Given the hundred choices available in the market, it can get overwhelming. However, I hope this article helps with the checklist and the suggestions of the best hiking pants.

Happy Hiking!

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