7 Best Skateboards in 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Be it for a beginner or for professional use, learning to use a good quality skateboard is important to improvise the skating skills.

Using the best skateboards will allow you to burn off extra energy, maintain healthy weight and strengthen growing muscles.

There are various types of skateboards available in the market some of which might be suitable while others are way too much professional to use. Therefore, we have made a thorough research and mentioned some important features along with pros and cons of every product so that you can have a variety of choice before purchasing the best skateboard brand according to your requirement.

Best Skateboards

Best Skateboards to Buy Online

1. Strauss Bronx Ft Skateboard


Strauss is one of the best skateboard manufacturers which produces some quality skateboards and this product is one of the best skateboards review from this brand. It comes with high quality components along with some massive eye-catching graphics. The standard carbon ball bearing setup will ensure that there no interruption while skateboarding. If you are a beginner then it is advisable that you simple go ahead and purchase this durable and attractive skateboard.

Its dimensions are 31 inches long, 8 inches wide deck with 3 inches truck height & 5 inches wide trucks with a wooden base. It has integrated graphics on both sides of the board which will provide a safe and secure footing even for beginners. This product has an evenly distributed weight which makes skateboarding less risky and a fun activity with less chances of an injury. The artistic graphics on this board will make it look more stylish and classy whenever you ride it.

It has a durable PU wheel with high speed bearing, spacer and screw which will allow you to perform various stunts with this skateboard. It has eight layers of cold compressed maple deck, high density waterproof emery grip tape, chromium steel bearing, skid-proof wheels, aluminum alloy baseplate and even a hanger.


  • High quality carbon ball bearing
  • Colourful graphics imprinted on both sides of the board
  • Firm wooden base
  • 8 layer cold pressed maple wood deck
  • Great for beginners.


  • Suitable only for beginners.
  • Adhesive used is of low quality
  • Soft bushing might cause a wheel bite.

2. Nivia Skateboard


Nivia is known to manufacture the best skateboards for beginners for learning purpose. This product from Nivia is one of them. It has an easy to handle board which is best for beginners for their learning lessons.

It has artistic graphics imprinted on the top of the board to provide you with a classy feeling while riding it. The high quality ball bearing setup will ensure that you have a smooth and safe ride. The deck is lightweight and smooth which will eventually allow you to ride easily and its unique skate deck will make sure you feel good under the feet. This is a versatile model of a traditional street skateboard which is the very best for beginners.

Overall, this product’s wood construction, optimal size, shape, and design will make it one of the best skateboard out there in the market. It has a size of 31×8 inches. Its anti-skidding layer will ensure that your feet are held properly, in place, while riding the same. Its durable wheel, high speed bearing, screw and nut will make this product very strong and durable.

The maximum weight which this board can sustain is around 60-65 kilos. It has a smooth balance on any flat surface such as wood, tiles, marble, etc. The firm wooden base will make sure that the board is able to sustain all sorts of rough usage during practise sessions.


  • High quality ball bearing ensures a smooth ride.
  • Imprinted artistic graphics on the top.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Quality of deck and wheel are not up to the mark.
  • Can only be used for learning and not for any stunts.

3. Jaspo Ride on Penny Board


This product is an ultimate compact street board which comes in the variant of the 70s retro style which makes it one of the best skateboards for fun as well as exercising. It has been built with a safe and comfortable material which ensures that it is suitable for riding at any level of expertise. It is also compact thus making it portable and able to withstand in the crowd without any hassle.

This skateboard is constructed out of polypropylene material which comes full assembled in a box thus can be used directly right after unboxing. The perfect size allows it to turn sharply within a small surface area and can even be fit in your backpack without any hassle.

The maximum load it can withstand is around 60 kilos with a dimension of length 56 cms and width 15 cms. It even has 7 high speed bearings, high tensile bolts, high rebound PU wheels (60X45) with anti-skid surface which makes this product one of the best and durable skateboards in the market.


  • Great build quality.
  • Sturdy, strong and durable
  • Looks stylish and comfortable to ride
  • Soft bearing wheel will make it easy to glide and ride even on rough surfaces.


  • Not ideal for children
  • Needs major improvements on wheel movements and ball bearings.

4. Iris Complete Cruiser Skateboard 


This product comes with a variety of colours and HD printed graphics which looks pretty amazing and encourages the user to practise skating even more. It is equipped with a strong base plate with suspension shockers that ensures maximum security and safety while riding it. It comes at a size of 57 x 15 cm with a total weight capacity of 85 kilos thus making it one of the best skateboards out there.

The deck is sturdy and constructed out of non-bendable polypropylene which adds on to its durability and provides a comfortable ride to the users. It even has colourful light up wheels which will surely grab anyone’s attention out there on the street. The LED lights also comes in a variety of colours.

It has four casters which are made of resistant PU for long lasting usage. Its large and soft high speed ball bearing setup supports the skateboard and makes it move very smoothly on a variety of surfaces. There is no need for batteries since the friction shines whenever it moves. It comes in a fully assembled setup thus can be used right after you have unboxed it.


  • Colourful HD graphic imprinted.
  • Multicolour light up wheels
  • Compact and portable.
  • Sturdy, strong and durable


  • Expensive
  • Only suitable for children below 18 years of age.

5. Klapp Fiber Material Skateboards


This skateboard is suitable for kids and teenagers who want to learn the basics of skateboarding. Its PVC wheels with soft ball bearing will ensure that it is safe to use and comfortable while riding on any street surface.

The maximum weight capacity for this board is 110 kilos. It is made out of fibre material which provides a steady and long lasting performance with prolonged usage. It has a medium size of 20 x 4 cms.


  • Good build quality.
  • Usable on all street surfaces
  • Good deck height for proper balance and riding.


  • Low quality bearing.
  • Need improvement on the wheel movement.

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Things To Consider While Buying Guide for Best Skateboards Reviews & Buying Guide

The factors which you should consider before purchasing the best skateboard in the market according to your need are as follows:

1. Type

Usually, there are four different types of skateboards available in the market. These are mainly standard, cruiser, mini and long boards.

The mini skateboards are suitable for kids ageing below 9 years.

The standard ones are suitable for beginners (both adults and teenagers).

While the cruiser and long skateboards are suitable for professional use.

2. Deck size

Deck is the place where you position your feet on the board for gaining control over the whole skateboard. If there is insufficient space then balancing becomes difficult. Make sure that you check out the size of your shoes and then purchase the skateboard of your choice because it is very necessary to take this factor into consideration.

3. Weight capacity

Our recommendation would be to consider a skateboard which can handle heavier weights. This is not only beneficial from your end but it also provides a strong base for the skateboard which ensures the longevity of the product likewise.


The products which we have mentioned in our article are the top skateboards which are currently available in the market at an affordable rate. There are different types of skateboards which might be suitable for you.

Always make sure that you purchase such a product which you will be using for quite some time and not dump it anywhere! So, go through our buying guide nicely and get a clear idea on what you are about to purchase.

Happy Skating!

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FAQs to Buy Best Skateboards

Q.1 How much does a skateboard cost?

Ans: Usually a skateboard costs between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 1000. The complete cost of a skateboard is dependent on the build quality of the materials used in manufacturing it.

Q.2 Which is the best skateboard considered for beginners?

Ans: Standard skateboard are the best skateboards which as a beginner should you use. They work nicely for street skating, skate parks as well as for any other skateboarding style.

Q.3 Do skateboards get wet?

Ans: Yes, since skateboards are made out of wood they soak of water pretty easily. Therefore, you should always keep your skateboard inside the house and away from any sources of water when not in use.