Top 10 Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers to Buy in 2022

Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers – It could be quite challenging to spend a lot of time in the mountains and in rugged conditions where the temperature is freezing and you would do anything to keep yourself warm most of the time.

Thus having access to a rechargeable hand warmer is not a cheap way out however, the same can greatly cause a difference when it comes to having a great day and a bad one.

When a choice is to be made between having an electric hand warmer and heading inside in times of a killer storm, most of the people opt-in for a hand warmer.

Unfortunately, Rechargeable Hand Warmers are quite expensive which indeed provides some pleasure in a freezing environment.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to help you find out which would be the best hand warmer review for you according to your requirement and budget and help you choose the same without much confusion.

Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers to buy Online

1. EnergyFlux G3 Rechargeable Hand Warmer


Modern technology has brought in any interesting tools to mankind and a rechargeable hand warmer is one of them. This hand warmer would provide the user with everything which he or she would require for the winter trip.

EnergyFlux G3 Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Two heat settings are provided with this product which you can adjust accordingly to have control over the electric hand warmer’s heat output. Thus, both the heat and the battery life of the product is maintained likewise.

This hand warmer can be used to even recharge any phone or gadget that has been lying dead for quite some time.


  1. It has a pack of portable battery pack.
  2. It can run for about 6.5 hours in a low setting providing you with just the right amount of heat.


  1. The product is too large and heavy and cannot be carried around in a pocket.
  2. There is no dual-mode available.
  3. No availability of flashlight.


Customers prefer this product because it can heat up to 132 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 minutes at room temperature thus making it one of the most convenient electric hand warmer ever. It works efficiently for 4 hours even when it is set in high mode. The battery capacity is great since it provides 5200 mAH of power.

2. BigBlue Rechargeable Hand Warmer


The major difference between any rechargeable hand warmer would be its form factor and battery life.

This product is packed with a powerful battery of 6000 mAH which can easily provide you with 2.5 charges of an iPhone 7 and it runs efficiently for 4 hours with the temperature at 113 degrees. This is usually a powerbomb packed with a huge amount of heat energy which is provided on either side of this electric hand warmer.

BigBlue Rechargeable Hand Warmer Camping Heater

This product has a much slimmer design than most of the other products available in the market thus can be fitted easily into commuter cases and purses without any hassle.


  1. This product has a sleek and modern design which surely makes it eye-catching.
  2. There is an on/off switch located on the hand warmer which can be toggled easily and eventually extends the battery life of the product.
  3. It even has a flashlight.


  1. The battery life indicator malfunctions at times.


Customers genuinely like this product because within 5 minutes it starts to heat up and provides an excellent amount of heat within no time. If used in the low setting it gets warm and is perfect for holding in your bare hands. However, it requires a good 5-7 minutes to get to its maximum potential for that particular heat settings.

3. Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers


Without this product on our list, the whole article would be a complete waste of time. This rechargeable hand warmer is one of the best product which is available in the market. It is considered by most customers even today and it has been popular for a long time.

This rechargeable hand warmer is available in the two variants, one which runs for 12 hours and another one which runs on 6 hours and they both have different sizes.

You can easily choose amongst either of them according to your need based on the size as well as the burn time.


  1. This product gets heated up within no time, one of the major advantages of using a catalytic hand warmer.
  2. It provides nearly up to 70 burns before replacing the burner.


  1. There is an on/off switch for this product.
  2. No availability of flashlight.


This product works wonders even when it is left in a freezing environment for over an hour. It would not just frost up and would stay warm to the touch even after an hour.

However, it cools down very quickly and would require some time to get heated up again. Customers find this product quite interesting, however, there are other options out there such as the hand warmer pouches or battery-powered hand warmers which would be effective as well and much less complex to use when compared to this product.

4. HotHands Hand Warmers


This is a unique disposable hand warming solution that can be bought in bulk because they are not too expensive.

However, purchasing them more frequently would surely raise the amount which you are spending and then you would imagine that you could have bought an electric hand warmer instead!

HotHands Hand Warmers

However, this product is very easy to use. All you need to do is just open up the plastic packet and place the hand warmer in your glove or pocket. You will be feeling comfortably warm within moments.


  1. These hand warmers are very easy to use.
  2. No need for any recharging since it can be disposed of after usage.


  1. This product tends to break open.
  2. It takes a while to warm up before reaching its full potential.


This is an excellent product considered by various consumers for their daily usage in cold regions. It can be used hassle-free in gloves as well as shoes and provides an excellent amount of heat for a long time. One of the best disposable Rechargeable Hand Warmers available in the market.

5. Celsius Solid Fuel Hand Warmer


This is another great hand warmer that you might not have seen any time! it is quite easy to use, you just need to light a solid fuel stick with a matchstick or lighter then place it inside the provided insulated case and you are done.

The product restricts oxygen to the light stick which allows it to slowly burn and release a controlled amount of heat through the insulated case.

Celsius Solid Fuel Hand Warmer


  1. The solid fuel tabs do not allow any smoke or odor to escape while burning.
  2. There is no danger of fire since the fiberglass insulation does not allow any unnecessary combustion.


  1. It does not run on electricity.
  2. The fuel which is supposed to stay lit during its usage might go off.


This device has been considered to work almost perfectly but the air circulation might cause a bit of trouble for some users. It specifically requires light coconut oil to keep lit at all times. Apart from these, this product provides a decent amount of heat, neither too hot nor cold.

6. The Outdoors Way Rechargeable Hand Warmer


This is a wonderful rechargeable hand warmer that you can purchase. It works with a powerful battery of 780 mAH and is one of the most powerful products in the market. It is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum which provides double-sided heat up to 115 degrees.

The Outdoors Way Electric Hand Warmer, Rechargeable Accessory for Hunting and Winter Sports.

You can also charge your smartphone or any other electronics with this product and it provides the heat energy for up to 7 hours at 105 degrees without any hassle.


  1. The product has 55 lumens flashlight attached to it and even as SOS signal light.
  2. It can be used for various purposes as a flashlight and even for charging other electronic devices.
  3. Its size is compact and can fit into a pocket nicely.


  1. The provided flashlight is not super bright, however, it does the work for extremely dark places.


This is a great product for the consumers who have already purchased the same. It can be used as a charger and a flashlight in addition to keeping your hands warm.

Customers mainly like this product because it has a compact size and can easily fit inside one’s pocket without any problem.

7. Celestron FireCel Plus — Hand Warmer/Charger/Flashlight


This is another electric hand warmer present in the market with a battery capacity of 5300 mAH and provides a run time of 12 hours. It has a compact size and can easily fit inside one’s pocket without any hassle.

It even has a dual-mode where you can choose whether to heat the tool only on one side or on both sides depending on the amount of battery left inside this rechargeable hand warmer.

Celestron FireCel Plus - Hand Warmer/Charger/Flashlight, Green (93544)


  1. It can be used to charge your smartphone or any other electronic device.
  2. It has five modes of the flashlight with a red and white flashlight and even one for SOS mode.
  3. There is even a smaller version of this product available with 2500 mAH of battery.


  1. The LED light might stop working after some time.
  2. Its design is not that much comfortable to hold in hands for a long time.


The customers found that every individual aspect of this device seems to work fine, but it feels like not quite enough thought was put into the ergonomics.

The buttons for the flashlight and rechargeable hand warmer are directly opposite to each other and are easy to press. If someone tries to turn on the hand warmer, the flashlight almost inevitably will turn on. The placement of the recessed or lockable buttons would have been nice as suggested by some of the consumers.

Buying Guide for the Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers

  • Amount of heat provided:  You are purchasing an electric hand warmer, Rechargeable Hand Warmers because your sole need is to warm your hand, of course! Therefore, before making a purchase makes sure that what amount of heat your product will give out. Usually, there are three types of hand warmers available in the market:
  • Battery Warmers: 2.5 – 7 hours
  • Chemical: 6-12 hours
  • Catalytic: 6-10 hours
  • Temperature Rating: The main purpose of a rechargeable hand warmer is how hot the product gets. This is completely dependent on the type of product you have purchased. It is not necessarily mandatory that a battery hand warmer might provide less heat than a chemical one. On low power mode, usually, you should attain an output heat of 100 degrees to 130 degrees. Any greater than that might burn your hands so that is not what maybe you are looking forward to! Thus make sure what the temperature rating of a device is before purchasing any product.


Which product you are looking forward to picking is completely dependent on you. A rechargeable hand warmer should be your top priority since you do not have to go through the trouble of lighting a fire every time you need to use it. Also, a hand warmer with two heat settings is suggested since it will let you adjust the heat accordingly to your requirement.

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  1. Where should I place my hand warmer?

    The best place to place an electric hand warmer ueis to keep the same in the pocket of your glove. Some of the gloves which came out in the market in the previous years had zipped pockets at their back to place the hand warmers inside them.

  2. Are chemical hand warmers harmful to the environment?

    Most of the chemical hand warmers consist of powdered iron which releases heat when the same is oxidised. Iron is a natural component we find in our everyday lives and it is very less harmful compared to the other chemical substances we use in our daily lives.

  3. Can I use the hand warmer inside my boots?

    Since rechargeable hand warmers are very compact, they can be used inside boots without any hassle.