Top 10 Best Solar Garden Lights in 2022 Reviews | Guide

Best Solar Garden Lights – Are you looking for something that will cut down the cost of your electricity bill? You can fit your backyard with some outdoor solar garden lights which will not only make your backyard appealing but in turn it will also provide you with lower electricity bills.

These outdoor solar garden lights are easy to maintain and are environment friendly. They are even waterproof and turn off/on automatically depending on the sunlight they receive on a daily basis.

We have shortlisted some of the best outdoor solar lights for you to consider. Each one of these products have their own unique features which are worth considering. Depending on your needs, purchase the product which suits you.

Best Solar Garden Lights to Buy Online

1. BEAU JARDIN Solar Garden Lights


BEAU JARDIN Solar Garden Lights

It is high time now that you should beautify your backyard with one of the best solar lights in the market.

These solar lights has auto sensor that is made out of rust free steel along with waterlight diamond glass lampshade that makes this product one of the best solar lights for garden. Its unique fused glass and metal has a modern texture which adds on to better illumination in your garden.

This product is waterproof and has a rating of IP65 that will allow it to withstand any sort of harsh weather elements. The lights is constructed out of ABS plastic and stainless steel.


  1. Constructed out of steel and ABS plastic
  2. Charging time 6-8 hours
  3. Waterproof IP65 rating
  4. Working time 8-12 hours
  5. 100% solar powered
  6. Lightweight

2. GIGALUMI 6 Pcs Solar Garden Lights


GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

These are the best solar path lights that will provide decoration as well as visibility to your garden and patio as well.

It has an aluminium coating that enables this solar light to produce a brighter illumination throughout your walkway and garden. The product comes in a transparent glass lamp housing which provides an excellent illumination effect.

This outdoor solar garden light has a bronze metal finish with Tier-ripple glass lens. This provides the best illumination if set up in a balcony, lawn, patio, garden or even a flowerbed.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Tier-ripple glass lens
  3. Bronze metal and glass finish
  4. Rechargeable 400 mAh battery

3. Twinkle Star 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights


Twinkle Star 4 Pack Solar Garden Lights

This is another best solar landscape light in our list that comes in a pack of four units.

It is made out of plastic lens along with a stainless steel tube with matte black finish which offers a distinct light effect and better visual enjoyment. This solar light can also be installed in two ways.

This has an automatic on/off feature where it turns off automatically at dawn and turns itself on automatically at dusk. It has a working capacity of 6-8 hours and is good for outdoor application such as lawns, patio, yard, walkways and driveways.


  1. Working capacity of 6 to 8 hours
  2. Recharge time required 6 to 8 hours
  3. Quick installation
  4. Weather resistant
  5. 180 days warranty

4. HECARIM 10 Pack Garden Solar Lights


HECARIM 10 Pack Garden Solar Lights

This outdoor solar garden light plays a significant role for providing visibility at night.

These lights are simple, cost effective and environment friendly. These are a great option if you are thinking about saving your electricity bills to a huge extent. It provides an enhanced visibility mechanism that allows this light to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. These lights can be used for both day to day usage as well as for holiday decorations likewise.

Its features LED lights which is perfect for any outdoor setting, therefore cutting down the costs of wiring and electricity bill


  1. Bright white light
  2. LED bulbs
  3. Comes in a pack of 10
  4. Has auto on/off feature

5. GIGALUMI 8 Pcs Outdoor Solar Lights


GIGALUMI 8 Pcs Outdoor Solar Lights

These are the best solar lights for yards that provides a delightful and elegant glow to your walkways or flowerbed.

It runs on solar energy which saves the cost of electricity bills. When they have reached a full charge, they can run for about 8 hours without any hassle.

The most exciting feature about this solar light is its elegant and classic design. The lamp has double rings and therefore give out a vivid and special pattern when illuminated. It is even weather resistant. The company provides a one year replacement policy in case there is any damage.


  1. Classic and high quality design
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Weather resistant
  4. No wiring required
  5. Auto on at dusk feature

6. Solpex 4 Pcs Solar Garden Lights


Solpex 4 Pcs Solar Garden Lights

This outdoor solar garden light is highly efficient with its LED lights which is made out of premium grade SMD LED that makes sure that you are provide with the best luminosity output.

It has a high quality glass housing with vibrant projecting pattern and high permeability that ensures that there is always a constant bright light provided in the place of installation.

It even has a bronze finish that makes this product super elegant and noble. Unlike other products in the market, it has a much higher output of light.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Premium SMD LED light
  3. High quality glass housing
  4. Bronze finish

7. GIGALUMI 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights


GIGALUMI 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights

Enjoy full brightness of the best outdoor solar lights from GIGALUMI which has a cost effective price and provides more brightness than the expensive products in the market.

Each solar light is equipped with LED bulbs that ensures that there is a brilliant illumination and a bright and clear view.

It has a bronze metal finish which makes it look elegant and noble and its distinctive flairs and beauty makes it suitable to be used in patio, yard and garden. It even has a tier-ripple glass that provides excellent light when compared with any other plastic product in the market. Its attractive and vivid range of vision along with the weather proof construction makes this product one of the best solar lights out there.


  1. Tier ripple glass lens
  2. Weatherproof
  3. Bronze metal finish
  4. Working time is 10 hours with a full charge

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Solar Garden Lights Guide

Some of the crucial factors which you need to consider before making your purchase for the best solar landscape lights are as follows:

  1. Material

Since outdoor solar garden lights are meant to withstand harsh weather conditions, they should be made out of high quality and durable materials. The premium ones are made out of glass and metal combination. These solar lights have a sturdy build and are much more durable than the plastic ones. However, the plastic ones can withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme rain and heat easily, thus making them suitable for average weather conditions.

  1. Battery capacity

Another factor to take into consideration would be the solar light’s battery capacity. You should purchase a product that has a potent battery capacity which will feature a long term service. Usually, brighter light would require a brighter mode which in turn would require a large battery capacity.

  1. Brightness

An ideal outdoor solar garden light should provide ample illumination so this is one of the critical factors to take into consideration. To purchase the best solar path lights make sure that you check their lumen which represents their brightness. A powerful one usually has 30 lumens of brightness.

  1. Style

The style of a solar light unit represents their good appearance and a matching décor. It should also look unique in term of their shadow and beam. The best solar lights for garden have a glass light up body which will provide maximum illumination along with a sense of traditional fashion.


In our best solar garden lights review you can come to the conclusion that this product is an inexpensive, durable and flexible option for lighting various settings all around your backyard and bringing various parts of your patio into light. The usage of solar energy cuts down the electric bills without the need to sacrifice beauty. All of the crucial information and factors along with the best solar lights are provided in this article for you to go through and make your purchase accordingly!

FAQs Best Solar Garden Lights

Outdoor solar garden lights work on battery? 

Yes, solar lights work on rechargeable battery which in turn gets recharged by solar energy or the energy from sun.

What is the range of brightness of a good solar light?

The maximum range of a solar light would be 30 lumens. Usually, the range for a good solar light would be around 15-25 lumens.

Are all solar lights waterproof?

Outdoor solar lights are constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, they need to be waterproof to withstand extreme rain and snow.
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