Best Hiking Shoes for Men & Women

Best Hiking Shoes – Who does not love to hit the trails, right? Yet, no one likes to get weighed down by heavy and bulky hiking boots. That is where hiking shoes come as a saviour. Hiking shoes offer support and keep your feet protected. At the same time, it is light in weight and comfortable on your feet for an easy hike. 

However, there are a lot of hiking shoes available in the market of various kinds. We understand that finding the perfect one for you can get overwhelming at times. So, we have done our research and picked some of the best hiking shoes so that you do not have to waste your time and energy. Save that and utilize it in your actual hike.

Best Hiking Shoes Reviews and Features:

1. Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex Men’s Hiking Shoes


It is undoubtedly the best hiking shoes available in the market by Saloman. The shoes are waterproof, so they help you tackle all kinds of slippery terrain, even descents. Despite being waterproof, these shoes are very comfortable on your feet. They are made of 100% synthetic. The EVA midsoles give you ideal comfort, and the heel cups provide extra support. There are rubber toe caps and mudguards in the shoes for protection.

Along with those, there is a tongue gusset to keep debris from getting inside. The outsoles of the shoes are made of two types of rubber. It improves the grip of the hiking shoes. There are lines on the outsoles, which decrease foot fatigue. These lines come in help to increase the flexibility of the shoe. Considering all these features, it is pretty safe to say that these are among the best hiking shoes for men.


●     Made of 100% Synthetic

●     It is imported

●     The sole is made up of rubber

●     Shaft measures are approximately mid-top from the arch

●     Extra durable

●     Waterproof

●     designed with Descent Control Technology

2.  Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

ReviewEvery single thing you can ever need to go on hiking, the shoe takes of it. Merrel has walked that extra mile and made sure of it.  The mesh lining present in the shoe makes it breathable and offers ventilation. It helps in taking care of your feet’ health. The shoe has excellent heel and arch support with the EVA contoured footbeds. The midsoles help in adding extra stability and absorbing any shock. The Vibram outsoles allow for impressive gripping as they have a  5mm lug depth. The shoe’s uppers are made from mesh and suede leather, and they also have rubber cups. This is also a pair of good hiking shoes to invest in.


●     The shoe is made of 100% suede leather and mesh

●     Imported

●     The sole is synthetic

●     Bellows, closed-cell foam tongue

●     Has rubber toe cap for protection

●     Has mesh lining. 5mm lug depth to make it breathable

●     Vibram TC5+ sole

3. Adidas outdoor Men’s Ax2 Hiking Shoe


The Adidas Outdoor Men’s AX2 hiking shoes are one of the best hiking shoes for men. These shoes are light in weight, so they are perfect trekking shoes as they let you move fast on the trail. They can come in handy while you are doing some other favourite outdoor activities of yours. So, they will not just sit in the corner of your shoe rack when you are not hiking.  The EVA midsoles are very much loved for their comfort and cushioning. The outsoles of these shoes come with a 5mm lug height to give you excellent traction in wet conditions. The pair is very light in weight, so they can efficiently work as casual shoes.


●     One of the best hiking shoes, made up of 100% Textile

●     The shoes are imported

●     Has a durable rubber sole

●     Has moulded sock liner to enhance comfort and fit

●     Lightweight EVA midsole that gives long term cushioning

●     Super high traction in rubber in the outsole for optimal grip in wet conditions

●     Lug height is 5mm

4. Columbia Women’s Redmond Waterproof Low Hiking Shoe, Advanced Traction Technology


The best thing about this durable and good hiking shoe is that you can stay sure-footed with this on the trek, but at the same time, it looks like a low-profile sneaker. Even in the rainforests, this hiking shoe will perform like magic. The sole is very light in weight which gives you a fantastic return. Also, it provides excellent cushion and, therefore,  extended comfort. The upper portion of this good hiking shoe is made from a combination of mesh and suede material. The outsoles are made of an Omni grip rubber for ultimate grip on the trek.  These pairs are some of the best women’s hiking shoes on the market. This is the best waterproof hiking shoe and one of the best hiking shoes for women.


●     One of the best hiking shoes made of suede / Mesh

●     The sole is made of rubber

●     Very durable trekking shoe

●     Created with advanced technology

●     This low hiking shoe is one of the best waterproof hiking shoes

●     For better absorption, it is also cushioned.

●     Has Omni grip.

5. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 MID Waterproof Hiking Boot


Moab stands for mother of all boots, and it is true. If you are looking for the best hiking shoes for men, this is your pick. With the durable leather and supportive footbed, you can experience fantastic comfort.

The shoe has M Select DRY barrier to seal out water and lets the moisture escape. So, your foot can stay dry when you’re on the trails.

The Vibram rubber sole gives you ultimate support with unmatched durability. At the same time, the versatile shoe gives you stability and slip resistance.

One of the best things about this trekking shoe is the targeted heel air cushioning. It improves overall comfort by reducing stress on your foot with each step you take. Lastly, the shoes are made keeping sustainability in mind. Merrel is repurposing the old ones to make new pairs.


●     The shoe is 100% Suede

●     These are imported shoes

●     Has a rubber sole

●     The shaft is approximately knee-high from its arch

●     The boot opening is around 6″

●     M Select DRY barrier to seal water and moisture makes it one of the best waterproof hiking shoes.

●     Has closed-cell foam tongue, protective rubber toe cap, and a breathable mesh lining

●     Features kinetic fit advanced removable contoured insole with enhanced heel and arch structure.

●     Eva foam midsole for providing extra stability and comfort

●     Vibram TC5+

●     5mm lug depth

6. Adidas outdoor Men’s Terrex Ax3 Hiking Boot


If you are looking for a lightweight and good hiking shoe, this is a great choice. With this trekking shoe, you can go super fast on the trail. These lightweight best waterproof hiking shoes are specially built for high speed. They have a durable rubber outsole that gives you a sure-footed grip on wet and dry surfaces. It is beneficial for your run on the trail or while hiking.  The flexible lugs of these shoes are specially made to conform to a variety of terrain. They come in help to keep you safe and maintain traction on the trail. It is the best hiking shoe for men for running that you will ever find.


●     Imported

●     Has rubber sole for a steady grip

●     Shaft measure is  3″ from arch

●     The boot opening is 9″ around

●     The Regular fit

●     The shoes are made of synthetic-and-mesh

●     Have lace closure

●     The toe cap is moulded TPU

●     Textile lining is made of continental rubber for extraordinary grip

●     Durable and lightweight EVA midsole

●     Moulded sock liner

7. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe


For over a decade, the Merrell Moab or mother of all boots series have been the favourites amongst hikers worldwide. Merell went out of their way to design these hiking shoes for women. This pair of imported hiking shoes for women is 100% suede with a leather/mesh mix. It is famous for its comfort and is very much loved for its durability.  Regular hikers never trust any other trekking shoes over it while on the trails.

So, your quest ends here for the hiker women out there if you are looking for the best women’s hiking shoes.


●     One of the best women’s hiking shoes with 100% Suede Leather/Mesh

●     Imported trekking shoes

●     Vibram rubber sole for excellent grip

●     5mm lug depth

8. Merrell Women’s Bravada Hiking Shoe


If you are searching for the best women’s hiking shoes and the previous one does not appeal to you, this one sure will. This is another hiking pair for women, designed by women. It is the next best thing to perfection.  It is intended by Merrell Women’s Collective, a group of women united by the trail. The Bravada is a woman’s best friend on the course and even beyond that. These sneakers are very attractive in looking to make that fashion statement. At the same time, it gives you excellent grip, support, and protection, pretty much everything you require in a hike.

It is light in weight with a ballistic knit upper. It is flexible and supportive but does not add bulk.  The midsole is made of foam to soak any moisture. The Merrell Quantum Grip rubber outsole helps in traction on wet and dry rock.

Now that you know the options you have for yourself, you should know few things that you should consider to pick the best hiking shoes.

This check will help you make the perfect choice for you, keeping in mind what serves you best.


●     Made up of mesh

●     Made in the USA or Imported from abroad

●     has a rubber sole for a steady grip

●     The  upper part is Mesh and TPU

●     Has traditional lace closure

●     Bellow’s tongue that keeps out debris

●     Toe cup extra protection

●     Breathable mesh lining for absolute comfort on the hike

The most important things to remember while buying trekking shoes are –

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Things to consider while buying hiking shoes for men and women

1. Weight

The primary difference between a hiking shoe and a hiking boot is how much it weighs. If you can manage to wear a low-top shoe for your hikes instead of a higher boot, you can save many bucks. However, this only works where ankle support isn’t a huge issue, i.e. on the smoother hiking trails. For heavier hikes, these are not safe. People who love day hikes or minimal travel usually prefer the shoes.

Nonetheless, even hiking shoes can have a weight issue on longer days.  So, you must pay attention to the weight of shoes before buying them. This will save you from straining on your feet.

2. Traction

When you shift to a shoe from hiking boots, this is the most noticeable thing. The outsoles of the shoe decide the quality of traction. Vibram and Salomon, these two companies are famous for their outsoles quality. It would help if you remembered that outsoles vary.  Some of them are helpful for things like scrambling over rocks. Some others help to improve your gripping capabilities in mud.

3. Midsoles and Cushioning

The midsole is a saviour on the trails since the cushion protects your feet against sharp objects. It also acts as a shock absorber.

There are two kinds of midsoles –

a. TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane

TPU is more durable but is less relaxing. It is also on the expensive side.  It is more prevalent among hikers because it provides more support. It is not prone to compression either, unlike EVA.

b. EVA

It is light, soft, and reduces the sting from impacts. However, they break out faster, so it is not great for long hikes.

4. Toe Caps

It is inevitable to stub your toe on hikes. So, get a shoe with full rubber toe caps to protect your toe.

5. Upper Material

The upper material makes your shoe breathable and durable.  Nubuck leather has excellent durability but is not very breathable. Synthetic and mesh are better for that.


It is essential to buy the best hiking shoes because blistering or aching can single-handedly ruin your hiking trip. So, choose your trekking shoes wisely that last long, support your weight, and give you a good grip. That will make sure your adventure is full of fun and not pain killers and band-aids.

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