Green vs Red Beam Laser Level – Which is Best to Choose

Green vs Red Beam Laser Level – The comparison between red vs green laser light has been going for ages, as such, they both serve the same purpose but on different working conditions. Moreover, it is said that the green laser level has more visibility to the human eyes as compared to the red color laser light.

In the modern era, the green laser level is the king of the market but in the olden days, the red laser level used to dominate the market. As such it was used on the construction site, for electrical installation, air conditioning, and many other heating equipment used to use the red laser level.

Therefore, one must wonder, if the red laser level was so powerful then why people are now choosing the green laser level?

Green vs Red Beam Laser Level – Which is Best to Choose: 

As the topic name suggests, green vs red laser has been a very debatable topic, therefore we have made a detailed specifications review in which we are going to discuss which laser level is good in which category.


Green laser level is no doubt one of the most expensive laser levels in the market as such their counterparts are at least 20% to 25% more expensive than the red laser level.

The counterparts such as 808 diode, a second infrared laser crystal, and a frequency doubling crystal are some of the expensive counterparts of the green laser level.   

Therefore, if you are short on money then opting for the green laser level will be not feasible.

Winner: The winner of green vs red laser is red laser level.


The range of the device depends on various factors as such there are factors like scattering, wavelength, polarization, reflection, refraction, etc. Therefore it would not be ideal to consider only wavelength for the range of the device.

Let us consider some criteria by which we can understand which one is better.


Let us consider the range of the laser in the indoor condition, the red laser level has the range of 20 ft to 30 ft while on the other hand, the green laser level has a range of about 50 ft to 60ft as per the PLS which is a leading manufacturer of the laser appliances.

But there is a trick to achieve a longer range with the help of the detector. As such red laser with a detector will cost less and would give you results like the green laser level.

In Outdoor:

The green laser level can be seen from the 60 ft, therefore without any argument, the green laser level wins the case in the outdoor condition.

Winner: In Indoor conditions, the red laser level wins while in the outdoor condition, the green laser light wins. Therefore, the result of green laser vs red laser is draw.


Green laser level has gained its popularity due to the power, which resulted in such ranged visibility but it is known, “When there is Good, Bad comes along”. The drawback of such power clearly shows its result on the battery.

The green laser level comes with more equipments, has less battery backup while on the other hand, the red laser level has less equipments, resulting in more battery backup.

Winner: Red laser level is the winner. 


There are some factors due to which the visibility of the laser can be categorized.

  1. Types of surface: It all depends on the surface of the reflector if the surface is a good reflector then the laser beam would range higher and the bad reflector would range lower.
  2. Ambient Light: In Indoor condition, both green and red laser level works perfectly, while on the other hand, in outdoor condition green laser level is the clear winner.
  3. Battery Strength: Due to the great range of green laser it has less battery backup, therefore the red laser level has more battery backup.

Winner: The winner of the red vs green laser sight is the green beam laser.


To conclude the green vs red laser sight comparison, here are some of the quick facts. Green laser level wins in visibility and long-range but is a little overpriced, works perfectly and beams are clear in the outdoor condition.

While on the other hand, the red beam laser works nicely in the indoor condition and is capable with most of the machine control receivers.