Best Roofing Nailer 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Roofing Nailers – Finding the best roofing nailers can be a tough job when you have a minimal idea about the features and specification of various roofing nail gun available in the market. Therefore, we present to you one of the best roofing nail gun reviews which you can go through to clear out your idea on which product you would choose depending on various factors.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a constructor or a homeowner. Either of them might need to do countless roofing jobs or even complete off with a project or two. Thus, our list of the top best roofing nailer would be quite an assistance on your behalf if you are looking forward to choosing a product based on what kind of work you do.

Best Roofing Nailer

What is a Roofing Nailer ?

The main confusion lies is that what makes a roof nailing gun different from any other nail gun. The main difference lies in the ability of the roof nailing gun to be able to push in a nail inside hard surfaces such as asphalt or fibreglass. These guns can also drive in through waterproof tar paper and insulation board so that they can stick onto the board beneath for a reliable and effective bond.

How to choose a nail gun for roofing?

When it comes to various building projects, nails guns do come in handy, but what many people do not realise is that specific nails guns are required for particular jobs. The primary purpose of a nail gun is to drive in the nail forceful even inside hard surfaces, but not every nail gun can do so. Thus, it is crucial to understand what sort of job you are working on and what kind of nail gun you will require likewise.

What to look for when you are about to choose a roofing gun?

While purchasing a roofing nail gun, make sure you go through the following factors before buying the same:

  1. Durability: Of course you wouldn’t want your nail gun to break down after some time. Thus, make sure that you consider purchasing a durable product.
  2. Material: Roof nailers should be able to withstand all sorts of weather condition while functioning. Thus, make sure that you purchase such a product which can do so.
  3. Construction: Just by holding a roofing nailer, you should be able to tell how high the build-quality of the equipment is. Therefore, make sure you choose a lightweight but also a sturdy piece of roof nailer when purchasing the same.
  4. Versatility: When choosing a roofing nailer for your job, make sure that you want one which is quite versatile and offers various attachments with the same for ease of work.
  5. Brand Creditability: You should always consider the creditability of the brand you are purchasing. Before initialising your purchase, make sure that you have done a good research of the brand name and looking into their past schemes so that you have a clear idea on what they have been doing in the past.

Roofing Nailer Gun Safety Tips

Safety should always be your top priority when it comes to handling a power tool such as a roofing nail gun. Some of the safety tips you can consider while purchasing a roofing gun are as follows:

  1. Rubber Grip: This simple yet sophisticated piece of attachment can help you handle and control the roofing nail gun with ease. They happen to provide some amount of friction between the equipment and your palm so that it doesn’t slip while working.
  2. Safety glasses: Using safety glasses should always be mandatory since various debris might fly into your eye during the process of your working.

Best Roofing Nailers Reviews

1. BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer, 1-3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch (RN46)

When it comes to choosing the best roofing nailers of all time in terms of an affordable price range and functionality, the BOSTITCH is one of the best options to consider. The RN46 has a unique feature of locking out whenever it has an empty clip so that no blank shots are fired. In addition to this, it also has adjustable depth control, single-action side loading canister along with adjustable shingle guide.

Basic Features:

This product is perfect for various jobs which include roofing, insulation board and fibre cement. It is quite easy and fast to use. The RPM of the nails which can be fired is 100. There are two modes which can be set to while using the product, namely, contact trigger and sequential trigger. The contact trigger allows you a bumping motion throughout your work which will eventually help you to work through large areas more quickly and efficiently.


  • This device allows a full round driver.
  • It has a side-loading canister.
  • The product is quite durable since it has carbide tips.
  • It has a single action side loader.
  • The feature of adjustable depth control is unique to this product.
  • It has a huge magazine capacity of 120 nails.


  • Users might need some time in getting used to this product.

2. Hitachi NV45AB2 7/8-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch Coil Roofing Nailer (Side Load) (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)

Hitachi has always been the top choice for most contractors and homeowners when it comes to the best roofing nailer of all time. With the NV45AB2 model, you are provided with a powerful gun which has the features of easy jam cleaning and tool-less depth adjustment. It has two modes of functionality, namely, contact and sequential.

Basic Features:

This model of Hitachi is being presented to you, which is unique when it comes to switching between contact and sequential working types. It has been designed in such a way it can be used in all sorts of atmosphere. The magazine has a capacity of holding 120 nails at a time.

Loading the product with nails is quite accessible since the magazine is located on the side of the product. Eventually, switching between the depth adjustments is easy too since it helps you to make adjustments to the distance of how far the nails can be punched inside a material.


  • The depth adjustment of this product can be made quickly without the need for any other secondary tool.
  • The magazine can be quickly loaded since it is located at the side of the gun.
  • The availability of the rubber padding provides extra traction.
  • It can be used in all sorts of weather condition.
  • The magazine capacity is 120 nails.


  • Some areas of this gun are made out of plastic so you wouldn’t want it dropping out of your hands since it might break.

3. Senco Roof Pro 455XP Nailer With Sequential Actuation Trigger 3D0101N

The 455XP variant of the Senco Roof Pro is quite a unique roofing nail gun since it uses 11 gauge nails. The package comes with a case for the gun, and no secondary tool is required for adjusting the depth for this product. In addition to all this, an adjustable nail canister is also included within the package.

Basic Features:

Senco offers power and performance when it comes to working. The ability to adjust the exhaust allows the users not to get suffocated by any fumes or debris while working on any project likewise. The depth adjustment can be made quickly, and the canister has a large capacity to hold a decent amount of nails.

The weight of the product is quite less, and the build quality is durable. The paint job is also long-lasting, which does not chip off easily, even with prolonged usage of the product. The package comes in with a pack of oil and various connectors which will help you to start working off with product as soon as possible!


  • The product has a 360 degrees adjustable exhaust.
  • Its depth can be adjusted without the need for any secondary tool.
  • The nail canister is adjustable.
  • It has a magazine capacity of 120 nails at a time.
  • A case included in the package for storing the roofing nail gun.


  • Some users complained that the depth of drive adjustment doesn’t work efficiently.
  • The nails get bent quite frequently.
  • Sometimes the gun fires double or triple shots.

4. MAX CN445R2 SuperRoofer Roofing Nailer

This is a top-rated roofing nail gun manufacturer based in the United States. This is one of the most powerful guns ever available in the market, providing a psi of up to 100. It is also quite lightweight.

Basic Features:

The product is quite a unique roofing gun when it is compared with various other products in the market. Although having a moderate weight, it comes with an adjustable depth control feature along with rapid-fire technology which quickly picks up the pace of any current work. The nose of this equipment is magnetic, therefore allowing the ability to hold on to nails with much ease.

The self-nose cleaning feature allows the product to clear off jams effectively and quickly. Also, the presence of the trigger lockout feature helps in locking the trigger not to fire off any shots when the magazine is empty.


  • It has an adjustable depth control.
  • The product comes in with the rapid-fire technology.
  • It has the feature of trigger lockout.
  • The nose of this product is magnetic, which allows the nails to be held in an active position before getting punched into the material.
  • It has a self-cleaning nose.
  • The magazine capacity is 120 nails.


  • Users might require some time to getting adjusted to its mechanism.

5. WEN 61782 3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer with Carrying Case

The final model in our list would be the WEN 61728. This is the most affordable roofing nailer you can ever have access to amongst the other products mentioned in our inventory. The mail capacity is of 120 which a quick release feature which allows the nail to gets punched in much faster than the other products. This product has been manufactured especially for various jobs such as asphalt shingling, siding, fibre cement roofing, vinyl and waterproof tar paper.

Basic Features:

If you have been looking for quite an affordable gun, then this is the best choice for you. The gun can hold 120 nails at a time and has all of the adjustments required for a proper job of roofing nails. The ability to adjust the exhaust is present so that the fumes do not get thrown right at your face while working. You can also change the depth of the drive, and the shingle guide will help you to maintain a space in between your nails easily. Looking for a DIY roofing gun, you have come to the right place!


  • Various adjustments can be made to this product without the need for any secondary tool.
  • The clip capacity is of 120 nails at a time.
  • It has the feature of quick release.
  • The exhaust can be adjusted according to the user.
  • It has adjustable depth.
  • The lockout mechanism is quite helpful when the clip becomes empty.


  • Some users reported that the gun double fired but that occurred rarely.


Choosing the Best Roofing Nailers can be a tough choice when it comes to considering amongst so many great products with their excellent features. However, in the provided roofing nail gun review, all of the 5 products mentioned are dependable and will be able to do any of the toughest roofing jobs without any hassle.

If you happen to consider our suggestion, then we are likely to suggest you with the BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer since it comes at an affordable price and is the most extensive choice for both homeowners and contractors likewise. It has some of the most excellent features which no other roofing nailer provides at this price range along with being lightweight and ease of handling.

Any particular user who used this tool liked it and would suggest the same to anyone who is trying to find the best roofing nailers in the market.

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