Best Truck Bed Air Mattresses for Your Pickup

Best Truck Bed Air Mattresses – Are you looking for a standard-size mattress to fit in the bed of your truck? If so, you are in the right place. So friends, if you are trying to come up with a comfortable mattress that furnishes truck camping or car camping, we are here to help you out.

Air mattress for truck bed is a go-to solution when outdoor camping, but the downfall is that it takes time to get the mattress inflated. As a result, they tend to lose their softness quickly and cause you to sink below the firm squab.

Similarly, a thin bed pad might not offer adequate cushioning against the firm surface. In addition, it results in pressure points as you wake up in the morning. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a supportive, durable truck bed air mattress for your next road trip.

In this post, we will highlight some branded mattresses and explain why they are perfect for you. Likewise, we will provide you with some information that would help you narrow down your choices and opt for the best.

Best Truck Bed Air Mattresses

Best Truck Bed Mattresses to Buy Online

1. Rightline Gear Truck Bed Air Mattresses

Rightline gear truck mattress tops in our list of the best air mattress for truck bed. Level up your Camping game with the Rightline air mattress. It allows you to sleep in comfort above the ground in your truck. Rightline air truck mattress complements your truck tent and heightens your camping experience.

With a Rightline mattress, your truck is going to be more useful than ever. Rightline heavy-duty air mattress fits into the bed of your vehicle. No doubt your camping will be more comfortable with these full-sized truck bed mattresses. Designed to accommodate more than two adults, it fits in between the truck’s wheel Wells and consists of PVC for polyVinyl chloride.

This 6.68 by 7.25 feet mattress has a length of 7-inches. So you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on something, even at the bed of the truck. The Between-The-Wheel-well design of the mattress allows you to keep your gears between the wall and the mattress. The truck mattress is priced at 84.75 dollars.


  • Industry-standard PVC material
  • Comfortable upper layer
  • A perfect combination of softness and strength
  • It comes with a 12volt electric pump, patch kit, and carry bag
  • Effortless inflate valve and easy storage

2. QDH thickened Air Mattress for truck bed

QDH thickened air mattress comes second in our list of the best truck bed air mattress. This premium mattress from QDH offers Matchless comfort and superior support to people seeking comfortable truck mattresses. It also implies that you don’t have to store it in cold conditions. In addition, this mattress is made of soft material, and no odours come out from it distracting your night’s sleep.

It comes with thick flocking that makes it a more skin-friendly alternative, allowing you to relax and drift with ease. It comes with an AiR pump for fast inflation so that you don’t have to wait for long to keep your head down after a long drive. Like a standard mattress, QDH mattresses also come with a sectional design, So that you can enjoy a balanced feeling of support throughout the truck bed air mattress.

If you are bringing your pets along, a QDH mattress is an excellent option as it gives sufficient support to them as well. The most acceptable part is that it comes with an anti-collision feature that protects your head.


  • Waterproof Fabric is effortless to clean
  • Double-layer Inflatable Valve
  • Compact carrying case for rapid and convenient transport
  • Multi-layer Composite Wear-resistant PVC Material
  • The anti-skid feature protects your child from sleeping while you drive

3. Offroading gear store Truck Bed Inflatable Air Mattress Converts to Full Double

Get your best hour’s sleep ever with the Offroading gear store’s Truck Bed Inflatable air mattress. This premium quality bed mattress specially designed to apt around the wheel wells of a pickup truck to use the entire truck bed.

Another highlight is an electric 12V air pump which allows for hasty and effortless inflation within a minute. Effortlessly it collapses and stows at ease. Each mattress comprises two side inserts that enable the truck mattress to alter into a full size for use outside of your truck, such as at home, intents and more. It is well-suited with Dodge Ram, Ford F150, Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

Additionally, it is equipped with three air chambers for the increased sturdiness and durability. This air mattress for truck bed is constructed with a soft polyester top layer with a long-lasting vinyl body, and it is specially built to last for years no matter where you use it.


  • An electric 12V air pump
  • Custom-fit to fit most 6 to 6.5 inches Truck Beds
  • Integrated side chambers allow effortless conversion
  • Three air chambers for the increased sturdiness
  • Constructed with a soft polyester top layer with hard-wearing vinyl body

4. HIRALIY Portable truck bed air mattress

HIRALIY Mattress comes fourth in our list of the best truck bed air mattress. This air bed consists of waterproof PVC and long-lasting Oxford cloth And is compatible with Any four-wheeler including Truc, SUVs, and Sedan. In addition, this airbed comes with a lightweight, portable electric pump that inflates the air mattress to its desired firmness and deflates it back in less than 2 minutes.

The construction of the cushion is concerned, the combination of Oxford cloth and PVC material makes it sturdier than most of the mattresses available out there. Moreover, the upper layer of the air Mattress flops with a velvet material that adds a touch of comfort.

So if you are looking for a robust mattress for regular use, you can switch on to the HIRALIY air mattress. The mattress’s material construction helps it withstand frequent inflation-deflation cycles, and you can use it on camping with ease. Since the mattress can withstand a weight of 400 lbs, it is an exceptional choice for heavy sleepers. In addition, the mattress kit includes a child baffle so that you can keep your child on it.


  • Lightweight and soft
  • Three layers of wear-resistant and leak-free materials
  • Suitable for both Outdoor and indoor use
  • Best as a temporary bed for guests, camping, and hiking
  • It comes with the portable electric air pump for swiftly inflate or deflate

5. Berocia Inflatable thickened truck bed mattress

The Berocia SUV Inflatable mattress meets and exceeds your expectations when it comes to convenience and comfort. This long-wearing air mattress scores high when it comes to comfort and comes with a flocked surface and thick Materials, offering you the exact snugness you get from a traditional mattress.

In addition, this heavy-duty air mattress flaunts a sectional design that ensures that air channels are evenly distributed that gives ample support to your body. This mattress comes with an air pump for easy inflation of the mattress.

This mattress is an excellent option for long drives, as it comes with a car charger. Additionally, it comes with an AC charger so that you can connect it to a socket and inflate it electronically. This truck bed mattress gets inflated and deflated Fast. The truck mattress consists of a pure copper core so that it doesn’t get hot within 15 minutes of inflation. As mentioned before, this unit Doubles as a car and truck mattress.


  • Super comfortable and ergonomic wave design
  • Thicker PVC material with CE RoHs certificated
  • Berocia Healthy PVC Material Proof
  • Double-layer sealing and exquisite sealing technology
  • Made of three anti-cracking points

6. EnerPlex Queen Size air mattress for truck bed

Enerplex air mattress for truck bed comes with a 2-minute inbuilt pump Technology, Which implies that it takes only two minutes to inflate it into a luxury double-sized squab. It is the fastest inflating mattress available out in the market. This Queen-sized Mattress is portable and offers ease of use. Coil Beam construction of the mattress provides optimal comfort.

Enerplex air mattress Consists of puncture-resistant and waterproof PVC material with a top flocking surface that prevents leaking or movement while Sleeping. The queen-sized mattress offers a solid resting experience on an inflatable air mattress. The truck bed cushion mimics the feeling of a real bed.

The truck bed air mattress is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The best part of the truck bed mattress is that it consists of eco-friendly PVC material that makes it durable and safe for you. It has a profile that makes it easy for the users to get in and out of the cushion. This two-system air cushion has a system that prevents it from sagging. It has an automatic shutoff that indicates as it gets filled with air. It not only has a queen-size profile but a flocked surface.


  • Coil Beam Construction
  • Leak-Free Technology
  • Effortless use and convenient storage
  • 2 min built-in pump Technology
  • 13-inch twin-sized mattress that comes with an inbuilt Air pump

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Things to Consider While Buying Best Truck Bed Mattresses for Your Pickup

Determining factors to consider before buying a truck mattress is not something different that you need to consider while buying a mattress for an ordinary bed. While reviewing the truck bed mattress, We picked up some factors that need special attention. Some elements might be not of that much importance, whereas you might prioritize some over others. Claims made by the mattress companies might be misleading, so you must think of your own sleeping needs when buying truck mattresses.


The cost of truck mattresses might be lower than their counterparts, as they are smaller and lighter than those used at home. However, the price range may vary depending upon the model and Types of mattresses. As you know, there are varieties of mattresses like foam, Inflatable and innerspring. For a high-quality inflatable mattress, customers should expect somewhere between Several hundred to thousand dollars.


The crucial factor to consider while buying a truck mattress is compatibility, whether the mattress is compatible with your truck Bed. It would be best to consider whether the dimensions are compatible or not and check the wheel wells. These areas stick out of your truck bed and make it difficult for the truck air mattress to fit in. based on your budget truck mattress with a wheel wall cut-off might be an ideal solution.

Buy truck mattresses with air coils

A high-quality truck mattress tends to be supportive. For domestic mattresses, springs offer support for your weight and distribute it uniformly. Pricey truck mattresses come with springs. More affordable one comes with air coils And keeps your body And keeps your body weight evenly distributed, thereby enhancing your comfortability.


An air mattress for a truck bed ought to be Portable, but it should also be sturdy and usable over a long period. You can buy truck mattresses made of PVC, as that supports rugged use. If you want your squab to be comfortable, you can purchase one with a fabric top cover.


Questions are probably not the most significant thing that you are going to buy online, but a comfortable truck bed air mattress gives you a sound and relaxing sleep. Perhaps night sleep is one of the essential things that matter in life, as sound sleep keeps you alert throughout the day. No matter if it is for you, or your close ones, you want to explore the market products Before settling on the best.

To take the right option, you should spend your time reviewing the info overhead. It gets your doubt clear and improves your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Truck Bed Mattresses for Your Pickup

Q. 1 What type of mattress is suitable for truck beds?

Ans: Three types of truck air mattress are available in the market. It includes foam, Innerspring, and inflatable.
Each cushion has its advantages and downfalls. So you ought to choose one that meets your requirements. The features and attributes of the mattresses vary depending upon the Material construction.

Q. 2 How can I clean the truck bed air mattress?

Ans: To clear the stains, use a steam cleaner or a surface cleaning stick. It would be best if you sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and vacuum it afterwards.

Q. 3 What is the average size of a Truck Bed?

Ans: If a truck has a long bed, it should be around 8 feet. While a standard truck bed measures 6 feet 5 inches, a smaller one will cover 5 feet 8 inches.