Best Whiteboards in 2022 Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Whiteboards Reviews – Do you want to replace your old chalkboard? Are you fed up with dusting the chalk from the duster and then cleaning the dust residue of the chalk? Then worry no more, as such with the augmentation of the technology as well as teaching methods advancement, there are many new whiteboards which can be used by the marker and then erased off just like the old chalkboard but much more clean and efficient.

There are some of the best whiteboards, therefore stay tuned with us as we make a detailed best whiteboards review. These whiteboards are not usually costly. Therefore in this article, we will also mention a link from where you can check the whiteboard price as well as buy the whiteboard online.

Best Whiteboards

Best Whiteboards in Reviews & Buying Guide:

1. Pragati Systems® Genius Regular Steel (Magnetic) Whiteboard (GRMWB6090)

Thinking about owning a whiteboard that can satisfy all your needs, then the Pragati system might be the ideal selection for you. As such the company works with the idea of providing efficient learning with the help of excellence and innovative ideas.

The products that come from the brand usually offers economical, long-lasting, dry erase, magnetic friendly and maintenance-friendly whiteboard, thus making it a perfect whiteboard for all the office, homes, schools and tuitions users.

The whiteboard is made with the resin-coated steel boards that are usually magnetic in nature. The corners of the board are made with thick aluminum which can easily fit into any heavy application environment.

Key features:

  • the board is made with the hard Melamine surface
  • The board also offers anti-glare coating and is made with the resin-coated steel
  • The whiteboard can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically, as per convenience
  • The dimension of the whiteboard 2 x 3 feet


  • High scratch resistant with the easy wipe properties
  • Satin finish alloy aluminum frame
  • Rigid frame and flexible hanging clip


  • Doesn’t comes with any warranty

2. Geet Enterprises Non-Magnetic Whiteboard 3×4 Feet

Geet enterprises is the second whiteboard on the list, as such the whiteboard doesn’t offer notes sticking feature. While on the other hand, the material used to manufacture the board is the melamine surface. Made with the regulations under IS: 2046/1997

The dimension of the whiteboard is 3 feet x 4 feet, making it super convenient and useful product. Apart from this, the whiteboard is non-magnetic in nature.

When it comes to the warranty of the product, there is none provided by the company.

Key features:

  • The whiteboard is made with the hard melamine surface which in other words can be said as a marker sheet
  • The board is made under IS: 2046/1997
  • The frame of the board is made with the satin finish alloy aluminum
  • To achieve a board with wrap free option and make it 100% flat, it is made with the precision-engineered bagasse particles
  • Higher erasing ability to tackle the ghost marks and maximum readability with the help of minimum glare.


  • Polypropylene plastic corners
  • HPL melamine writing surface
  • AL 145 jindal aluminum frame


  • Cannot be used to stick magnets

3. Nechams Hexa Melamine (Non-Magnetic) Whiteboard

Nechams Hexa non-magnetic melamine whiteboard is one of the perfect board when it comes to marker boards at home or office. The quality of the board is at its highest stage, as such, they are made with the high-pressure melamine sheets.

The corners of the whiteboard are made with virgin ABS and PP plastic in order to achieve a higher and superior finish. In order to create a whiteboard with maximum stiffness, anodized alloy aluminum is used.

Apart from these, the whiteboard uses paper honeycomb and EPS panels to ensure the extreme flatness of the core.

 Key features:

  • The size of the whiteboard is 3×2 feet, making it ideal for the home, offices as well as schools
  • the board comes with a silver and white color combination, making it ideal for in any given environment
  • The board offers a higher surface resistance and the rate of erasability is pretty high


  • Riveted corners
  • 100% eco friendly core
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified


  • Quality not upto the mark

4. DUVERRA Whiteboard Double Sided Drywipe Magnetic with Pen Tray – 60 cm x 90 cm

DUVERRA whiteboard is an amazing double-sided dry wipe magnetic pen tray is protective, durable as well as scratch and stain resistant with the dual-sided magnetic writing surface. The whiteboard is made with a sleek finish and a high gloss surface.

Due to such qualities, the DUVERRA is capable of providing a productive meeting, and impressive presentations. The board also enables itself with all kinds of dry erase markers. An added pen tray is also provided on the board.

In order to provide a flat board and no wrap, a high-quality aluminum frame and honeycomb core is provided.

Key features:

  • The dimension of whiteboard 2 x 3 ft, making it ideal for the home, schools, and offices
  • The board is protective, durable, stain and scratch resistant with a double-sided magnetic writing surface that can be used to stick the notes with the help of magnets
  • Honeycomb core and high-quality aluminum frame in order to make no wrap and a flat board
  • Ideal for all kinds of dry erase markers and is capable with no ghost marks


  • Double sided magnetic whiteboard
  • Dry erase capable


  • May get damage while transporting, do check the return policy

5. ANSIO Whiteboard Magnetic Double Sided Drywipe Dry Erase | Lightweight Aluminum Frame (A2)

ANSIO whiteboard is a magnetic double-sided board with an aluminum frame, making it super durable and lightweight in nature. A foldable aluminum tray is also provided in order to hold the marker and eraser.

The following board is usually suitable for schools, homes, and offices. The board can be hanged horizontally as well as vertically easily with the help of the adjustable triangle hooks on both sides.

An additional E-Z-W lacquer coating is provided with a smooth surface in order to clean and write easily.

 Key features:

  • Double-sided magnetic whiteboard, in order to use from both the sides
  • A flexible and easy to write and clean whiteboard
  • The borders of the whiteboard is covered neatly with the help of aluminum


  • Double sided whiteboard
  • Inner layer made with eco friendly material
  • Smooth surface with EZW lacquer coating


  • Bottom marker stand location not optimized

6. Roger & Moris Abs Plastic White Board

The size of the Roger & Moris abs plastic whiteboard is 3 x 2 feet which can be used to write on both sides. Yes! This whiteboard can be used to write on both sides, front and back efficiently.

Apart from this, the board is laminated on both sides in order to make a waterproof surface on the front as well as on the back. The framing of the board is done with the help of aluminum and can be hanged on the wall pretty easily with the help of hooks that are provided on the board.

In order to protect the whiteboard from getting damaged, ABS plastic and mounting hardware are used.

Key features:

  • The surface of the whiteboard is made with the non-magnetic whiteboard marker surface
  • The inner core of the board is hard smooth particleboard
  • The backside of the board is laminated sheet
  • The frame is made of with the Anodized aluminum
  • To protect the corner from damage ABS plastic is used


  • ABS plastic corner
  • Anodized aluminum frame


  • No magnetic marker surface

Things To Consider While Buying Guide for Best Whiteboards Reviews & Buying Guide:

Whiteboards are usually used in classrooms, homes, offices, and many such places. Thus it is very important to select the right whiteboard for the same in order to withstand years of usage without getting damaged as well as deteriorating its natural structure.

That being said, these are some of the major factors that one should use or keep in mind before buying any whiteboard from the market or from the online platform.

1. Size:

It is obvious that the size of the whiteboard matters the most, as such if the size of the board is too small then the user would not be able to fit all its details while on the other hand, if the boards size is big then there is an issue of finding a perfect location for the same.

Therefore, if you are thinking about buying the whiteboard then make sure you pick the right size. For personal and home usage, 1.5 feet x 2 feet of board is more than enough while on the other hand, for school or office purposes, one must opt for the 3 feet x 2 feet size whiteboard.

2. Material:

The material used in the manufacturing process of the whiteboard plays an integral part in several ways. The factor affecting due to the material are durability, versatility, and the price of the whiteboard. The material used in order to construct the whiteboard are mentioned below:

  • Melamine
  • Marguerite
  • Durarite
  • Glass
  • Porcelain steel

3. Mounting options:

There are many whiteboards which offers different sizes and shapes with different kinds of mounting options, therefore choose accordingly and as per your requirement.

Some of the mounting modes which are provided by the supplier are as follow:

  • Wall-mounted:

There is some bracket that is included in the making in order to hang the board on the wall properly and as per convenience.

  • Removable:

This type is more of a portable option for the ones who are not looking to change their existing chalkboard but also want the whiteboard experience. One can use such a product for a while in order to gain the experience or essence of the whiteboard. These kinds of fittings are usually inexpensive.

  • Moveable:

For those who don’t have any dedicated location for the whiteboard, those users can always opt for the moveable or mobile whiteboards. These whiteboards are super lightweight and normally comes in different shape and size.

4. Price:

This is yet another important aspect which plays an important role in the selection process, as such the product must be perfect but if the price is not right then it is of no use. There always consider buying a product which doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.


Whiteboard price comes at a very affordable rates, as now you have seen some of the best whiteboards, you can now identify that which one will be the best for you as per your requirement.

Whiteboards are one of the best element that can be used to explain anything to anyone. So, what are you waiting for? You have already seen the list of the best whiteboards that you can buy for your personal or professional use. Buy the best one for yourself today.

Stay tuned with us if you want to read about other daily useful products and components that you can have at an affordable price easily. We will be back with more interesting topics useful for you.

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FAQs to Buy Best Whiteboards

Q.1 : What type of whiteboard is best?

Ans : Melamine is termed as the best material for the whiteboard but they are expensive too, they provide durability and quite an effective resistance to the scratches and stains.

Q.2 : Does rubbing alcohol damages whiteboard

Ans : Yes! Rubbing alcohol will gradually damage your whiteboard. As such alcohol destroys the lubricating layer of your dry erase whiteboard and after the excess usage, it will lose the ability to wipe clean itself.

Q.3 : Can you resurface your old whiteboard?

Ans : The surface of the whiteboard is made with durable porcelain or in some cases with vinyl but just like any other object, with the passage of time the surface of the board gets scratched and discoloured. Thus in such conditions, you can opt for resurfacing the board as such it is a cheaper solution instead of buying the new one.