How to Use a Laser Level in Multiple Purposes? Step-by-Step Guides

If you think using laser level is easy, then we are sorry to disappoint you. It’s not an easy task. Laser level has its versatility, and a single laser level can be used for carrying out different tasks. It can be used for hanging pictures, installing a ceiling and setting the tiles of the floor.

So, before you ask how to use a laser level, you need to know the specific reason for which you are going to use it. If you are not able to decide, then we are here for you! In this article, we will tell you how you can use a laser level for your indoor and outdoor projects. So, have a look at our proposed guide, and you will have an idea about it.

How to Use a Laser Level for your Indoor Projects 

Following are step by step guide to use a laser level for your any indoor projects

Step 1: Start with setting up your laser level.

Before you can use your laser level tool, you need to set it up properly. For setting up your tool, you can take help from a tripod. Tripod will hold your tool in place. If you don’t have a mountable tripod, you can keep your tool on a flat level surface and set it there.

Step 2: Level your tool 

Once you are done with setting your tool and wondering how to use a laser level for floors, you have a few more steps to cover. The second step is levelling the tool properly. It is one of the most important steps because if the levelling is not accurate, you won’t get an accurate reading.

There are two features of levelling that come with this tool: manual levelling and automatic/self-levelling. If you need to level your tool manually, you need to ensure its bubble vials. It can easily be done by making adjustments to the small screws that are present under the vial.

Automatic levelling will make it a lot easier for you. If you are using a laser level for the first time, we suggest you go for automatic levelling. You can simply turn on the level and wait for a minute before it adjusts the level automatically. It is way more convenient and easier than the manual levelling procedure.

Step 3: You need to catch the beam.  

Once you are done with levelling your tool, you need to turn it on and cast it on the wall you want to use for hanging pictures or other purposes. The type and the shape of the beam depending on the type of laser level you are using.

You can do your measurement using a laser level, and the beam can be a light or a rotary or a dot. Once you can see the beam, you will know that your tool is working.

Step 4: You are all set! 

Once you have gone through all the steps mentioned above, you can secure the detector with a rod, and you can start measuring by using a laser level.

How to Use a Laser Level for your Outdoor Projects

Let’s have a look at the ways of using the tool for your outdoor projects. Take a look at the guide-

Step 1: Start with putting on your glasses.

When you are working on an outdoor project, you need to take safety measures. Your laser level kit will come with tinted glass or goggles. You will need the tinted glass to see the beam when you are working outside.

Step 2: Do the levelling 

While using a laser level in the outside environment, put it on a flat surface or a mounted tripod for getting an accurate reading of the measurement.

Step 3: Aim is correctly 

Once you have set your laser level, aim it towards the direction you want to read the measurement. If you think you have found the perfect point, then lock it.

Step 4: You need to do a little transportation for the receiver.

This part can be a little bit tricky. You have to take the receiver to the point where you have locked the laser level. It’s very important because it helps you to get the correct reading. The height of the receiver has to be the same as the level of the laser tool. You can either use another mounted tripod or use a magnet that comes with most laser levels.

Step 5: You need to catch the beam, and you are ready to go!

For using a laser level, catch the beam by slowly moving the receiver. Once you are done, the receiver will start beeping, and you’ll know you are all set. Lock the position, and you are all ready to take measurements by using a laser level.

Ending note 

Now that you know how to use a laser level, you need a little bit of practice and patience to correct the readings. It’s easy once you know how to do it. After you have done it once or twice, you will master the tricks!