What kind of Oil Do You Use For a Nail Gun ?

Are you having a hard time getting your nail gun lubricated? Or don’t know where to put oil and which oil to use? In order to tackle such questions, we are going to discuss about the nail gun oil and how to oil a nail gun?

Keeping your tools properly lubricated is one of the most important part, for attaining a long life span. Though in some tools lubricating them can be a little disheartening, due to its level of complexity.

That can become even harder when you don’t know the right oil which is used to lubricate the tool, as such choosing a right lubricator is highly essential. Each and every tool or in this case Nail gun needs a certain oil for its lubrication. Thus if not selected properly, then it can be dangerous and destructive for your nail gun.

Our main motto is to protect the nail gain from any kind of wear and tear due to excessive usage of the nail gun. There are numerous cases of mishaps that can be seen due to improper oil usage and resulted in damaging the nail gun.

Why Pneumatic nail gun or any other nail gun for that matter needs lubrication?

The only reason why oil for nail guns is so important that it protects the moving parts from friction which can result to wear and tear of the part. Due to lubrication, each and every moving part can perform its function in a smooth way.

Oil Do You Use For a Nail Gun

A proper lubricated moving part will require less maintenance and would provide a long lifespan. All the nail guns include a piston to drive through the nail, thus the pistons can get stuck due to low lubrication.

Oiling a nail gun is not rocket science, as such all you got to do is, drop few drops of oil on the part before and after the job will make your tool lifespan everlasting and will also make you good to go every time.

Nail gun oiling is important as such it protects the tool from breaking, without it the part will break every now and then. It will be really frustrating for you to replace the tool every time and due to this, you will end up blaming the product. But the problem was manageable and somewhere else, thus always use oils for all your nail guns and other parts as well.

Types of Nail gun oils:

When it comes to using nail gun oils, there are many to choose from, now it depends on you what type of oil do you use in a nail gun or what kind of oil do you use for a nail gun or have had used previously.There is some lubricating oil that is specially made for the usage of the pneumatic tools. They are as follow:

  • Senco pneumatic tool oil
  • Paslode lubricating oil
  • BOSTITCH PREMOIL-4OZ Premium Pneumatic Tool Oil

These are the topmost lubricating oils that you should use as such they are in just the right amount of viscosity, and will not destroy the seal, disintegrate O ring, or cause a combustion.


Oiling a nail gun will take only few simple steps, all you got to do is buy one bottle of lubricating oil and pour not more than 3 – 4 drops on the tool. With this simple step, your nail gun tools life span will boost significantly and will provide you a smooth operation.Thus, always make time to lubricate your nail gun or any other tool for better and smooth functionality.