6 Best Inverters in 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Inverters – Power cuts and load shedding are some of the common phenomena in today’s time. Big metropolitan cities are the witness of such instances quite frequently. 

Usually, a power failure ranges between two to four hours normally. But if the same happens in villages it might extend up to ten hours. Under such conditions, it is very much necessary to have a backup power system ready for such factors. 

The initial solution which would come to anyone’s mind would be an inverter for home. Here in this article, we will be discussing some of the best inverters for home. We will also provide you with the perfect buying guide for these inverters so that you have in-depth knowledge about which of the latest and best inverters for home would be suitable for you.

Best Inverters

Best Inverters to Buy Online

1. Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter with RC18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery


This is one of the best inverters for home with a capacity of 900 VA although its model number shows 1100. This is a powerful inverter in today’s market which can even handle the load of a refrigerator without any hassle. 

Any fans, lights, and even mixers can be used with this inverter therefore it makes this product quite suitable.

This is a unique smart inverter that acts as a battery management system that can adapt to the situation thus ensuring optimum charging. It even has an inbuilt MCB and short circuit protection which eventually makes this product quite safe.

It even has the feature which does not allow it to go into a deep discharge. Once the battery voltage reaches its lower limits the inverter will give out an audible warning. 

With its UPS mode, any appliance can be run with the help of this inverter but it usually consumes more power. However, to overcome this factor you can always switch the inverter to ECO mode which will consume much less power besides saving your valuable electrical appliances. 

The LCD shows important information such as charging times, backup left, and even the water level in the batteries. If there is any fault with the inverter the LCD will alert you accordingly and you can bypass the inverter without any problem.


  • UPS modes available
  • LCD monitor shows important notifications.


  • The charge capacity of 900 VA might be insufficient for some users
  • No automatic bypass switch available.


This inverter for home is one of the best if you are a typical appliance user. However, this product is quite reasonable when it comes to its cost price. 

2. V-Guard Prime Home Digital-UPS Inverter


This inverter for home consumes very little power when compared with most of the other products in the market therefore it is suitable for use with a variety of electronic appliances at a time. 

It is an 800 W capacity inverter which usually requires 8 to 10 hours of charging before it can be used to its full potential. 

It has a LED display that shows various notifications such as UPS mode, overload, charging as well as the water level.

You can easily control the performance of this inverter by flipping the high-performance selection switch.

You can also keep the battery healthy by using the exclusive battery gravity builder provided in the package.


  • It has a very decent battery backup.
  • No noise production is there.
  • The inverter has excellent audio and LED display.


  • NONE



V-Guard is a well-known company. Therefore, the inverters which they manufacture can be relied upon without any hassle. This model even comes with a variety of exciting features and also comes within an affordable price range. 

3. Microtek UPS 24A-7 Hb 950 VA Hybrid Sine Wave Inverter


This is a unique 950 VA home inverter which possibly meets the requirement. You can easily run fans and lights with this product in addition to powering your TV and computer alike. 

If you can use this product efficiently then you can also operate mixers with this inverter without any hassle. However, while using a mixer make sure that there is no other load on the inverter. 

It does not make any noise while functioning and its IBGM technology makes sure that the battery is quickly charged while providing longer backup periods and thus saving the battery of life to a great extent. 

There is also the presence of two charging modes of this inverter namely, standard charging mode and fast charging mode. 

You can always flip the inbuilt bypass switch to bypass the home inverter in case there is any fault. 

The inverter works great when the input voltage capacity is set to 100-300 V. It even has an automatic switchover from the mains to the battery which takes about 15 milliseconds to function.


  • Noiseless working.
  • Quick charge.
  • Battery management is excellent.


  • It can only be connected to one battery at a time.
  • No LED/LCD panel for displaying the status of the inverter.
  • No in-built MCB


If we compare this inverter for home price then we can conclude that this would be one of the best selection for a typical home. Fast battery charging is what makes this product so unique and popular. 

4. Luminous Cruze 2KVA-24V Sine Wave Home UPS


This is a pure sine wave home inverter that has an efficiency of 94.1%.

It is an automatic inverter that needs to be recharged for about 10-12 hours for using it at its maximum capacity. This inverter can provide 8 hours of backup power without any hassle. Also, this product comes with a 2 years warranty.


  • The LCD screen shows all notification such as battery charging, battery level, etc.
  • Sensitive appliances are well protected while this inverter operates.
  • It has an emergency power-off feature.
  • It also has a high overload handling capacity.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Easy installation and maintenance-friendly.


  • It does not have a high input voltage capacity.
  • It is very large.


This model of home inverters is one of the most powerful available in the market. However, it needs to be used with a compatible battery since only then it can perform to its maximum capability. 

5. Amaron Hi Back Up Pure Sine Wave UPS


This is one of the best inverters which has a complete noiseless operation and it even shifts silently to the battery mode as soon as it senses that there is a power cut.

This product runs on sine wave technology which allows the inverter to notify you with various visual indicators and system overload alarm in case there is an overload and thus resets the inverter accordingly. 

This home inverter even has a copper transformer which will eventually enhance the longevity of the inverter by increasing the battery backup and thereby reducing the power consumption. 

Since the inverter runs on pure sine wave output, it can be charged efficiently and quickly without any hassle. The blown fuse alarm protection of this inverter will make it shift automatically to bypass switch for providing the continuous power supply even when the inverter is turned off and it will also detect and rectify the problem alike. 

The unique i-charge technology ensures that the home inverter is either quickly charged or normal charged depending upon the frequency of power cuts in your vicinity.


  • Good built quality.
  • Overload alarm will automatically protect the inverter by resetting it
  • Copper transformer ensures the longevity of the inverter.
  • Quickly charged with very less power consumption.


  • Reported customer service issues.


If you are worried about the budget and also want a powerful yet stylish looking inverter for your house then this product would be perfect according to your need. It has excellent features such as pure sine wave technology, iDSP technology, quick charging mode, smart transformer, and user friendly LED indications. This product even comes at an affordable price range in addition to providing overall performance and protection. 

6. APC Home UPS 850 VA Sine Wave Inverter


This is a complete sine wave technology home inverter which has a power output capacity of 500 W

and 850 VA. There is no internal battery available with this 

product. An external battery needs to be purchased to provide the necessary power during a power cut. 

The inverter even has an inbuilt 3 pin plug hole which allows you to directly connect a computer or laptop with this inverter and continue with your work likewise, without any hassle.


  • Shockproof design.
  • Fast recharging.
  • It has a compact and lightweight structure


  • No bypass switch is available within this product.
  • The battery needs to be purchased separately.


This is one of the best inverters for home. However, you need to purchase a battery that is compatible with this inverter since the package does not include a battery. 

Things To Consider While Buying Guide for Best Inverters

1. Backup 

This is a crucial factor that needs to be considered before purchasing any product. You should know that the longer the backup power is provided by the home inverter the batteries in turn will require less charging time. 

Frequent charging needs to be done if the capacity for the batteries of the inverter provides less backup than usual. 

2. Safety Features

While purchasing a home inverter the consumer must always check for the following safety features namely, overload indicator, short-circuit alarm, wrong wiring alarm, overvolt protection, and auto-reset feature.

3. Size

The inverter must be able to provide you with excellent efficiency and should run all appliances without any interruption. Therefore, the more powerful an inverter the bigger will be its size. 

4. Product Warranty

While buying an inverter, you should keep in mind the warranty which is provided by the manufacturer. 

Usually, most of the popular brands provide 1 to 2 years of warranty but that again depends on brand to brand. 


In this article, you have been provided with some of the best inverters for home. Do not get confused since all of the products which have been mentioned above has unique features and different price point.

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FAQs to Buy Best Inverters

Q.1 For how long does the battery of an inverter work normally?

Ans: Usually, batteries of inverters happen to work for almost 3 to 4 years at their peak capacity. However, with a tubular battery, the longevity increases up to 7 to 8 years without any hassle. 

Q.2 How can I clean the inverter battery?

Ans: The best process to clean an inverter battery is to use a mixture of baking soda and hot water. With this mixture, scrub the inverter with a toothbrush and it will begin to shine in no time. 

Q.3 How do I maintain an inverter?

Ans: Some of the easiest maintenance tips for an inverter are as follows: