Nail Gun Maintenance: A Guide Every DIYer Must Read

Nail Gun Maintenance: A nail gun is very beneficial when it comes to working on various things for a DIYer. Using a hammer can be slow and messy. Therefore, the need for a nail gun is essential when it comes to handling big and small projects alike.

Various construction workers use a nail gun daily so they know how to maintain the same without much hassle and eventually their nails guns last longer.

But the issue it different for a DIYer. They seldom use a nail gun and thus need to know about a proper maintenance guide on how to make their tool last longer.

Nail Gun Maintenance For Long Lasting Nailers

Using an Air Tool Oil

Applying a few drops of oil to the nail gun before using the product makes sure that the gun can function without any malfunction. Thus, the moving parts can function freely and without jamming.

If you are going to use your nail gun frequently, make sure that you oil the gun frequently so that the gun can function effortlessly during any job.

Tighten all Screws and Bolts every Month

Each month, you should perform a checkup with your nail gun so that you can be assured that all the working and vibration did cause the screws and bolts to loosen over time. Eventually, tighten all of these loose screws to make the working functionality of your nail gun smooth!

Also, you should check your nail gun right after unpacking for any loose screws or bolts since shipping the same causes a loosening of the screws.

Clean the Feeding System

This is a mandatory thing you should do if you are using a pneumatic nailer. There are various dust and debris which get stuck to the feed system while using these nailers and thus you must use a can of compressed air to blow out this debris.

You can also use a piece of cloth to wipe the feed system occasionally so that it works smoothly during any job. Make sure the piece of cloth you are using does not leave any fabric inside the feed system which could eventually jam the piece of tool.

Lubricating the Air Fitting

Using a few drops (4 to 5 drops) oil to lubricate your air fitting before any job. The O-rings inside the air fitting needs to be lubricated and it can be done nicely if you do so with the help of your finger.

Always check the Battery

While using a cordless nailer, make sure that you check the battery every few months since these batteries do have an expiry date and eventually these batteries or power cells start dying out with prolonged usage of the nailer.

This is something you should perform if you are observing that your nail gun is not able to hold on to its charging capacity like before.

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