Best Tie Hangers in 2021 Reviews | Guide

Best Tie Hangers – Storing ties and belts will always require a tie hanger which will allow you to have access to the same. Tie racks usually have a 360 degrees rotation mechanism which means that you can get the exact tie you require at the moment with an additional non slip hook function to prevent the tie from slipping away.

A tie holder is usually multifunctional since they can be used for hanging various other things such as belts, scarves and socks. They are constructed out of high quality material and are quite durable when to be used for prolonged time. The best tie hanger in the market has different number of hooks that will ensure that you can keep lots of ties and belts in one place.

Some of the best tie hangers reviews in the market has been shortlisted by us so that you can go through the same and make your purchase accordingly.

Best Tie Hangers to Buy Online

1. InterDesign Axis Metal Tie Hanger


If you want to hang your ties safely then this would be the perfect tie hanger for you.InterDesign Axis Metal Tie Hanger

It is constructed out of high quality steel and long lasting material which ensures that you get the best experience ever. It is also shiny and made out of anti-rust material.

This tie hanger is also very easy to install and doesn’t come with any additional hardware. It has a compact design which eventually makes it suitable to be used in smaller rooms. It has a stylish design which adds onto its elegancy and shiny looks.


  1. 14 tie hooks
  2. Durable steel build
  3. Shiny chrome look
  4. Easy to install
  5. Compact size
  6. Can be used for various purposes

2. IPOW Upgraded 2-Pieces Open/Close Tie Hanger


This is a unique tie hanger that is perfect for your bedroom, closet or bathroom.IPOW Upgraded 2-Pieces OpenClose Tie Hanger

This tie rack is multifunctional and can be used for hanging scarfs, belts, sashes, chains and various other things. It can even move 360 degrees which allows the removal of ties as and when needed. An interesting feature about this tie hanger is that it is non slip and will not fall off easily.

This tie hanger can also be folded easily when placed in an upright position thus saving you a lot of space. Therefore, it is convenient for storage and portability. There are two pieces of this tie rack included in the package.


  1. Compact and saves a lot of space.
  2. Anti slip
  3. 360 degrees rotation
  4. Multifunctional

3. Tenby Living 2-Pack Tie Hanger


This is one of the best tie hanger in the market that can easily hold your ties, belts and socks without any hassle.Tenby Living 2-Pack Tie Hanger

This product also comes in two pieces thus providing you with ample storage for all your necessities. There is no need for any sort of installation. All you need to do is just hang your ties on hooks thus providing you with a lot of storage. This tie hanger is also very spacious which can easily hold about 20 ties easily.

This tie organizer is constructed out of ABS plastic material with a black glossy finish providing it with a more sophisticated look. Its 360 degrees rotation will allow you with easy access to the items on the tie hanger.


  1. 360 degrees rotation
  2. Sturdy ABS plastic
  3. Compact design
  4. No need of any installation
  5. Durable
  6. Can hold any ties

4. HANGERWORLD Natural Wooden Tie Hanger


This is a high quality tie hanger that any buyer would surely consider.HANGERWORLD Natural Wooden Tie Hanger

It is constructed out of high quality wooden material and a smooth varnished body that will make sure that your hanger looks great in every space. Its compact design allow its easy storage and can be used in closets, bedrooms, bathroom and various other suitable places.


  1. Chrome swivel hooks
  2. Solid build hardwood
  3. 24 tie hooks
  4. Doesn’t require any installation

5. SunTrade Wooden Tie Hanger


This tie hanger has a compact storage and quick access facility.SunTrade Wooden Tie Hanger

This is an exception tie rack that you cannot avoid. It has sufficient storage to store 24 neckties and its swivel hooks can be used to pick whichever tie you require at the moment. It is designed for durable hardwood which makes this tie hanger increase its longevity.

There is no installation required for this tie hanger. All you need to do is hang it on a hook and you are ready to go! Its elegant finish allows this tie rack to be used anywhere indie your home.


  1. 24 stainless steel polished swivels
  2. Durable hardwood build
  3. Compact design
  4. Long lasting

6. StorageMaid 3-Pack Tie and Belt Hangers


If you require a tie hanger that can store more ties in a single go then this would be the ideal product for you.StorageMaid 3-Pack Tie and Belt Hangers

This tie rack can even be used for commercial purposes since it has 20 hooks which can be used for hanging ties and belts without any hassle. It has a knob like head where ties cannot slip off due to the placement of hooks for easy access.

The hooks are made out of high quality and long lasting material that in turn increases the product’s lifespan. There is no installation required and therefor can be used in your bedroom, closet or bathroom easily.


  1. 360 degrees rotation
  2. Three pieces included in the package
  3. 20 hooks each
  4. Can be used to store many ties
  5. Durable
  6. Elegant and stylish design

7. Primode Motorized Tie Rack with LED Lights


This is a nice tie rack with built-in LED lights that can be used in any space as you like.Primode Motorized Tie Rack with LED Lights

Its LED lights provides excellent illumination that will provide a better range of visibility. Its motorised rack can rotate automatically that will allow you to have access to each and every tie in the rack. The hooks will allow you to hang your ties without any hassle.

It has a compact design which will help you to store it in various places without any hassle. Its hooks are anti slip therefore no need to worry about the tie hanger falling off.


  1. In-built LED lights
  2. 64 tie hooks
  3. Compact design
  4. Provides excellent visibility

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Things To Consider While Buying Best Tie Hangers in 2020 Guide

There are some critical factors which you need to consider before purchasing any tie hanger from the market. These are as follows:

  1. Material: Beforehand making your purchase you need to consider the quality of material used. Various hangers are made out of wood, metal or plastic. The metallic tie hangers are durable and will provide a prolonged service. The wooden ones are also very durable but might not accommodate more ties at one time. The plastic tie racks are elegant enough however they might not last long. Make sure that you purchase the best tie hanger according to your requirement.
  2. Number of Hooks: Always check the number of hooks provided with the tie hanger that you purchase. Some products have 24 hooks while others have 14 hooks. Depending on your requirement to store ties, always check out the number of hooks provided with any product and with a strong build.
  3. Number of Hangers: Tie hangers usually come to packs that contains one, two or three hangers. This would allow you to have the exact amount of hangers which you might require to store ties. The tie rack that comes with three hangers has adequate space for all of your ties in one place.


The requirement of a tie hanger is a valuable addition to any closet. It safely stores your ties and allows the easy access to the same. A tie hanger can also be used to store belts, socks and scarves without any hassle. They are even designed in such a way that will allow you to rotate the hanger and have access to all the ties.

There are a certain number of hooks on every tie rack. They are even built from quality materials such as wood, plastic and metal and you can choose one from amongst them that will completely serve your purpose.

Moreover, there is no requirement of any installation procedure. There are various products available in the market which will allow you with great tie storage facility but make sure that you purchase the best tie hanger out there!