Best PS4 Charging Station to Buy in 2022

Best PS4 Charging Station – Having a messy gaming set-up of games is a huge mistake which usually leads to broken accessories and drained controllers. If you’re fed up of getting your accessories broken, having a Best PS4 Charging Stations might help you in the issue.

When it comes to the right ps4 controller charger, there’s a lot of variety, not surprising as the console has been around for a long time, and accessory makers have had plenty of opportunities to produce things that meet their needs.

Still it might be confusing to choose the best one. Here is our list of best charging stations that will steer you in the right direction.

Top 6 PS4 Charging Station to Buy Online

1. BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger

This best Charging Station is suitable for all PS4 Console controllers. It can provide the two ps4 controllers with safe storage and fast charging concurrently, saving time.

This ps4 controller charger also features LED indicators for charging. The LED indicators display a green light when the best PS4 controller is fully charged, and the indicator shows red during the charging process. Without any hassle, the connectors fit conveniently into the controllers.

BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger

The compact, sleek design makes it simple for you to store and carry if necessary. The USB ports are standard so they can be attached to PS4, laptops, and other ports for charging. This is worth considering if you are looking for a durable and practical device on a budget.

Reason to Buy

It is one of the most affordable ps4 charging stations that give you great value for its price. Since the dock comes with a built-in protector chip, you don’t have to think about overcharging your controllers.

A maximum charge will take about two hours in terms of results. Overall, this is an outstanding lightweight ps4 controller charging station which is not only practical but also saves room and avoids cluttering.

Key Features:

  • double charging ports charge 2-controllers simultaneously
  • 2 hour fast-charging
  • It is compatible with PS4 Pro/PS4/PS4 Slim controllers
  • Can be powered from the console through USB or wall-power source
  • Has Intelligent Inbuilt protector chip
  • Individual LED indicators for both controllers. The red light indicates the PS4 controller is charging while the green light indicates the PS4 controller has been charged completed.


  • Inexpensive
  • Dual Controller charger
  • Multiple power sources
  • Ideal PS4 remote regulator docking station
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Integrated Overcharging protection chip


  • LED indicators can be buggy
  • Wall-adapter is not included
  • Cannot charge controllers without removing the case

2. PowerA DualShock Charging Station

This ps4 Charging Station is a Sony licensed product. It has a simple locking mechanism to manage your controllers while charging. To fill your controller battery faster it can be connected to an AC adaptor. A maximum charge can only take about an hour, rather than two hours.

PowerA DualShock Charging Station

The plain, lightweight style makes it easy to integrate into your gaming system, along with the integrated PlayStation logo. The only downside is that it costs a few more bucks than some almost as usable alternatives.

PowerA Charging Station is your option if you are a guy who does not gamble on quality and is ready to shell a little more.

Reason to Buy

During game sessions, nobody enjoys being interrupted. Particularly through the discharged batteries of the controller. By having this best Charging Station you can make sure they don’t disturb your game.

It simultaneously charges two controllers by AC adapter. Look no further than PowerA Charging Station if you are looking for a long-term investment with the best PS4 Charging Station.

Key features

  • Charges two controllers simultaneously
  • Dual-shock 4 charging status controller
  • Uses an AC charger to charge the controller
  • Charges your controller quickly with 3 hours charging time
  • Snap-down charging design


  • Easy to use
  • Sony official licensed product
  • Connects to an AC adaptor for fast charging
  • Provide ideal support


  • More expensive than other charging docks

3. Kingtop Dual USB Controller Charger for PS4

This PS4 Charging Station will charge one controller entirely in 2.5 hours, and two controllers in 3 hours. It’s unlikely to overcharge the controllers with a powerful PS4 controller charging protection feature.

Kingtop Dual USB Controller Charger for PS4

This feature means your controllers can have a longer product life. This best charging station provides space to charge both controllers simultaneously. Each controller features 2 LED lights. The red light turns green after it is fully powered.

Reason to Buy

This ps4 controller charging station locks your PS4 securely in order to stop accidental moves. The charging station offers 100 percent satisfaction, and you are entitled to a refund in the event of any grievances within 90 days. For its unique feature, they have been able to keep their long-time users happy successfully. If you want to try something of a mix of modern and classic, go for this best charging station.

Key feature

  • Inbuilt Device Protector
  • It has an anti-skid stand
  • LED indicator for status indication
  • Charging two controllers simultaneously
  • The charge period is three hours
  • USB Dual-Micro Port


  • Guarantee of Protection
  • Cashback within 90 days
  • Location to place controllers
  • Great design
  • Provide the easy way to charge controllers


  • A little flimsy

4. Tiancai Dual USB Charging Charger Docking Station

If you first purchase a PS4 charging station, then you can have a tiancai PS4 charging station. When you equate the PS4 Charging Station with every other PS4 Charging Station, it has fewer features, but what it has is the ease of use and best in class operation.

Tiancai Dual USB Charging Charger Docking Station

It gives the benefits of having a device that is fully secured for charging for controllers so go ahead and get this Charging Station, don’t look somewhere else other than tiancai PS4 Charging Station if you are a first time user and want a nice experience.

Reason to Buy

This is the best controller connector for you if you’re waiting, compatible enthusiasts. Because of its built-in protector chip, it prevents any internal damage from overcharging.

This feature is necessary to protect the device and make sure that the product will last long. It also supports the PS4 SLIM, PS4 Pro, and Sony PlayStation 4 charging system. With its bright LED lights, battery longevity is ensured, as the green indicator color would not overcharge your device.

Key Features

  • Support to charge both controllers simultaneously.
  • Fast charge one controller within 2.5 hours and takes About 4 hours for two controllers.
  • LED light indicator
  • Integrated technology to prevent overheating, over-voltage, and short circuit.


  • Safe and quick charging
  • Specially designed forPS4 wireless controllers
  • It’s safe to use


  • Flimsy stand

5. Y Team Store Dual PS4 Modded Controller Charging Station

Y Team Store Dual PS4 Modded Controller Charging Station

This ps4 Controller charger review online Stand does not look like your traditional charger. Ideally, it provides the controllers with protected storage when idle as well as fast charging. It uses the Micro USB port at the top, instead of powering the controllers via the EXT port at the bottom. Charging a single controller takes 2 hours, which doubles to 4 hours if you charge 2 controllers simultaneously from 0 to 100 percent.

If you are disappointed with this PS4 controller charger, it comes with a one-year warranty. This worth buying dual PS4 controller adapter gives a fast and simple way to load and store the slim controller PS4 Pro, PS4, & PS4. This makes it a great choice to save the spot to hold the wireless PS4 controllers in a battery while not in service.

Reason to buy

The best PS4 charging station needs to provide your controllers with a comfortable and fast charge, and that’s just what they are providing with this PS4 charging dock stand.

It has chip protection to keep the controllers protected from overloading, overvoltage, and any other risks that may happen if you do not use the proper charger. If you leave the controllers on charge overnight, until they are completely charged to protect them from any overheating or injury, it will keep the charge on standby.

Key feature

  • Built-in protector chip for overcharging, heating, and over-voltage protection
  • Dual-wireless controller charger
  • Charges two controllers fully within 2-hours
  • LED charge indicators for individual controllers
  • Compatible with both PS4 and PS4 slim controllers
  • Compact and sleek design


  • 2-hour fast and safe charging
  • Two ports for charging two controllers once
  • Ideal Dual-shock 4 Stand for Charging
  • One-year warranty
  • Unique design
  • Inbuilt Overcharging protection chip


  • Cannot be used with controllers having silicone cover
  • Adapter for wall charging not included
  • The charging time for 2 controllers is 4 hours
  • Not portable due to design
  • It can be difficult to set the controllers into the charger

6. OIVO Regular PS4/ PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro Cooler

OIVO Regular PS4 PS4 Slim PS4 Pro Cooler

The ps4 Controller Charging station is ideally suited for all PS4 users. It has a 5V input power supply. It demonstrates efficiency gains, unlike most ordinary controller loaders. The OIVO Controller charger only takes 2.5 hours to power double controllers via the EXT port. It also contains an LED display that turns green and red when completely charged. You don’t have to think about overloading with the built-in security chip in the PS4 controller.

Reason to Buy

The Cooling Fan is expected to provide a basic cooling set-up. The improved cooling system maintains the temperature normal, still minimizing noise up to 50 dB. An automatic mode is also available when the PS4 becomes too heated. This cooling fan could be the safest way to cover your console as long as possible.

Key Features:

  • The single handle has an 800MA maximum charge current
  • Made of metal and ABS material
  • High-speed charging systems take only 2 hours to charge your dual controllers
  • Clear LED Indicators shows green when fully charged
  • This charging station is capable of connectivity for regular PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro consoles
  • The upgraded Cooling System gives you a higher speed and makes lower noise.


  • Offer modern, stylish, and elegant way-out for any PS4 users
  • Plug-in is very easy
  • Offer direct USB connection for supplying 5V
  • Efficient Cooling System
  • The fan runs quietly and smoothly


  • Not Good Enough

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Things To Consider While buying PS4 Charging Station


Nowadays, many companies are manufacturing the PS4 charging station, but you should always choose a trusted brand. Branded products do not get damaged easily and come with a warranty as well. Big brand stations give you vast amounts of advantages. For your best PS4 charging station, select the best brand according to your need, and enjoy long-lasting uses and benefits.


Many PS4 controller  charging stations come with cooling fans to keep your controllers safe. Cooling fans help to cool the PS4 charging station controllers So you can enjoy your long gaming sessions. You must check whether or not your PS4 charging station features cooling fans before you purchase it.


PS4 controller charging stations differ in functionality and compatibility, too. Some are compatible with just one controller. But some PS4 charging stations can charge up to two controllers. You can select the right PS4 charging station for single or double controllers according to your needs.


Before agreeing to make a purchase you must check the specs of a controller charger. Doing so would protect your system from being at risk of overheating or short-circuiting your controls.

Indicator with LED

The best PS4 charging station often features an LED indicator. The light varies when charging your gaming controllers and removing them. The PS4 charging station shows red while your controller charges and it shows green when your controller is charged. Hence, awareness of this feature is advisable before buying any controller charger.

USB ports

A  ps4 controller charger has a single micro-USB port, but you should choose the one that has multiple micro-USB ports to allow you to charge more than one controller at a time.

Charging times

The one that takes less time to charge the ps4 controller should be your choice. Most ps4 charging stations come with a charging time of about 2 to 2:30. It just takes a minimum of 2 hours to charge from zero battery.


Many old designs of PS4 charging stations have a heavy body and it is very hard to move or switch to another place. The newly designed PS4 charging station has become very lightweight and easy to switch from one position to another.


The ps4 charging stations overall is an excellent PS4 accessory and it is a must if you want to keep your controllers in a better way. You should buy it if you play a lot and do not want battery run-off. There are a lot of best charging stations, but in the end, you should choose one that fits your needs. You can find an inexpensive and convenient charge station in the above list.

FAQs PS4 Charging Station

Q.1 How Much Time PS4 Charging Station Takes To Charge?

Ans: Most charging stations take 2 to 2:30 hours to charge your PS4 controller from zero battery.

Q.2 Which one is Best PS4 Charging Station?

Ans: Every product on the list is best on its own. You need to find the right one that perfectly fulfills your needs and preferences.

Q.3 How to know my controller is charging?

Ans: The PS4 Charging station blinks in red or blue lights according to LED indicators.

Q.4 Is USB Charging Station Good?

Ans: Of course, You can charge your gaming controllers with USB charging cables. Wall chargers and laptop ports help to charge your PS4 controller as fine.

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