How to Use Laser Level for Hanging Pictures?

Laser Level For Hanging Pictures – Many people might believe that laser levels are only used for construction projects. However, on the contrary, they are more valuable than you can even think of! Let us tell you that the laser levels have many utilities. You can use the best laser level for hanging pictures, installing a deck, cabinet or even wall shelves.

We all like to decorate the walls of our homes with wall hanging and pictures. Often we have noticed it’s hard to place them one by another at the same level. That’s where laser level comes in. You can easily use it for levelling pictures in your home.

Use Laser Level for Hanging Pictures

Don’t have any idea about it? In this article, we will tell you how you can do it! So, keep on reading further to get an idea about it.

Why should you use a Laser Picture Hanger in your Home?

First, you will have to mount the laser level on your wall or use a tripod for the same. In that way, your one hand will be free. You can easily use the hammer to nail the wall.

Eventually, you can use laser picture level and hang the picture. You can also hang an entire row of pictures that have identical sizes using a frame location. It can also help you in marking the proper hanger location.

How to use a laser level for hanging pictures?

First step: Gather all the tools

Keeping aside the primary tool that is the laser picture hanger, you need to gather a few more tools for hanging your pictures on the wall correctly.

Get all the equipment before you start with the work. If not, then your project might not turn out the way you want it to be. You will get frustrated, and you will have to start a hunt for the tools in the midway of the project.

The necessary tools that you must have to include a measuring tape, hammer, nails, a pencil, drill bits, a machine drill, blue tape and a screwdriver.

Second step: decide on the pictures that you want to hang

Once you are done with the first step for using laser level for hanging pictures, you need to decide on the exact place for the pictures or the wall hangings. Once you do that, you will need a hammer and a nail.

Alongside you will need a measuring tape.  It would be best if you used a measuring tape for measuring the distance from the bottom of the floor to the point where you want to hang the picture. Takedown the measurement on a paper and hammer the nail on that point. Once you’re done with that, place the frame on the point.

Third step: Get started with your tool, the laser level

In the previous step, we told you how to hang one frame. However, if you have to keep on repeating the process over and over again, that might be frustrating.

This is where the levelling pictures come to your rescue. Before you start using your laser level, know the particular type of it. If you are new to this process, you don’t want to go for a laser level with the manual levelling feature. Get a laser level that comes with the self-levelling mode and fic it on a tripod before getting accurate measurements.

Fourth step: Levelling pictures

Get your hand s on the levelled laser level and aim it at the point where you are going to hang your first picture frame or wall hanging. You have to make the dot of the laser picture hanger meet the point you want to meet, and for that, you need to move the laser level towards the wall.

Use chalk for marking the particular angle on the wall. You can repeat the procedure for each of the pictures or wall hanging you plan to hang on the wall.

Fifth step: The final destination!

This is the final and one of the most important steps in using laser level for hanging pictures. After you have marked the spot on your wall, you need to use a hammer and nail that particular spot for levelling pictures on your wall.

Once you have done that successfully, you need to make the picture frame more secure so that it sticks on the nail. You can use the laser level to align the top of it.

This is the final step, and once you do it, you are done! Your wall already looks impressive with all the pictures and the wall hangings that you implemented using the laser level.


Yes, we do agree the steps are lengthy and time-consuming. But at the end of the day, you know it is worth it. Once you do it on your own, you will understand the whole procedure does not take more than half an hour. After finishing it, you will be satisfied to see all the pictures and the wall hangings at the same level.