Top 10 Best Vinyl Cutting Machine For Small Business in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine – The need for a good vinyl cutting machine is very mandatory if you are looking forward to crafting some adorable things in your leisure time. The best vinyl cutting machine will give you leverage over others and provide you with the perfect shooting experience.

You will surely enjoy the unbeatable accurate cut-outs and the beautiful crafts which you can easily make with the help of this equipment.

However, selecting the best vinyl cutting machine for a small business could be troublesome and confusing since there are lots of this equipment available in the market today.

But do not worry! Here in this article, we will provide you with some of the best available vinyl cutting machines review available in the market and that too at an affordable rate. You can easily select from the provided options according to your personal preference.

Best Commercial Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews

Maybe our fore-parents used the vinyl cutters for creating some of the memorable creations in their era. This tool has indeed evolved a lot over the following years. Below we have provided some of the best vinyl cutting machines available in the market suitable for any small businesses.

1. Cricut Explore Air 2, Matte Black


With the help of this machine, you can easily craft anything and that too anywhere. The making of stickers, home décor equipment, greeting cards, and ay more things can be easily created with this useful vinyl cutter without any hassle. You can also use any free design software which is compatible with this vinyl cutting machine.

Nothing other than a perfect cut is what a present generation craftsperson looks forward to. The Cricut Explore Air 2 comes with an in-built smart set dial mechanism which makes sure that you get the perfect cuts every time you attempt to craft something. There is no difference between the materials which it can cut. All of them can be cut without any hassle.

Cricut Explore Air 2, Matte Black

It even has Bluetooth and wireless connectivity feature which allows the user to transfer files between devices and cut them eventually. You can also plug this cutting machine to an external storage device and upload the designs and images which you require to be produced.


What every craftsperson requires is a machine that is versatile in its operation and also one that can perform extensively for the creation of unique craft items. The best vinyl cutting machine inspires the craftsman to produce more unique pieces of art. If you belong to this category then the Cricut Explore Air 2 is the machine you are looking for.

2. Cricut Maker, Champagne


This unique piece of tool stands out amongst the various other products available in the market. This is one of the futuristic inventions brought into light by Cricut where the cartridge and the mat move intelligently. This efficiency is obtained by the gears which control the cut pressure and make an adjustment to the blade accordingly. This is one of the main reasons why this vinyl cutting machine is very different from others.

Cricut Maker, Champagne

This machine allows its user to craft anything from any material whatsoever. You can craft blasé models, vinyl decals, leather crafts, iron ones, paper crafts, and much more without any hassle. With the help of this machine, the only limitation which you will be facing would be your imagination and creativity.

Once you purchase this machine, you will be able to make any craft item without any problem. And the speed at which it works is also marvelous. Anything which would eventually require hours to be made can now be produced in minutes.

The package comes with a set of unique pens that can be fitted in the machine. So the next time you think of crafting anything, you can use these pens for doing the job easily. The machine is also an expandable suit. Therefore you can fit in other tools to be used with this machine along with the pens.


Since this machine has been tagged as ‘futuristic’ this means that it can work for several years before becoming outdated. You need not worry about any other model which comes from Cricut because this Vinyl cutting machine will accommodate the same without any problem. If you have a steady business then this would be the machine for you effectively.

3. Silhouette White Cameo 4 Starter Bundle with 38 Oracal Vinyl Sheets, T-Shirt Vinyl, Transfer Paper, Class, Guides and 24 Sketch Pens


If you happen to be inventive and have been feeling that machines are letting you down for quite some time then you would surely like to use this vinyl cutting tool for a change. The Silhouette White Cameo 4 would be the right tool for you when it comes to cutting perfectly straight lines.

Silhouette White Cameo

So what are the other features which you are likely to consider before purchasing this tool? The dual carriage has been revamped to handle deep cuts and the unique crafting blade which has been designed in such a way that it can easily produce the final pattern without any hassle.

This tool is also a lot powerful than most other machines available in the market. Its massive amount of force allows the comfortable cutting of wood leather and even metal without any hassle.


This is one of a unique vinyl cutting machine that crafters have been looking forward to for a long timespan. It stands tall amongst its competitors in the market since it can cut almost anything without any problem. This product is highly encouraged by most of the crafters and is a must to purchase if you are looking for a powerful tool within a certain budget.

4. Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine, Scanncut2, 4.85” LCD Touch Screen, Wireless Network Ready, 300 DPI Scanner, 631 Built-in Designs


This vinyl cutting machine has 300 dots per inch scanner which allows you to upload your custom designs into it and with the availability of such a high resolution, you are sure to obtain the best cut and design as per your choice. This machine also allows you to edit the per-loaded designs on its system so that you can produce the final product with a touch of professionalism from your end. The USB port allows you to upload designs into its system directly and without any major issues.

Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine

The touch screen is also a plus point of this machine where you can view the images which are saved in its memory. You can easily view the respective image, select the one which you need to be produced, and then edit it accordingly. You can view and edit your designs with the availability of this touch screen.

A computer is not all needed for working on the designs. The internal memory of this vinyl cutting machine will hold the design accordingly as you happen to work on the same. The touch screen provides you with the complete interface of the design so you need not look at a computer at all whilst working.


This is surely a great machine since it provides the crafters with top-notch die cuts. And the interesting fact is that it does not even require a printer. You can save, store, create, and even upload your designs inside this machine’s memory. Thus the best result at an affordable rate never would have been achievable if it weren’t for this machine.

5. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine


With the help of this amazing vinyl cutting machine, you can cut through various materials with ease such as cardstock, paper, vinyl, fabric, and much more. You can also upload your images and files onto this device without any hassle. You can even choose from the files which are available by default on the machine and thus let your imagination run wild.

It has a smart dial mechanism that will allow the ease of handling the measurements automatically whilst cutting a material. Every time you insert new material into the machine, it will automatically reset itself and cut accordingly for the piece of material which you have inserted.

You can cut all sorts of shapes and sizes with full accuracy when it comes to using this machine. In addition to all of this, this piece of equipment can even write down messages if you are a card maker and it will produce the same writing exactly in the way which you need it to be.


A lot of your time, money as well as energy will be saved whilst you use this awesome vinyl cutting machine. You can reach the greater depth of your imagination with complete reliability since this machine will always provide you with the best quality product.

6. Vinyl Cutter US Cutter MH 34in Bundle – Sign Making Kit w/Design & Cut Software, Supplies, Tools, US-Based Customer Support


This excellent vinyl cutting machine allows the craftsperson to produce a variety of vinyl lettering, pinstriping as well as signage without any hassle. the major thing which makes this tool so flexible is the suite of text, curve, and object tools it comes with. You can easily execute your creativity without any limits. The presence of the Roland compatible blade holder allows you to explore various blade options with ease.

Vinyl Cutter US Cutter MH 34in Bundle

One of the major missing advantages of the other machines in the market is that they do not have adequate designs and image editing tools. But with this tool, you will have complete flexibility to manipulate your texts and images without any hassle. The package comes with various text tools, curves, shapes, and logos and you can also import various clipart samples, Adobe Illustrator, portable documents as well as encapsulated postscript files.

You can also imply the spool function which allows the crafter to create plates and lay colors accurately for the best printing possible. Also, the twin adjustable pinch rollers will save you a lot of time while using various materials for cutting.


Being one of the best vinyl cutting machine available in the market, you can rely on the highly flexible and compatible tools with the product for the best result. This investment would be your best one if you happen to purchase this piece of equipment in the upcoming decade.

7. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Electronic Cutting Machine Bundle


This machine comes with a smart cutting technology that none of us have ever faced before. This machine will indeed help you to relax while working. The non-availability of cut settings makes the whole process automatic. Henceforth, you will obtain exceptionally accurate cuts out of this tool.

You can print full-color images and cut accordingly. It would seem like the whole process was done by human hands but it is not so. The complete procedure is fully automatic thus there is no need of putting your safety at risk whatsoever. You can cut a variety of materials with this machine such as cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, poster board, fabric, felt, and much more.

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Electronic Cutting Machine Bundle

This machine was simply designed for DIY projects. The making of beautiful crafts has never been so easy and you will be more inspired once you start using this vinyl cutting machine. You can also write on the creation which you have produced, for instance, if you are making cards then this machine can also implant writings on the same without any hassle. Thus you can experience numerous features with the help of this machine.


Once you have purchased this machine, the void in your shop or business will feel like it has been complete. This machine is very dependable and indeed produces excellent results. Its affordable price makes it a budget-friendly device too.

8. Gemini by Crafter’s Companion CCM GEM-M-USA Gemini Multi Media Die Cutting Embossing Crafters Companion Machine with Pause Resume & Reverse, White


This machine offers a compact footprint which means that it is made to set an impression anywhere. You can set it anywhere since it does not take up much space. Also, it can cut through the material by using many dies at one time thus saving you a lot of time.

Gemini by Crafter's Companion CCM GEM-M-USA Gemini Multi Media Die Cutting Embossing Crafters

This machine has the feature of a resume, pause, and reverse option which might sound superficial but it is indeed true. With this feature, you will have complete control over the project you are working on.

This machine is highly compatible which allows the crafter to use all thin metal dies and embossing folders which means that you can obtain the same products as you would get one from a much high-end and costly machine.


This vinyl cutting machine is all in one embossing and cutting package which will meet the requirements of any crafter out there. It is one of the best investments which one can make at a low cost but with loads of benefits.

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Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Buyer’s Guide

Some of the factors which you would want to consider before purchasing a vinyl cutting machine are as follows:

  1. Cutting:

The best vinyl cutting machines available in the market are the ones that can cut through various materials. They should also be accustomed to using several blades. The cutters should also be able to cut several designs at one time. When choosing one machine, make sure that it can handle your volume of work with ease.

  1. Media Plates

Considering a vinyl cutting machine that can support numerous color plates at once is also mandatory. These plates are required to print any colored photographs to capture the best of the final material.

  1. Cutting Settings

While purchasing a vinyl cutting machine, make sure it has automatic cut settings so that you do not produce any wrong proportion while executing your work.

  1. Quality

If you require your work to be of high-quality then you need to purchase a machine that can produce high-quality products.

  1. Price

Make sure that whatever product you are purchasing is within your budget and also is from a legit and reliable manufacturer.


A vinyl cutting machine will help you to save time and produce your designs with utmost creativity. You can easily transform your complex projects into a simple one y choosing the right product. The selection of the correct vinyl cutter is mandatory, one which would meet the requirement of your business or even your personal needs.

Hopefully, this article was able to clear off all of the doubts which you had about the best vinyl cutting machine. Before purchasing any tool, make sure that you are met with your requirements initially.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine For Small Business

Vinyl Cutting Machine For Small Business

Frequently Asked Question

How to take care of my vinyl cutting machine?

The best thing about vinyl cutting machines is that it does not require much maintenance. You only need to clean off its cartridge and its cutting mat regularly.

What should I look for whilst purchasing a vinyl cutting machine?

An ideal cutter for personal use should affordable and small enough for storing. However, if you are looking for one for your business, purchasing a machine that meets all of your requirements is mandatory. The tool should allow you to easily work on different materials with a variety of media plates.