Top 10 Best Mahjong Sets in 2022 Reviews | Guide

Best Mahjong Sets – If you are a gamer who is into playing mahjong then this is the correct place you have approached! For the best gaming experience, you would require the best mahjong set which you suit your gaming needs accordingly.

The mahjong set contains a variety of tiles and can be played with numerous people at a time. The tiles which are provided in the package are of high quality which eventually makes them durable and scratch-resistant.

The mahjong sets come in a variety of sizes where you can purchase from a large set to a standard one according to your requirement. These mahjong sets also come with a carrying case in which you can carry this Chinese game mahjong without any hassle.

Whenever you consider purchasing the best mahjong set available in the market, then there are various factors that you are likely to consider such as size, number of tiles, construction, carrying case, portability and price.

Best Mahjong Sets Available in the Market

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1. drizzle Mini Mahjong Traditional Chinese Version Game Set Portable 144 Tiles Acrylic Material Mah-Jongg Travel Family Leisure Time


This is one of the ultimate mahjong sets you can ever possess which will truly help you to improvise your gaming skills. The set has 144 mini tiles made out of acrylic material. This set is portable and can be easily carried around to your choice of place without any hassle. The mahjong tiles are large which suits the grip between your fingers.

drizzle Mini Mahjong Traditional Chinese Version

The package comes in a high-quality leather box that is used for storing the mahjong set conveniently. The price of this product is also pocket-friendly and eventually, this durable piece of Chinese jewelry will suit the travel family game.


Customers find the dotted dice patterns to be quite interesting. Also, the highly durable leather box and 144 mini portable tiles are the additional features that the players look forward to greatly.

2. American Mah Jongg Set – 166 Premium Ivory Tiles, 4 All-In-One Rack/Pushers, Black Canvas Bag


This amazing piece of product consists of 166 tiles which you would never want to miss out on. The product is made out of high-quality melamine which makes it smooth, durable as well as lightweight. It also features the imprinted clear words on the tiles which are guaranteed to never fade away. This set is also smaller and much more convenient in size for the ease of portability and conveniently fitting in the hands.

American Mah Jongg Set

The package also comes with a convenient portable bag. This can be used to carry the mahjong set while traveling with your friends and family.


Customers purchase this product because of the high-quality melamine from which the product is made out of. The package consists of 166 tile which is hard to resist. The portable carrying case adds on to the extra feature for the product.

3. American Mah Jongg Mahjong 166 Tile Set with 4 All-in-One Rack/Pushers, Soft Bag (Stylish Full Size Complete Mah Jongg Set)


This American mahjong set is an excellent pick for first-time buyers. From learning to being an expert, everything is included in the package itself. There are 166 tiles included in the package which are all carved and hand-painted thus providing you with high quality playing set likewise. Since the product is made out of melamine, the game is sure to last longer than most of the other products out there in the market.

The complete set comes in an attractive blue canvas carry bag that is resistant to tears and scuffs of any sort. Its lightweight provides ease in carrying it around whenever you feel like.


The owners of this set are head-over-heel for this product due to its durability. There is nothing included in this package that has not been able to outlast more than a lifetime for most of the customers. The package includes everything once you get started and after becoming a pro in this game, you can carry the same around anywhere so you can play with anybody you feel like.

4. Mose Cafolo~ American Mahjong Set – Black Paisley Soft Bag – 166 White Engraved Tiles, 4 All-In-One Rack/Pushers Western Mah Jongg Game Set


If you are on the lookout for an extra-large mahjong set then you have landed on the right product. The size of the tiles in this set is around 5 to 8 inches. There are 166 tiles included in the package which even includes 4 spare tiles and 10 jokers. These tiles have been made out of melamine which ensures that the same would last long and are safe for long term use.

Mose Cafolo~ American Mahjong Set - Black Paisley Soft Bag

The carry case allows you to carry the product anywhere you feel like. The Chinese characters have been imprinted on the tiles to provide you with a clear view of the tiles during an on-going game. The package also comes with an English instruction guide book which can be used to learn the game for beginners.


The high-quality imprints on the tiles, food-grade melamine quality as well as the carry case are what interests the players more towards this board.

5. Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Game Set – Double Happiness (Green) – with 146 Medium Size Tiles, 3 Dice and a Wind Indicator – for Chinese Style Game Play


This is a standard sized mahjong set which is suited for all size of hands. The tiles consist of Arabic numerical imprinted on them for better visibility in addition to original character and iconography. The packages come with a total of 146 tiles which will suit your gaming skills perfectly.

Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Game Set

This product is made out of melamine which ensures that the same is portable and durable. The tiles can be stored in the provided quality leather bag which is convenient for storage and portability. Moreover, the product is very lightweight thus allowing you to engage in a game with friends whenever you feel like!


Customers prefer this product because it has 146 high-quality well-imprinted tiles. Also, the high-quality leather bag makes it convenient to carry it around. The product is also scratch-resistant which ensures longevity.

6. Brand New American Mahjong Set in Burgundy Bag, 4 Pushers Racks Western Mahjongg


If you are looking for a budget-friendly mahjong set then you have come to the right place. This product here has you covered from all sides concerning price and quality likewise. This product is a bargain pick but in no way does it provides any fewer features than the high-end sets available in the market.

Brand New American Mahjong Set in Burgundy Bag

The set comes with everything you would eventually require to play the game. The package consists of 166 white tiles and has various other accessories such as pushers, tile racks, coins, and a dice. An instruction manual is also included in the package by the manufacturer.


This set is perfect for players who do not want to invest a lot of money. This brings out the popularity with this mahjong set thus allowing a fully kitted outset at an affordable price. A carry bag is also provided for the ease of transportation. The instruction manual also comes in handy for the new players who want to learn the game.

7. Chinese Numbered Acrylic Tiles Mahjong Set 144 Green Tiles 1.25 Inch Easy-To-Read Game Set /Complete Set 6LBS / Birthday Mah Jongg / Majiang Green


This is the perfect mahjong set with tiles of having a size of 1.3 inches which puts on a little weight to the product but other than that it is very suitable for professional players. The set consists of 144 tiles which consist of bamboo characters imprinted on them. These tiles are highly durable since they are made out of melamine thus adding on to the feature of being scratch resistant.

Chinese Numbered Acrylic Tiles Mahjong Set

This product is also lightweight which enables the same to be carried around anywhere. The carrying case provided ensures transportation of the mahjong set without any hassle.


This is one of the top choices for most of the customers since there are 144 tiles included in the package in addition to the carrying case and milky white melamine construction.

8. Yaheetech American Mahjong Set Mah Jongg Sets Aluminum Case 166 Tiles 4 Pushers/Racks Silver


It does not matter whether you want to have a game of mahjong indoors, outdoors, or even while traveling. This is a great mahjong set that is portable and its lightweight ensures that there is no problem in carrying it around. The product comes with a premium aluminum carrying case which makes sure that the product lasts long and is also fade resistant. It is made out of scratch-resistant melamine and has a total of 166 tiles included in the package.

Yaheetech American Mahjong Set Mah Jongg Sets

This mahjong set is suitable for both beginners and experts and with the convenient carrying case it can be stored anywhere easily.


The presence of 166 melamine tile with the premium aluminum casing and high-quality scratch-resistant tiles, this product remains in the top 10 products which are considered by most of the players out there.

9. Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Set with Aluminum Case – Large Tiles Size: 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.8 inches (40mm x 29mm x 20mm) – for Chinese Style Gameplay Only


Do you like the Chinese game mahjong? If yes, then this is a great mahjong set which consists of 146 melamine tiles along with dice, scoring sticks, and even a wind indicator. The tiles are quite heavy and made out of scratch-resistant acrylic material which can be used for a prolonged time. The tiles come in a classic aluminum case which allows portability and also ensures proper storage of the product when not in use.

This product is ideal for both professionals as well as beginners. It also comes with an instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.


The major attraction of this mahjong set is that it consists of 146 melamine tiles and comes in a designer aluminum case which is preferred by most of the players and customers likewise.

10. American Mah Jongg Set by Linda Li – Black Quilted Soft Bag – 166 White Engraved Tiles, 4 All-In-One Rack/Pushers


If you are on the lookout for a mahjong set which has more tiles then this is the product for you. It has 166 white engraved tiles in addition to 4 all-in-one pushers which eventually makes the game much easier.

American Mah Jongg Set by Linda Li - Black Quilted Soft Bag -

The tiles are made out of melamine which makes the same very durable for any sort of rough usage. It also comes with a black quilted soft bag that can be used for convenient storing of the product.


Customers prefer this product because of the 166 engraved white tiles are highly durable and scratch-resistant. The black quilted soft bag for convenient storing is also a plus point for the popularity of this product.

Mahjong Sets Buying Guide

Number of tiles: Do you require a set with more tiles or the one with less? Some of the products contain 144 tiles while others contain 166 tiles. The one with 144 tiles is for beginners and the one with the 166 tiles is for professionals.

Material: The player needs to purchase a mahjong set which is durable and long-lasting. The material which they should be made out of should be melamine. This material is scratch resistant as well as durable.

Carrying case: Every mahjong set usually comes with a carrying case. Make sure that you purchase one which is made out of leather or nylon with shoulder straps attached to conveniently carry the set from one place to another.


It does not matter whether you are a professional player or even a beginner. All of the products mentioned here in this article would suit every level for a mahjong player.

The sets also contain a variety of different numbers of tiles thus you can always adjust to the gaming environment as per your requirement. The tiles are made out of durable and scratch-resistant material thus you can rest assured that the same can be used for a prolonged period without any major problem.

Furthermore, the tiles come with high quality carrying cases which makes it easy for portability and the same can be conveniently stored. These products also come in lots of sizes and you can choose from the same according to your adaptability. Get started today and purchase one such set for enjoying the game!

FAQs for Buying Mahjong Sets

Do I need to know Chinese characters to play mahjong?

Every mahjong tile has Chinese characters imprinted on them. Even if you do not understand the characters, you will be able to easily distinguish the looks of the characters. However, there is some product available in the market which consists of Arabic Numbers and Characters for the people who do not understand Chinese at all.

Are mahjong tiles durable for long term usage?

When manufactured properly, these tiles are made out of thick scratch-resistant material for long term usage. The latest models have these tiles made out of celluloid or some similar form of plastic while others might be made out of animal bone. However, if you have a tight budget and purchase a cheap set then the quality of tiles might not be up to the level of expectation.

How do I understand which version of a mahjong set is the best for me?

Mahjong is an ancient game which is being played for quite some time for now. Every version of the tiles might receive some updates after a year or so. However, the basic playing methodology remains the same. If you are looking at a set that can work with different versions then purchase the one with extra tiles. You can always take out some of the tiles for ease of accommodation.