What Degree Nail Gun is Best for Framing ?

Nailers or a Nail Gun is one of the most innovative and useful product ever made in the woodworking and manufacturing industry. The nail gun just revolutionised the industry and quickly made a permanent and irreplaceable place.

The nailers or some might say a nail gun can be an excellent choice to drive an impressive number of nails into the woods in a very short amount of time. Being a woodworker’s first choice, in no time it replaced the hammer blow technique and made a prominent place, all thanks to its power and easy to use quality.

In this article, We have clearly mention about What Degree Nail Gun is Best for Framing, what is the difference in degrees of framing nailers. So, You can check it out each and every details information about Framing Nail Gun check it out here.

That being said, the nail gun comes in various sizes and structures. One of them is the angle of the nailer, it is so important because a good nailing experience can be only enjoyed when the nailer possesses the right angle for the right job.

After grasping the popularity, there came a sudden spike in the manufacturing and distribution of the nail gun, thus most of the designated population started buying nail guns, but a very little amount of people knew about the framing nailer degrees. Due to which many many user’s bought the nail gun but weren’t able to use the nail gun properly.

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What degree nail gun is best for framing

Farming nailers are made in such a way that apart from the authentic and specified dimensioned products, you cannot use it in. To cite one such citation, the magazines of the gun are made in an angle and can only accept the set of nails which match the angle of the magazine.

Currently, there are four different kinds of angle:

  • 15 degree
  • 21 degree
  • 28 degree
  • 30 – 34 degree

Let us discuss and understand that what is the difference in degrees of framing nailers.

1. 15-degree nail gun

15-degree framing nailer is one of the longest nailing coils in the construction arena, it can hold up to 200 – 300 nails in a single-coil, making it last whole day. These kinds of nails are great for framing the building from bottom to top, still, just like others, they too possess some of the drawbacks.

The coil are incredibly heavy, be that as may, if you somehow managed to wrap your thoughts around the fact that these nails can be heavy and you are ok with it like you can manage then after reviewing the price of these nailers would surely make you think twice before buying.

The price of the gun and coiled nails are is on the expensive side but the quality it provides on the woodwork framing is absolutely stunning.

2. 21-degree framing nail

The major advantage of using a 21-degree nailers is that you can drive a full round of head nails as well as low nails can be quite handy in the tight spaces. These 21-degree nails are attached together in a plastic clip thus it shatters when the nails are driven.

Wearing safety glasses and gears is highly recommended while using this gun as such the nails eject at a high speed. But with such great perks, there are some cons too, for instance, it has a capacity of holding only 60 nails. Apart from this, it is super light and extremely portable.

3. 28-degree framing nail:

The gun in this category has a specification of being a low angle firing aim and is capable of driving nearly the twice as many nails as compared to others. The clip is collated with the nails and is held tightly with the help of a wire stripper.

These 28-degree nailers can fire three different styles of nails:

  • Offset head nails
  • Clipped head nails
  • Fully round head nails

Being a wire clip magazine, the weight of the gun should not be talked as such it will be obviously heavy due to the wire.  

 4. 30 – 34-degree framing nail:

The most common on construction site and the nailer which provides the most radical advantage around the tight spaces are the nailing gun made of 30 to 34-degree nails. Usually, these kinds of nailing guns can hold up to two full strips of nails, 80 nails in each.

Both the clips are held together properly attached to each other with the help of strong paper tape, which leaves very less dust and makes the job super clean.


There are many who are confused about which nailer is the best. Thus there goes a long debate and comparison about 21-degree vs 30-degree nailer, as such, they both are somewhat the same in some scenarios.

To sum up, try to pick the Nail gun which satisfies your need as such each and everyone want different things from their product and have different usages.