How to Load a Nail Gun Step by Step Guide

Nail gun, nailgun, or a Nailer is a simple and effective product that was made in order to make the nailing hassle-free. Are you just fed up of using a hammer for nailing? The nails just bend down, doesn’t it? Are you frustrated and exhausted with all this unnecessary effort? If yes than own a Nailer or a Nail gun.

If said more bluntly, than. Nail guns replaced the hammer and made the nailing process super fun and easy.

A nail gun could nail through all the hardened material and woods like cutting a piece from the cake. A nail gun works with the help of pneumatic air, electromagnetism, and highly flammable gasses such as butane and propane.

For these modern and hassle-free Nail guns, loading of nail gun and a perfect selection of nails for the gun is very important and crucial for the smooth operation, otherwise, the nails would get stuck or misfire, making it unstable and unsafe.

Load a Nail Gun Step by Step Guide

Installing a set of nails can be a dangerous task if you don’t know how to load a nail gun. There are many questions about the same as how to use a nail gun with an air compressor? how to load a brad nailer? Or how to properly and safely install a load a nail gun? To put all these questions at ease, we have made a step by step directions for loading a Nail gun properly.

How to Load a Nail Gun Step by Step Guide

How to Load a Dewalt Nail Gun or any other Nail gun?

Each and every Nail gun manufacturer provides its own unique mechanism and style to their Nail guns. Thus, some of the steps may vary but the fundamentals are the same, whether you used the Nail gun of Dewalt or the ones of the Ridgid.

1. Inspect and unload the magazine properly

Assuming that the Nail gun in this context is Pneumatic in nature, then disconnect the air source and inspect the magazine that holds the nails in the downward direction.

Make sure that the magazine is empty and free of any kind of obstruction. Remove any nails from the gun and check that the gun’s magazine opens and closes freely. Ensure that there are no prior jammed nails in the magazine.

2. Connect the air source

Make sure that the magazine has no previous nails stuck in it and is clear then only it should be connected to the air compressor. Nail guns should always connect to the air hose before loading as such there might be a chance that the driving mechanism might cycle and fire an unwanted nail after connection.

You don’t want that to happen, didn’t you? Therefore always empty your Nail gun first as such it is not at all advisable to load nails before making your air connection.

After pointing the gun in a safe direction, connect the air hose to the ¼” quick-connect valve stud which is located at the base of the gun’s handle.

3. Load the Nails

The gun should be safely pointed away in order to prevent any kind of unwanted accidents. Now pull the spring-loaded slide available on the magazine in the backward direction until it locks itself.

After locking, it will open a loading slot exposing the internal section of the magazine in order to load the nails in it. The next step is to load a strip of nails that are of appropriate length and gauge.

The nails for your nail guns model should be pointed in an outward direction and should slide easily. Once the nails are set properly in place, unlock the slide and let the spring do the rest of the work.

Now the Nail gun is loaded and ready to fire. An important note though, all the modern nail guns in the marker provide a two-step safety mechanism in order to prevent the accidental discharge.
It is important to pay attention to the direction of the Nail gun and where it is pointing.

4. Finish the job

Once the Nail gun is fully equipped and loaded, it is very important to store it properly. Always make a habit of disconnecting the air supply’s quick-connect valve from the ¼” stud from the base of the gun and also press the purge value to release any kind of excess pressure from the gun.

Also before storing it, press the trigger and fire the gun on the scrap wood to make the gun nail free.


Nail guns have obviously made the nailing process super easy and due to the vast range of products, it can be super effective and revolutionary in the construction world.

The important thing is to know how to use such a product safely because after all, you are dealing with a Nail gun, a simple misfire, and be very lethal and in certain cases, may lead to death.

Nevertheless, follow the instructions properly and you will find yourself using a Nail Gun every time.