10 Best Multimeters 2022 – (Winner: AstroAI Digital Multimeter) – Read Reviews

Searching for an ideal Best Multimeterdigital multimeter for household, industrial or automotive usage? Then in that case you have landed in the very perfect position. As such this article is all about the top 10 best multimeters and a digital electrical multimeter that are available in the market.

What is a multimeter? It is an electrical device that is used to measure a wide range of applications such as calculating the AC / DC current and voltage, resistance, diode, continuity, temperature, frequency, and many more.

10 Best Multimeters to Buy Online

1.  AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Auto-Ranging Tester; Fast Accurately Measures Voltage Current Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle Capacitance Temperature for Automotive:

AstorAI digital multimeter TRMS 6000 counts, which owns a wide range of measurement functions such as voltage, current, resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency, and many more.

It can also calculate diodes and transistors along with auto-ranging capability, the user can test the AC / DC currents and voltages. Apart from this, the device has a big backlit LCD that can hold data as well.

There is no power button, which means it turns ON automatically after adjusting the mode and turns OFF when it is kept inactive. A hanging magnet is also provided to use the device in compact spaces more efficiently.

The device is made for the professional user’s as such the built of the device is heavy-duty. The device comes with 3 years of warranty.

Key Features:

  • The device can calculate AC / DC current and voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency, diode, and temperature.
  • Data hold, Large LCD backlit Screen, hanging magnet, auto shut off and the kickstand is provided.
  • For more upgraded users, auto-ranging capability and true RMS for measuring both AC current and voltage are provided.
  • F400 mA/600V and F10A/600V explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes as well as double protection are incorporated for more reliable and secure measurements.
  • Fuses for added protection multimeter and its efficiency.
  • The device comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Reading is precise.
  • Auto turns, ON / OFF function.
  • 3 years of warranty.


  • NA – Not available.

2. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter: 

INNOVA 3320 auto-ranging digital multimeter has gained quite a heat in the market, due to its ability to support electricians as well as home mechanics who can easily fix the wirings and car batteries.

Innova company has been in the automation industry, therefore the company thought about why not make their multimeter also as such they are using it anyways. Thus as a result of that thought this product INNOVA 3320 came and has stayed in the market since then.

The device comes with the temperature measuring probe to check the engine’s condition, an inductive clamp, (R, V, I) is provided to display the measured values, to make reading more visibly clear color-coded LED and high end LED display is provided. Apart from these, it can also calculate resistance up to the range of 10MΩ.

A user manual and other guidance are provided in English and French language.

Key features:

  • UL certification to calculate more accurately and safely all the household electrical issues as well as automotive problems.
  • To get more correct electronic measurements, auto-ranging scales are included which selects the correct measurement range automatically, eliminating the need of dialing to the current range.
  • Large digital display and color-coded LED is incorporated with the battery which also denotes the status of the battery.
  • For AC and DC voltage, a Single setting resistance function is provided.
  • 10 MΩ impedance input is provided for more safe automotive and electrical usage and fewer chances of damaging the vehicle’s ECU.


  • Pocket friendly.
  • Accurate measurement and safe diagnosis.
  • Built-in, rubber guard on the corners.


  • Auto-ranging is quite slow.
  • The display is not integrated with the backlit.

3. KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Ohmmeter Auto-Ranging Fast Accurately Measures Voltage Current Amp Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle Capacitance Temperature for Automotive:

KAIWEETS digital multimeter true RMS 6000 counts come with a wide range of functions such as accurate measurement of AC / DC current, AC / DC voltage, resistance, diode, frequency, capacitance, battery checking, resistance, continuity, duty cycle, wire ON / OFF and liquid temperature.The device can be termed as such it can calculate industrial, household, and automotive issues efficiently. It also comes with a 2.9” LCD backlit display that shows dual readings with the bar graph.

It is a multi-functional non-contact voltage testing device that can calculate live function with sound and light alarm, low battery indicator, date retention, max/min data, auto power off, and auto-ranging is provided.

The KAIWEETS digital multimeter is a heavy-duty device with a built-in IEC rated CAT III 1000V and RoHS certification and CE. It also has an anti-burn design that works to provide high voltage protection to all ranges.

Key Features:

  • It can calculate AC / DC current, AC / DC voltage, resistance, diode, frequency, capacitance, battery checking, resistance, continuity, duty cycle, wire ON / OFF, and liquid temperature.
  • To wake the device, switch the dial and the LED lights incorporated on the jacks will light up. Apart from this large 2.9” LCD backlight display and dual display bar graph are provided.
  • A flashlight and stable kickstand is provided to enable the user to use the device in dimly lit and compact places more efficiently.
  • The screen color of the device changes to red when it comes in contact with the live wire, non-contact voltage testing, low battery prompt, max/min data, auto power OFF, live function with light and sound and auto-ranging are some other function that is provided.
  • IRC rated CAT III 100V, CE, CAT IV 600V< Anti burn with double ceramic fuse, RoHS certification, and thermistor protection circuit are some of its certifications.
  • The device body is protected with the help of power-offLCDsilicone protection.


  • Robust outer case with double insulation
  • Overload protection, large LCD display, protection, and battery indicator.
  • A vast number of parameters can be calculated.
  • Anti burn for safety and Non-contact voltage detection.
  • 3 years warranty and lifetime technical support.


  • The screen backlight turns off quickly.
  • NCV feature, not up to the mark.

4. Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit 69149:

Klein 69149 is a non-contact voltage tester and the receptacle tester. Its non-contact voltage tester mode can calculate the voltages in cable, cords, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, switches, wires, and other outlets.

The device can measure DC current, AC / DC voltage, and resistance. Apart from this, the device also owns a CAT III 600V class 2 rating. Due to this, the device saves a lot of measurements and detects the wiring problem with the help of the receptacles.

The tool performs amazingly well with precision and is durable also.

Key Features:

  • Calculates AC / DC voltage, resistance, and DC current.
  • It has a safety rating of CAT III 600V, Class 2, Double insulation.
  • To denote that the NCVT mode is working, a green LED light blinks, it also changes to red once the device senses a live wire.
  • To conserve or save the battery of the device, it automatically shuts down when left inactive.
  • With the help of the receptacle tester, the user can detect the common wiring issues as well as other configurations.
  • It can also identify open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/ground reversed.


  • Packed with new and time-saving features.
  • AC / DC voltages, DC current, and resistance can be measured.
  • Thermocouple for better engine performance checking.


  • The brightness of the screen is not up to the mark.

 5. AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter Continuity Test (Dual Fused for Anti-Burn):

The AstroAI digital multimeter is a device that is made to tackle all the electrical problems as well as for training the new users. The user can perform the continuity test by attaching the leads on the circuit that is supposed to be tested.

The device is incorporated with the anti-burn and dual fuse to protect the multimeter from any damage while using. Due to this, it can provide overload protection to all ranges. Apart from this, a large digital display and backlit LCD are provided.

It is very important to freeze the data if it is fluctuating very often. Therefore if the device comes with a Data Hold feature then it is sure to shot the best buy as such it will the user’s reading more accurate and will give a better picture of a situation.

Low battery indication is yet another good function that the device owns. Therefore the user would never have to suffer from a dead battery while working. A kickstand is incorporated in the body and then protected with the help of the rubber guards on the corner.

Key Features:

  • It can measure AC / DC voltage, resistance, DC current, diodes, continuity, and many more.
  • Overload protection to all the ranges making it a more safe and sound product for measuring automotive and household electrical problems.
  • A large display with the backlit LCD, Data hold, and sampling speed of 2X per second can be achieved.
  • A kickstand and protective rubber case on the corners are provided.


  • 2 t/s of the sampling rate.
  • The user manual is provided for more transparency.


  • NA- Not available

6. Etekcity Digital Multimeter, Voltage Tester Volt Ohm Amp Meter with Continuity, Diode and Resistance Test, Dual Fused for Anti-Burn, Red, MSR-R500:

The Etekcity MSR R500 digital multimeter is an ideal tool for hobbyists, general household users, and electricians as well. It can calculate various functions such as current, voltage, resistance, diode, transistor, and continuity.

To denote overload, OL is shown on the screen, for sampling speed – 3x t/s is provided. The DC voltage ranges between 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V, 500V while on the other hand, AC voltage between 200V/500V.

The device has a certification of IEC61010 CAT. I 600V, CAT. II 300V, double insulation.

Key Features:

  • It can test AC / DC voltage as well as DC current, resistance, diode, continuity, and many more. The device has a sampling speed of 3 times every second.
  • Data hold button, large backlit LCD with large digits, built-in support stand, low battery indication, and continuity buzzer are provided.
  • Overload protection on all ranges, anti-burn with double fuse, and a protective rubber sleeve around the edges are provided.


  • Overload protection, battery indicator, and buzzer.
  • Capable of displaying ⅔ readings every second.


  • Auto power OFF mode is not available.

 7. WeePro Vpro850L Digital Multimeter DC AC Voltmeter, Ohm Volt Amp Test Meter, Electric Tester Ohmmeter with Diode and Continuity Detector, Backlit Display, and Insulated Rubber Case Kickstand:

 The Weepro vpro 850L is an ideal product that lets you test the variety of automotive as well as household electrical issues safely and accurately. The device is capable of calculating ohm volt amp, AC / DC voltmeter, resistance, electric tester ohmmeter incorporated with diode, and audible continuity detector.

The vpro 850L has a sampling speed of 2 times every second and comes with a built-in backlight LCD display, high polarity, overload protection, low power reminder, continuity test voltmeter with buzzer and data hold function for clear reading are available.

The device can measure AC / DC voltage with current, diode, resistance, and continuity. Apart from this, the device has a rubber edge and the body is made with ABS plastic material to make the device resistant to shock.

Key Features:

  • DC current that can measure up to 200µA – 10A and the AC / DC voltage can measure 200mV – 600V.
  • The device can measure 200Ω – 2MΩ resistance and the power supply it provides 9V, 6F22.
  • The sampling rate of the device is 2 times per second and the max display is 1999 with an LCD size of about 70 x 40 mm.
  • The device can track static electricity up to 4mA. 


  • Backlit LCD screen with large digital display.
  • Hold data switch
  • Capable of the transistor and diode testing.
  • Auto turn off


  • Not able to use AC current.
  • Not suitable for industrial usage.

8. Fluke 116/323 HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit:

The Fluke 116/323 HVAC combo kit multimeter is one of a kind product that a user would find in the market as such it is one of the most rugged, fast-acting, and versatile. The device also comes with a clamp meter.

The fluke 116/323 HVAC is capable of calculating the resistance, capacitance, and frequency. The device can also calculate Min / Max / Average readings accurately to record the signal fluctuation.

The Fluke 80BK-A integrated DMM has a temperature probe due to which the user would not need to carry the separate thermometer. The device has a measuring range between -40 to 260ºC.

The package includes TL!&% hard point test lead set, flexible cuff pipe clamp, thermocouple, toolpak magnetic meter hanging strap, 80BK integrated temperature probe and thermocouple adapter, C115 deluxe soft and smooth carrying case with shoulder strap.

The device has a CAT III 600V  and CAT IV 300V safety certification and ratings.

 Key Features:

  • The device has a built-in thermometer for all the HVAC applications.
  • It also provides microamps to test flame sensors and a low input impedance that helps in preventing the chances of getting false reading due to the ghost voltage.
  • Fluke 323 true RMS clamp meter is capable of tracking 400 an AC current, 600 VAC, and DC voltage.
  • Fluke 323 true RMS clamp meter also provides an RMS AC voltage and current readings more accurately on non-linear signals as well.


  • Perfect for HVAC technicians.
  • Rugged and versatile
  • Added accessories


  • A bit expensive.

 9. Extech EX505-K Heavy Duty Industrial MultiMeter Kit, Multicolor:

The Extech EX505-K heavy-duty industrial multimeter kit is yet another product that comes with its accessories to enable the user to be prepared for all the applications. Its EX505 true RMS multimeter comes with an industrial-grade rating, apart from this, it also has a CAT IV 600V safety certification.

EX505 true RMS works with 4000 count display, and it waterproof as well as dustproof. Its DV 25 dual range AC voltage detector comes with a flashlight and audible as well as visual indications. The device has a double molded hosing and a CAT IV-1000V safety rating.

Apart from this, the package includes TL808 8 pieces professional test lead kit that has a type K to banana input adaptor and a Type K thermocouple bead probe and a CAT III 1000V safety rating. Again the body of the device is made with the help of the double molded professional test leads.

A soft carrying case is also provided for more easy and hassle-free storage.

Key Features:

  • It includes EX 505-600V that works with the 4000 cont waterproof display.
  • DV25 Dual range AC detector is also provided for a more hassle-free experience.
  • 8 pieces of the TL808 test lead kit are, power-off power-off also provided with the thermocouple probes.
  • The package also includes a storage case and a magnetic strap.
  • The dimension of the device is 248*203*51mm.


  • The device is budget-friendly.
  • The backlight stays ON for at least 5 seconds.


  • It fluctuates handling high currents and voltages.

10. Power Probe CAT-IV Digital Multimeter (PPDMM) [Measures AC/DC Voltage, Current Resistance, Frequency, Duty Cycle, True RMS, Temperature & Capacitance] 

PPDMM – Power Probe CATIV 600V digital multimeters is very versatile, rugged, and accurate. It comes with a large LCD screen that has a bright backlight and can measure AC / DC voltage and currents.

Apart from this, it can also measure resistance, frequency, true RMS, duty cycle, capacitance, and temperature. The device owns some of the features like data hold, relative measurement, min/max capture, diode, continuity, and many more. Due to these features, it has become the ideal product for automotive and industrial usages.

It also houses automatic loud indication tones, 15 min auto-off function, 5 foot CAT IV 600V test leads, rugged rubberized housing, alligator clip attachment, magnetic holding strap, K type temperature probe, and 3 AAA batteries.

The power probe has a CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000V safety certification.

Key Features:

  • The device can measure the AC / DC voltage between 0.1mV – 600V and the AC / DC current ranges between 1 µA – 10A.
  • It can calculate the resistance between 1Ω – 60 MΩ and temperature between -20°C – 1000°C.
  • The frequency ranges between 2Hz – 10KHz and the capacitance has a range between 0.001µF – 60000µF.
  • The continuity: <50 Ω


  • Compact size.
  • Great backlit screen.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Alligator clip tips for probes.
  • Magnetic holding strap.


  • Auto-ranging mode is quite slow.
  • Storage pouch.
  • Bit expensive.

Things to Consider While Buying Best Multimeters

There are some tips and few things or specifications which every user must consider before buying any multimeter and are mentioned below.


Specification of the product is one of the most important aspect of any device which the user must consider. Specifications like resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode, current, voltage and many more.


Accuracy is yet another important point that the user should consider as such the readings it will show would be of no use. Therefore, always try to opt for the products which provides accurate and precise results without showing any ghost readings.


A resolution is the excess part of digits by which the strength of the signal is measured. As such any change in the output signal, there would be a minor change in the input signal. Therefore, it would be ideal to opt for the higher resoultion multimeter, one drawback though, it will make your multimeter a little slow.

Input impedance:

To get more precise and accurate results, opt for the devices that has high input impedance. Due to this, the user will be also be able to measure the sensitive electronic equipment.

Frequency measurement:

To measure the voltage and current more accurately, the multimeter must have the ability to maintain the current frequency. If the device is not able to maintain frequency properly then in that case it will of no use.

Energy capacity: 

Last but not the least, the multimeter must have appropriate energy tolerance capacity oherwise the device would get damage quickly.


To sum it up, the above-given multimeter reviews are of some of the most used and in-demand products that can satisfy the household, industrialist, and automotive users. Therefore don’t waste time thinking which one is best. Simply buy anyone from the list and it will serve you very well.