Best Porter Cable Nail Gun in 2022

Best Porter Cable Nail Guns – A nailer of any kind would be of much help when it comes to doing different jobs throughout the time. It replaces the need for a tool kit and thus helps the user to complete various indoor jobs such as trimming, decorative purposes, framing, finishing, building, woodworking, etc.

Various nailers are available in the market but to choose the best one from them could be a tedious job. However, a porter cable nail gun would be suitable for most home projects and is much comfortable to work with rather than using other nailers.

Apart from all this, a porter cable nail gun is very popular amongst other types of nailers because of their production quality. There are various models of the nail guns available which serve their full purpose in addition to providing quality performance and smooth operation.

History of Porter Cable Nail Guns in the Industry

Porter cable nail guns have been quite popular in the nailer industry for more than 100 years. In the year 1906, the introduction of the first porter nail gun was introduced for the simplest jobs which require quick progression.

The mainline of production was initiated in the year of 1914 from where the business was being expanded potentially. The crucial thing about the nail gun industry is that they never compromised quality over quantity. The first nail gun which was introduced in the market was a pneumatic nail gun in the late 80s.

Later on, various other nail guns such as corded or cordless nailers, finish and trimming nailers, framing nailers, roofing nail guns, palm nailers, siding nailer, pin nailers, laminate trimmers, pneumatic or electric powered or battery powered, brad nailers, flooring nailers, staplers, nailing accessories, combo kits, and so on were brought into the market with time progressing.

It does not matter what sort of nailer is manufactured by a particular company. All of these nailers are made to provide excellence, quality, performance, consistency, and dependability. For years, these companies have maintained their reputation by providing top-class products to the consumers thus you are assured that whatever product you purchase you will be provided with the best always.

Best Porter Cable Nail Gun Review Online

Porter Cable Nail Gun Review

We have shortlisted some of the best porter nail guns which are available in the market for the reader of this article to choose from.

Make sure that you go through the features nicely to get a clear idea of which product you are about to purchase.

1. PORTER-CABLE Finish Nailer, 16GA, 1-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch (FN250C)


This porter cable nail gun is something that any user would like to purchase since it has a maintenance-free motor that is designed to provide the user with a long-lasting tool.

It even has an internal piston catch which provides steady but maximum power to every shot which is thrown out of the nailer. The tool-free depth adjustment feature makes sure that the nail heads are set in the proper places without any problem.

The tools can work with 1 inch to 2.5 inches nails and its tool-free jam release mechanism makes sure that the nails are removed easily.

Reason to Buy:

  1. The product has improved reliability and versatility.
  2. It comes with an adjustable belt hook.
  3. The handle is made out of an integrated rubber grip for improved comfort.
  4. It has a low nail indicator to indicate when the nails are low in the nail gun.

2. PORTER CABLE FN250SB 16-Gauge Finish Nailer


This is an outstanding porter cable nail gun that provides excellent and professional performance as compared to most of the other products in the market. It is a maintenance-free machine that uses an oil-free motor thus prevents any sorts of stain in the workplace.

The magazine can be loaded with nails in both ways. This includes lock style and rear-loading methods. It also has a tool-free depth adjustment feature which ensures that nails are placed in the correct position without much hassle.

Reasons to Buy:

1.      The tool-free jam release system makes sure that nails are removed faster.

2.      The rear exhaust pipe ensures that all the dust and debris are directed away from the user and the workplace.

3. PORTER-CABLE BN200C 2-Inch 18GA Brad Nailer Kit


This is one of the best porter cable nail guns in the market with a rear exhaust feature. Most of the products do not provide this feature whereas it is extremely important to have this exhaust so that all of the dust and debris get removed from the workplace with ease.

While removing any nail from your nail gun, this product happens to be one of the best in providing the same since its tool-free mechanism allows hassle-free removal of nails.

Most of the other products in the market require frequent maintenance. This is not the case with this porter cable nail gun. This product only requires maintenance after using it roughly for a month.

It weighs only 1.24 pounds therefore it is extremely lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. It also provides a sequential style trigger thus there is no need to worry about accidental nail deployment.

Reasons to buy:

1.      The presence of rear exhaust removes all dust and debris away from the user and workplace.

2.      It requires life-long low maintenance.

3.      Being lightweight, the product is easily portable.

4.      The sequential trigger does not allow the incorrect deployment of nails.

4. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Finish Nailer, Straight, 16GA (PCC792LA)


This porter cable nail gun is one of the widely used tools in the industry because it is battery powered therefore it does not require any compressor, hose, or costly gas cartridge.

This nailer can penetrate through almost a variety of materials such as crown moldings, baseboards, cabinet assembling, etc. The magazine can hold 100 nails at a time and you can fire the same without the need to worry about any sorts of jamming.

It comes with the same tool-free mechanism just like any other porter cable nail gun. Its lightweight and easy to hold feature helps the user to carry out various projects with this tool throughout the day.

In addition to all of this, there is also the presence of dual LED lights which provides better illumination, thus providing you with maximum efficiency.

Reasons to buy:

1.      The tool is lightweight and easy to use.

2.      It is battery powered therefore no need of compressor or hoses of any sort.

3.      The dual LED light provides maximum illumination for any dark and confined space.

5. PORTER-CABLE FN250B 3/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch 16-Gauge Finish Nailer


This porter cable nail gun is an excellent choice for both professional as well as domestic use. It is a maintenance-free machine that works on an oil-free motor thus preventing any stains on your workpiece.

The tool-free depth of drive adjustment feature ensures that there is no misplacement of nails at the time of firing. The magazine can be loaded via two ways namely, lock style and rear-loading method.

You can easily remove jammed nails without the need for any secondary tools. The product has an inbuilt tool-free jam release mechanism.

The grip is made out of soft and integrated rubber which allows a comfortable grip while working with the tool for long periods. The adjustable hook is also helpful in carrying the tool around at the workplace.

Reasons to buy:

1.      The product has sequential firing mode with a lock-off switch.

2.      The tool-less depth of drive adjustment makes the placement of nails much easier.

3.      Integrated rubber gripping provides a comfortable grip to the user.

4.      The adjustable belt hook allows portability for the product.


Porter cable has made its name in the nailer industry over the years and provides quality products which eventually provides top-class performance.

This company happens to produce various tools such as hammers, grinders, trimmers, saws, sanders, staplers, planers, etc.

No matter what your project is, you can select from their vast range of products to choose the one which suits your needs completely.

Porter cable has assured each of their customers that they will be providing them with the perfect product every time they order.

The above article will provide you with a detailed porter cable nail gun review which you can follow accordingly and thus make a selection as per your choice. Happy nailing!


Q-1. Is the FN250B do stapling?

Ans. This product is specifically a finish nailer. Therefore, it cannot do stapling.

Q-2. How are the nails reloaded?

Ans. The nails are reloaded from the side and then releasing the spring to attach the nails on to the magazine.