8 Best Plasma Cutters of 2022 – Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

Best Plasma Cutters -If you are in the field of fabrication, you are aware of how expensive metal cutting is. If that was not enough, it is a highly dull task to do. As an alternative to them, plasma cutters work with more efficiency.

Best plasma cutters use a plasma torch. And they make sharp, clean cuts. Besides that, they need less heat and are more precise. After the invention of inverter technology, plasma cutters have become affordable. Yet, the best plasma cutters with high features can still burn a hole in your pocket.

For cutting thick metal, you will need a good quality air plasma cutting machine. You cannot spend way too much money. But it also should be energy efficient.

Best Plasma Cutter

To save you from the hassle, we did some research. Here are our top picks on the best plasma cutters for the money available on the market. Keep reading, and you will have more knowledge to make the right decision by the end of it. In this article find out Best Plasma Cutters Review Online.

Best Plasma Cutters Review

We listed down some of the best plasma cutting machines you will ever get.

1. Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Overview: Lotos is popular in the world of plasma cutting for a long time. Because it launches impressive products in an affordable range, this Lotos LTP5000D model by them is an excellent addition to that. It has 50 amps of power and a 60 per cent duty cycle. The price is attractive. There is no touch pilot arc for starting in this cutter. Also, it has the power to cut up to a 5/8-inch stainless steel plate.

This Lotos cutter offers one year warranty period. And it is very light in weight, only 26 pounds. There is a Papst cooling system of German technology. This plasma cutter has a pressure regulator and one air filter on the inside of the machine mounted. It uses an external compressor. And it can be set up in a significantly less amount of time.


·      Input voltage dual 110v 220v

·      1-year warranty

·      22ov 50amp output

·      PAPST cooling

·      Light-weight, 26 pounds

·      Cuts 5/8-inch mild steel plate

·      Non-touch pilot arc

·      Has a pressure regulator

·      Torch hose of 13 foot

·      60 percent duty cycle at 50 amps

2. PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter


This is one of the top-notch plasma cutters. It is strong. And it can cut 7/8-inch steel in one pass. It has fantastic plasma cutter reviews from the customers. Primewald plasma cutter can run on two different voltages. It is lightweight, weighs only 21 pounds. You cannot find any other plasma cutter of this power considering this light. This plasma cutter has a continuous pilot arc. The no-touch arc starting has such a high frequency. It allows you to have a computer-controlled plasma cutter with a blowback torch. It gets rid of the digital interruption.

Its continuous pilot arc allows you to cut expanded metal. Even you can use it on rusty or dirty metal or even painted ones.


·      Cuts 7/8-inch steel

·      comes with a 5-year warranty

·      20-foot torch connection

·      120/240 input dual voltage

·      Customer service is amazing

·      Height management spacer included

·      arc start is non-touch, and blowback

·      has a pressure regulator

·      has air gauge in the front panel

3. YESWELDER CUT-65DS, 65 Amp Low-Frequency Non-Touch Pilot Arc Digital Plasma Cutter


The Yeswelder plasma cutter has a 60% duty cycle at the maximum power. It can cut 1/2-inch steel plates will clean cuts. The output range of this cutter is 10-55 amps. This broad range allows you to cut everything from sheet metal to framing. You can cut even painted or rusty metal very swiftly with the no-touch pilot arc. You can work with this in both 120 and 240 voltages. The torch connection is 13 feet. It also has an air filter inbuilt.

For long cuts, it has a 2T/4T lock and a post-flow air cooler.


·      can cut up to .5-inch steel

·      110 200 input voltage

·      5-7 cfm at 60 psi

·      10 to 55 amps output current

·      has an air filter in the machine

·      13-foot torch lead

·      cooling system after flow

·      2T/4T lock for trigger

4. Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc CUT50 Dual Voltage


The no-touch pilot arc starter cuts through painted, rusty or rough metal surfaces. This plasma cutter has dual voltage capability. That means it can on both 110 and 220 voltages. No HF interference, and start is blowback.

The application has a wide range. You can use it for cutting steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminium. So, it can be helpful for both home or industrial purposes. Also, the air regulator and the water trap are combined in the back of this best plasma cutting machine. So, the whole set-up is effortless and quick.


·      Advanced inverter IGBT technology with low frequency

·      No-touch pilot arc torch

·      Combined air regulator and water trap

·      Dual voltage 110/220v

·      60% duty cycle at 50 amp

·      Cuts steel plate up to 3/4 inch

5. TOOLIOM Plasma Cutter TL


This plasma cutter by Tooliom has a no-touch pilot arc. That makes it very efficient for cutting painted, rusty metal. It does not touch the metal, so the quality is top-notch. Gives your metal a longer life.

It can cut up to a 31/64-inch plate with a 50amp output current.

The digital display and led alarm with the output current reading feature sets it apart.

This plasma cutter has a wide range of applications. And it can work in dual voltage by using an automatic fitting.


·      No-touch pilot arc torch

·      Digital display and alarm Led

·      Dual voltage 120/230v

·      Portable

·      Cuts steel plate up to 31/64 inch

6. 50Amps Plasma Cutter, CUT50DE 110/220v Dual Voltage IGBT Inverter Air Plasma Cutter


This 50-amp plasma cutter is made with the latest IGBT inverter technology. It can be handy for cutting alloy, mild steel, thin copper. This plasma cutter has a dual voltage, input voltage being 110/220v 50hz/60hz.

There is an LED light on the voltage penal to quickly know the type of voltage. This is one of the most potent yet lightweight plasma cutters. That makes it portable and convenient to operate with. The duty cycle is 60% in 35 amps and 100% in 30 amps under 100v.


·      Advanced inverter IGBT air technology

·      No-touch pilot arc torch

·      High quality, lightweight with an LED indicator

·      Dual voltage 110/220v 50hz/60hz

·      50 amps power breaker

·      Cuts steel plate up to 8mm-12mm under 220v 65PSI

7. Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter 50Amps Dual Voltage Compact Metal Cutter


This compact plasma cutter is very portable, has a handle. It has a wide range of metals it can cut. And it can up to 1/2 inch with a clean cut. For severances cut, its limit is a 3/4-inch-thick surface.

The dual voltage of 110v/220v allows you to run this on 50/60 HZ power automatically.

It is very safe to use. And it the best plasma cutter at a low price. You can connect this machine to your air compressor. The device can be set up very quickly, in less than 1 minute.

On top of it all, it has PAPST advanced cooling system that helps the machine to be stable and durable. In every plasma cutter review by customers, this one ranks high.


·      Air plasma cutter

·      Cuts rusty, painted, or rough metal

·      Non-touch pilot arc

·      Dual input voltage 110v/220v

·      Cuts 1/4inch plates

·      Duty cycle 60% at 50amp output current

Things to Consider While Buying Plasma Cutter –

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while you shop for a plasma cutter. Because even though plasma cutter’s job is to improve your fabrication. If you do not choose wisely, chances are you will regret it. No matter if it for home use or industrial use, you should stick to the guideline. Here are our tips for picking the best plasma cutter.

The cutting you need it for –

The first and foremost thing you should consider is your plan. What is it you are looking to cut? Is it sheet metal? In that case, there is no need for a sizeable 200-amp plasma cutting machine that is made for a 3/4-inch steel plate. If you wish to cut auto body or small and light-duty chores, you should buy a small device. It will cost you less money. Plus, it will run on 120-volt power, which will save your electricity bill.

The needed level of power –

Consider duty cycle and output power first when you are thinking about power needs. This will help you decide the upper limit of energy you can cut. Also, it will help you figure out if you need 240 v input or only 120 v will suffice. If you cannot decide, there is always the option to go for dual voltage input power plasma cutters.

Is there any need for an air pressure source?

Few plasma cutters come with an air compressor built-in. The rest of them need a separate air compressor for external air. A built-in compressor can cost you extra money. It depends on the size of the machine. If you need a separate air compressor, buying it can be twice as helpful as a power source when using air tools and spray guns.

Advance features, are they mandatory?

There are plasma cutting machines with few advanced features. They are great for convenience in the cutting process. Also, in making the device user-friendly. They are –

Computer numerical control:

CNC is a computer-controlled system. It needs a table to move the torch.

Airflow adjusts:

There are machines with a feature to set the number of times to continue airflow after cutting finishes.

Different arc starting:

There are different kind of machines which start automatically or manually. There is also a good alternative for the no-touch high-frequency starter, and it is the blowback torch system.

Automatic torch restriking:

This function is available in some of the best plasma cutting machines. It lets the machine cut across gaps when cutting a metal surface.


To conclude, there are various plasma cutters available in the market. It can be confusing to choose the best plasma cutter for you sometimes. However, I believe after going through this article, and you will have the upper hand. Lastly, consider the warranty policy from the brand and plasma cutter reviews by customers. You will be good to go.


1. Can you cut glass with a plasma cutter?

Answer: Since glass is not electroconductive like wood, you cannot cut glass with a plasma cutter.

2. How thin can plasma cutters cut?

Answer: The average plasma cutters can cut a maximum of 1-inch-thick metal.